70 Zip Codes in Cagayan Valley

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TimezonePhilippine Time
Area2,828.8 km²
Population3.2 million
Population Density1,141 / km²
Zip Codes3300, 3301, 3304 (67 more)
Area Code78
Businesses in Cagayan Valley12,890

70 Zip Codes in Cagayan Valley

Zip CodeCityAdministrative RegionCity Population
3300IlaganCagayan Valley72,363
3301Gamu, IsabelaCagayan Valley5,545
3304LunaCagayan Valley
3305Cauayan, IsabelaCagayan Valley
3306Alicia, IsabelaCagayan Valley24,732
3307Angadanan, IsabelaCagayan Valley4,487
3308San GuillermoCagayan Valley
3309Echague, IsabelaCagayan Valley8,058
3311Santiago (Philippine city)Cagayan Valley108,414
3312Cordon, IsabelaCagayan Valley4,514
3313Jones, IsabelaCagayan Valley5,227
3314San Agustin, IsabelaCagayan Valley
3315Cabatuan, IsabelaCagayan Valley
3319Ramon, IsabelaCagayan Valley36,307
3323MalligCagayan Valley
3324Quezon, IsabelaCagayan Valley9,485
3325Antagan SegundaCagayan Valley4,066
3326Delfin Albano, IsabelaCagayan Valley
3328Cabagan, IsabelaCagayan Valley25,304
3329San Pablo, IsabelaCagayan Valley
3330Santa Maria, IsabelaCagayan Valley3,736
3331Benito Soliven, IsabelaCagayan Valley4,926
3332San Mariano, IsabelaCagayan Valley12,441
3333Maconacon, IsabelaCagayan Valley
3334Palanan, IsabelaCagayan Valley
3401Diffun, QuirinoCagayan Valley
3402SagudayCagayan Valley7,464
3404Maddela, QuirinoCagayan Valley9,751
3405NagtipunanCagayan Valley5,682
3500Tuguegarao CityCagayan Valley115,105
3501Enrile, CagayanCagayan Valley9,650
3502Peñablanca, CagayanCagayan Valley2,983
3503Solana, CagayanCagayan Valley71,475
3504Iguig, CagayanCagayan Valley3,274
3505Amulung, CagayanCagayan Valley2,354
3509Lal-Lo, CagayanCagayan Valley
3510Camalaniugan, CagayanCagayan Valley
3511Buguey, CagayanCagayan Valley3,111
3512Santa Teresita, CagayanCagayan Valley2,576
3513Gonzaga, CagayanCagayan Valley7,228
3514Santa Ana, CagayanCagayan Valley6,315
3515AparriCagayan Valley33,230
3516Ballesteros, CagayanCagayan Valley5,591
3517AbulugCagayan Valley2,412
3518Sanchez-MiraCagayan Valley
3519Claveria, CagayanCagayan Valley10,618
3521Santa PraxedesCagayan Valley
3522Pamplona, CagayanCagayan Valley2,133
3523Allacapan, CagayanCagayan Valley3,645
3524Lasam, CagayanCagayan Valley6,352
3525Santo Niño, CagayanCagayan Valley4,915
3527Piat, CagayanCagayan Valley5,958
3528TuaoCagayan Valley2,200
3700BayombongCagayan Valley48,199
3701AmbaguioCagayan Valley
3703KasibuCagayan Valley
3704AritaoCagayan Valley7,971
3705Santa Fe, Nueva VizcayaCagayan Valley
3706Dupax del NorteCagayan Valley
3707Dupax del SurCagayan Valley
3708KayapaCagayan Valley
3709Solano, Nueva VizcayaCagayan Valley36,222
3712DiadiCagayan Valley15,567
3713BuliwaoCagayan Valley2,380
3900Basco, BatanesCagayan Valley7,297
3901Mahatao, BatanesCagayan Valley
3902Ivana, BatanesCagayan Valley
3903Uyugan, BatanesCagayan Valley
3904Sabtang, BatanesCagayan Valley
3905Itbayat, BatanesCagayan Valley

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Cagayan Valley

Cagayan Valley (Ilocano: Tanap ti Cagayan; Filipino: Lambak ng Cagayan) (designated as Region II) is an administrative region in the Philippines located in the northeastern portion of Luzon. It is composed of five provinces: Batanes, Cagayan, Isabela..  ︎  Cagayan Valley Wikipedia Page