279 Zip Codes in Metro Manila

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TimezonePhilippine Time
Area611.4 km²
Population12.6 million (More Details)
Male Population6,203,611 (49.1%)
Female Population6,429,723 (50.9%)
Median Age25.4
Zip Codes0400, 0401, 0410 (276 more)
Area Codes2, 46

Postal Code Ranges

Zip CodesCityNumber of postal codes
1000 - 1012Manila12
1100 - 1115Quezon City12
1650 - 1699Pasig City50

279 Zip Codes in Metro Manila

Zip CodeCityAdministrative RegionCity Population
0400Metro Manila
0401Metro Manila
0410Metro Manila
0420Metro Manila
0550Metro Manila
0560Metro Manila
0800Metro Manila
0801Metro Manila
0802Metro Manila
0810Metro Manila
0820Metro Manila
0830Metro Manila
0840Metro Manila
0850Metro Manila
0860Metro Manila
0870Metro Manila
0880Metro Manila
0913Metro Manila
1000ManilaMetro Manila10,444,527
1001Metro Manila
1002IntramurosMetro Manila
1003Santa CruzMetro Manila
1004ManilaMetro Manila10,444,527
1005Metro Manila
1006ManilaMetro Manila10,444,527
1007ManilaMetro Manila10,444,527
1008Metro Manila
1009Santa Ana, ManilaMetro Manila
1010Metro Manila
1011PandacanMetro Manila
1012ManilaMetro Manila10,444,527
1013Metro Manila
1014Santa CruzMetro Manila
1015Metro Manila
1016Santa MesaMetro Manila
1017Metro Manila
1018Metro Manila
1045ErmitaMetro Manila
1050Metro Manila
1100Quezon CityMetro Manila2,761,720
1101Quezon CityMetro Manila2,761,720
1102Metro Manila
1103Quezon CityMetro Manila2,761,720
1104Quezon CityMetro Manila2,761,720
1105Quezon CityMetro Manila2,761,720
1106Quezon CityMetro Manila2,761,720
1107ManilaMetro Manila10,444,527
1108Quezon CityMetro Manila2,761,720
1109Quezon CityMetro Manila2,761,720
1110Metro Manila
1111Metro Manila
1112Quezon CityMetro Manila2,761,720
1113Metro Manila
1114Metro Manila
1115Quezon CityMetro Manila2,761,720
1116Metro Manila
1117Metro Manila
1118Metro Manila
1119Metro Manila
1120Metro Manila
1121Metro Manila
1122Metro Manila
1123Metro Manila
1124Metro Manila
1125Metro Manila
1126Metro Manila
1127Metro Manila
1128Metro Manila
1129Metro Manila
1135Metro Manila
1147Metro Manila
1200ManilaMetro Manila10,444,527
1201Metro Manila
1202Metro Manila
1203Metro Manila
1204ManilaMetro Manila10,444,527
1205Metro Manila
1206Metro Manila
1207ManilaMetro Manila10,444,527
1208ManilaMetro Manila10,444,527
1209Metro Manila
1210Metro Manila
1211Metro Manila
1212Metro Manila
1213Metro Manila
1214Metro Manila
1215Metro Manila
1216Metro Manila
1217ComemboMetro Manila
1218Metro Manila
1219Metro Manila
1220Metro Manila
1223Metro Manila
1224Metro Manila
1225Metro Manila
1226Metro Manila
1227Metro Manila
1228Metro Manila
1229MakatiMetro Manila510,383
1230Metro Manila
1231Metro Manila
1232Metro Manila
1233Metro Manila
1234Metro Manila
1235Metro Manila
1300Metro Manila
1301Metro Manila
1302Metro Manila
1303Metro Manila
1304Metro Manila
1305Metro Manila
1306Metro Manila
1307Metro Manila
1308Metro Manila
1309Metro Manila
1400Metro Manila
1401Metro Manila
1402Metro Manila
1404Metro Manila
1405Metro Manila
1406Metro Manila
1407Metro Manila
1408Metro Manila
1409Metro Manila
1410Metro Manila
1412Metro Manila
1413Metro Manila
1420Metro Manila
1421Metro Manila
1422Metro Manila
1423Metro Manila
1424Metro Manila
1425Metro Manila
1426Metro Manila
1440Metro Manila
1441Metro Manila
1442Metro Manila
1443Metro Manila
1444Metro Manila
1445Metro Manila
1446Metro Manila
1469Metro Manila
1471Metro Manila
1472Metro Manila
1473Metro Manila
1474Metro Manila
1475Metro Manila
1476Metro Manila
1477Metro Manila
1478Metro Manila
1480Metro Manila
1485Metro Manila
1489Metro Manila
1490TanzaMetro Manila105,510
1496Metro Manila
1500Quezon CityMetro Manila2,761,720
1501Metro Manila
1502Metro Manila
1503Metro Manila
1504Metro Manila
