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Zip Code 96931 - Tamuning, Guam

Primary CityTamuning, Guam
Local TimeThursday 11:20 AM
TimezoneChamorro Standard Time
Coordinates13.492778998170055° / 144.78278500017092°
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Business Distribution by Industry
 Restaurants: 17.5%
 Shopping: 16.6%
 Hotels & Travel: 9.5%
 Industry: 9.5%
 Home Services: 7.1%
 Medical: 7.1%
 Automotive: 6.2%
 Professional Services: 6.2%
 Other: 20.2%

Business distribution by price for Zip Code 96931

 Inexpensive: 72.2%
 Moderate: 16.7%
 Expensive: 11.1%

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
2/16/191:37 PM418.9 km98,950 m18km NW of Dededo Village, Guamusgs.gov
9/12/187:23 PM4.518.4 km94,990 m7km NNW of Agat Village, Guamusgs.gov
6/7/184:12 AM4.213.5 km91,160 m8km SE of Mangilao Village, Guamusgs.gov
2/14/186:22 PM4.418 km111,680 m12km NW of Piti Village, Guamusgs.gov
9/30/172:22 PM4.420.1 km126,190 m18km NNW of Dededo Village, Guamusgs.gov
9/20/172:17 AM4.219.2 km124,190 m12km NW of Piti Village, Guamusgs.gov
7/22/1712:39 PM4.219.4 km100,960 m14km ESE of Mangilao Village, Guamusgs.gov
12/9/161:28 AM4.210.1 km138,520 m5km NNW of Asan-Maina Village, Guamusgs.gov
8/2/1611:09 PM4.515.1 km89,540 m2km NNE of Yigo Mayor's Office, Guamusgs.gov
3/8/1511:12 AM417.7 km138,750 m15km NNW of Asan-Maina Village, Guamusgs.gov

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Primary City

Tamuning, also known as Tamuning-Tumon-Harmon (Chamorro: Tamuneng) is a municipality or village located on the western shore of the United States territory of Guam. The village of Tamuning can be viewed as the economic center of Guam, containing Tumo..  ︎  Tamuning, Guam Wikipedia Page


Percentage of businesses by city in 96931
 Tamuning, Guam: 76.7%
 Barrigada, Guam: 8.2%
 Tamuning-Tumon-Harmon Village: 8.2%
 Other: 6.8%