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Zip Code 96939, Palau - Map and Information

Primary CityKoror
Associated CitiesKoror
Local TimeMonday 3:43 PM
TimezonePalau Time
Coordinates7.3333° / 134.4833°
Related Zip Codes96940

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Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
11/15/171:19 PM517.5 km10,000 m13km E of Ngetkib,
1/24/166:05 PM578.9 km16,239 m8km S of Kayangel,
4/3/133:48 PM4.559.4 km15,900 m30km ESE of Angaur State,
10/22/118:26 PM5.348.1 km37,500 mPalau
10/31/058:56 AM4.270.3 km10,000 mPalau
9/19/0111:16 AM4.337.5 km33,000 mPalau
9/9/954:32 PM4.964.9 km10,000 mPalau
4/18/9512:01 PM5.316.4 km33,000 mPalau
11/6/877:07 AM4.749.5 km33,000 mPalau
12/25/749:13 AM5.253 km24,000 mPalau

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