1530Metro Manila
1531Metro Manila
1532Metro Manila
1533Metro Manila
1534Metro Manila
1535Metro Manila
1536Metro Manila
1550Metro Manila
1551Metro Manila
1552Metro Manila
1553Metro Manila
1554Metro Manila
1555Metro Manila
1556Metro Manila
1600Metro Manila
1601Metro Manila
1602Metro Manila
1603Metro Manila
1604Metro Manila
1605Metro Manila
1606Metro Manila
1607Metro Manila
1608Metro Manila
1609Metro Manila
1610Metro Manila
1611Metro Manila
1612Metro Manila
1620Metro Manila
1621Metro Manila
1622Metro Manila
1631Metro Manila
1632Metro Manila
1634Metro Manila
1636Metro Manila
1637Metro Manila
1638Metro Manila
1639Metro Manila
1650Pasig CityMetro Manila617,301
1651Pasig CityMetro Manila617,301
1652Pasig CityMetro Manila617,301
1653Pasig CityMetro Manila617,301
1654Pasig CityMetro Manila617,301
1655Pasig CityMetro Manila617,301
1656Pasig CityMetro Manila617,301
1657Pasig CityMetro Manila617,301
1658Pasig CityMetro Manila617,301
1659Pasig CityMetro Manila617,301
1660Pasig CityMetro Manila617,301
1661Pasig CityMetro Manila617,301
1662Pasig CityMetro Manila617,301
1663Pasig CityMetro Manila617,301
1664Pasig CityMetro Manila617,301
1665Pasig CityMetro Manila617,301
1666Pasig CityMetro Manila617,301
1667Pasig CityMetro Manila617,301
1668Pasig CityMetro Manila617,301
1669Pasig CityMetro Manila617,301
1670Pasig CityMetro Manila617,301
1671Pasig CityMetro Manila617,301
1672Pasig CityMetro Manila617,301
1673Pasig CityMetro Manila617,301
1674Pasig CityMetro Manila617,301
1675Pasig CityMetro Manila617,301
1676Pasig CityMetro Manila617,301
1677Pasig CityMetro Manila617,301
1678Pasig CityMetro Manila617,301
1679Pasig CityMetro Manila617,301
1680Pasig CityMetro Manila617,301
1681Pasig CityMetro Manila617,301
1682Pasig CityMetro Manila617,301
1683Pasig CityMetro Manila617,301
1684Pasig CityMetro Manila617,301
1685Pasig CityMetro Manila617,301
1686Pasig CityMetro Manila617,301
1687Pasig CityMetro Manila617,301
1688Pasig CityMetro Manila617,301
1689Pasig CityMetro Manila617,301
1690Pasig CityMetro Manila617,301
1691Pasig CityMetro Manila617,301
1692Pasig CityMetro Manila617,301
1693Pasig CityMetro Manila617,301
1694Pasig CityMetro Manila617,301
1695Pasig CityMetro Manila617,301
1696Pasig CityMetro Manila617,301
1697Pasig CityMetro Manila617,301
1698Pasig CityMetro Manila617,301
1699Pasig CityMetro Manila617,301
1701Metro Manila
1702Metro Manila
1704Metro Manila
1705Metro Manila
1710Metro Manila
1716Metro Manila
1740Metro Manila
1747Metro Manila
1748Metro Manila
1749Metro Manila
1772Metro Manila
1773Metro Manila
1774Metro Manila
1776Metro Manila
1800Metro Manila
1801Metro Manila
1802Industrial Valley ComplexMetro Manila
1803Metro Manila
1804Metro Manila
1805Metro Manila
1806Metro Manila
1807Metro Manila
1808Metro Manila
1809Metro Manila
1810Quezon CityMetro Manila2,761,720
1811Metro Manila
1812Metro Manila
1820MarikinaMetro Manila
1826Metro Manila
1906Metro Manila
1909Metro Manila
3020Metro Manila

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Metro Manila Demographic Information

Population12.6 million
Population Density20,663 / km²
Male Population6,203,611 (49.1%)
Female Population6,429,723 (50.9%)
Median Age25.4
Male Median Age24.8
Female Median Age25.9
Businesses in Metro Manila255,382
Population (1975)3,802,032
Population (2000)10,631,353
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +232.3%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +18.8%

Metro Manila

Metropolitan Manila (Filipino: Kalakhang Maynila, Kamaynilaan), commonly known as Metro Manila, the National Capital Region (NCR) of the Philippines, is the seat of government and the most populous region of the country which is composed of Manila, t..  ︎  Metro Manila Wikipedia Page