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Zip Code 96923, Guam - Map and Information

Primary CityMangilao, Guam
Local TimeTuesday 1:53 AM
TimezoneChamorro Standard Time
Coordinates13.4443° / 144.7863°
Related Zip Codes969219692296925969269692796928

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Business Distribution by Industry
 Education: 31.6%
 Restaurants: 21.1%
 Local Services: 15.8%
 Food: 10.5%
 Beauty & Spas: 5.3%
 Industry: 5.3%
 Community & Government: 5.3%
 Shopping: 5.3%

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
9/12/187:23 PM4.518.1 km94,990 m7km NNW of Agat Village, Guamusgs.gov
6/7/184:12 AM4.29.6 km91,160 m8km SE of Mangilao Village, Guamusgs.gov
2/14/186:22 PM4.420.9 km111,680 m12km NW of Piti Village, Guamusgs.gov
9/20/172:17 AM4.221.8 km124,190 m12km NW of Piti Village, Guamusgs.gov
7/22/1712:39 PM4.216 km100,960 m14km ESE of Mangilao Village, Guamusgs.gov
3/10/172:01 AM4.321.4 km111,400 m5km ESE of Inarajan Village, Guamusgs.gov
12/9/161:28 AM4.212.8 km138,520 m5km NNW of Asan-Maina Village, Guamusgs.gov
8/2/1611:09 PM4.518 km89,540 m2km NNE of Yigo Mayor's Office, Guamusgs.gov
3/8/1511:12 AM422.1 km138,750 m15km NNW of Asan-Maina Village, Guamusgs.gov
2/23/154:12 AM4.28.5 km106,210 m7km SE of Mangilao Village, Guamusgs.gov

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Primary City

Mangilao is a village on the eastern shore of the United States territory of Guam. The village's population has increased slightly following the island's 2000 census. lie along much of the village's shoreline providing dramatic views, but few of Man..    Mangilao, Guam Wikipedia Page