116 Zip Codes in Central Luzon

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TimezonePhilippine Time
Area2,214.6 km²
Population10.1 million
Population Density4,577 / km²
Zip Codes2000, 2001, 2003 (113 more)
Area Codes2, 44, 45 (2 more)
Businesses in Central Luzon68,921

116 Zip Codes in Central Luzon

Zip CodeCityAdministrative RegionCity Population
2000San Fernando, PampangaCentral Luzon251,248
2001Bacolor, PampangaCentral Luzon
2003Guagua, PampangaCentral Luzon9,519
2004Sasmuan, PampangaCentral Luzon21,124
2005Lubao, PampangaCentral Luzon55,645
2006Floridablanca, PampangaCentral Luzon
2008Porac, PampangaCentral Luzon21,660
2009Angeles, PhilippinesCentral Luzon326,336
2010MabalacatCentral Luzon188,050
2011Magalang, PampangaCentral Luzon68,988
2012Arayat, PampangaCentral Luzon87,987
2013Candaba, PampangaCentral Luzon47,326
2014San Luis, PampangaCentral Luzon33,467
2015San Simon, PampangaCentral Luzon29,049
2016ApalitCentral Luzon77,418
2018Macabebe, PampangaCentral Luzon
2019Minalin, PampangaCentral Luzon13,527
2021Mexico, PampangaCentral Luzon43,694
2100Balanga, BataanCentral Luzon72,954
2101Pilar, BataanCentral Luzon17,831
2102Orion, BataanCentral Luzon46,991
2105Mariveles, BataanCentral Luzon84,567
2106Mariveles, BataanCentral Luzon84,567
2107BagacCentral Luzon3,969
2108Morong, BataanCentral Luzon16,117
2109Morong, BataanCentral Luzon16,117
2110Dinalupihan, BataanCentral Luzon66,670
2111Hermosa, BataanCentral Luzon33,714
2112Orani, BataanCentral Luzon44,877
2113Samal, BataanCentral Luzon29,729
2114Abucay, BataanCentral Luzon35,508
2133Lamao, BataanCentral Luzon
2200OlongapoCentral Luzon221,178
2201AmuñganCentral Luzon12,357
2202BotolanCentral Luzon22,994
2203CabanganCentral Luzon3,092
2205San Narciso, ZambalesCentral Luzon15,636
2206San AntonioCentral Luzon34,217
2207San MarcelinoCentral Luzon18,721
2208CastillejosCentral Luzon27,301
2210PalauigCentral Luzon2,944
2211MasinlocCentral Luzon28,041
2212Candelaria, ZambalesCentral Luzon
2213Santa Cruz, ZambalesCentral Luzon26,429
2222OlongapoCentral Luzon221,178
2300Tarlac CityCentral Luzon183,930
2302Gerona, TarlacCentral Luzon40,914
2303Santa Ignacia, TarlacCentral Luzon11,477
2304Mayantoc, TarlacCentral Luzon6,250
2305San Clemente, TarlacCentral Luzon3,019
2307Paniqui, TarlacCentral Luzon48,261
2309San Manuel, TarlacCentral Luzon
2310Anao, TarlacCentral Luzon
2311Ramos, TarlacCentral Luzon15,066
2312Pura, TarlacCentral Luzon6,928
2313Victoria, TarlacCentral Luzon
2333Capas, TarlacCentral Luzon72,070
2334Moncada, TarlacCentral Luzon
2728San Ildefonso, BulacanCentral Luzon65,669
3000MalolosCentral Luzon198,748
3001Paombong, BulacanCentral Luzon41,384
3002Hagonoy, BulacanCentral Luzon123,531
3003Calumpit, BulacanCentral Luzon91,815
3004Plaridel, BulacanCentral Luzon70,781
3005Pulilan, BulacanCentral Luzon77,186
3006Baliuag, BulacanCentral Luzon135,679
3007Bustos, BulacanCentral Luzon42,139
3010San Ildefonso, BulacanCentral Luzon65,669
3011San Miguel, BulacanCentral Luzon65,661
3012Angat, BulacanCentral Luzon41,235
3013Norzagaray, BulacanCentral Luzon79,508
3014Pandi, BulacanCentral Luzon34,927
3015Guiguinto, BulacanCentral Luzon76,613
3016Balagtas, BulacanCentral Luzon59,826
3017BulakanCentral Luzon71,274
3018Bocaue, BulacanCentral Luzon98,649
3019Loma de GatoCentral Luzon
3021Obando, BulacanCentral Luzon59,929
3022Santa Maria, BulacanCentral Luzon
3023San Jose del MonteCentral Luzon357,828
3100CabanatuanCentral Luzon220,250
3101Santa Rosa, Nueva EcijaCentral Luzon11,683
3102San Leonardo, Nueva EcijaCentral Luzon34,743
3103Peñaranda, Nueva EcijaCentral Luzon27,465
3104General TinioCentral Luzon32,875
3105GapanCentral Luzon79,064
3106San Isidro, Nueva EcijaCentral Luzon
3107Cabiao, Nueva EcijaCentral Luzon49,980
3108San Antonio, Nueva EcijaCentral Luzon26,247
3109Jaen, Nueva EcijaCentral Luzon39,700
3110Zaragoza, Nueva EcijaCentral Luzon
3111Aliaga, Nueva EcijaCentral Luzon34,020
3112Licab, Nueva EcijaCentral Luzon6,783
3114Talavera, Nueva EcijaCentral Luzon64,610
3115Guimba, Nueva EcijaCentral Luzon32,306
3116Nampicuan, Nueva EcijaCentral Luzon6,058
3117Cuyapo, Nueva EcijaCentral Luzon8,595
3118Talugtug, Nueva EcijaCentral Luzon6,307
3119Muñoz, Nueva EcijaCentral Luzon37,141
3122Lupao, Nueva EcijaCentral Luzon11,000
3123Carranglan, Nueva EcijaCentral Luzon11,017
3124Pantabangan, Nueva EcijaCentral Luzon5,956
3125General Mamerto Natividad, Nueva EcijaCentral Luzon18,393
3126Llanera, Nueva EcijaCentral Luzon5,121
3128Bongabon, Nueva EcijaCentral Luzon36,168
3129Laur, Nueva EcijaCentral Luzon19,206
3131Gabaldon, Nueva EcijaCentral Luzon7,259
3132PalayanCentral Luzon23,742
3133Santo Domingo, Nueva EcijaCentral Luzon
3200Baler, AuroraCentral Luzon
3201San Luis, AuroraCentral Luzon
3202Maria Aurora, AuroraCentral Luzon6,807
3203Dipaculao, AuroraCentral Luzon
3204CasiguranCentral Luzon
3205Dilasag, AuroraCentral Luzon
3207DingalanCentral Luzon7,315

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