60 Zip Codes in Zamboanga Peninsula

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TimezonePhilippine Time
Area1,756.7 km²
Population3.4 million
Population Density1,939 / km²
Zip Codes7000, 7003, 7004 (57 more)
Area Code62
Businesses in Zamboanga Peninsula14,558

60 Zip Codes in Zamboanga Peninsula

Zip CodeCityAdministrative RegionCity Population
7000Zamboanga CityZamboanga Peninsula457,623
7003Titay, Zamboanga SibugayZamboanga Peninsula11,468
7004Naga, Zamboanga SibugayZamboanga Peninsula8,461
7005Kabasalan, Zamboanga SibugayZamboanga Peninsula
7006Siay, Zamboanga SibugayZamboanga Peninsula2,351
7009Buug, Zamboanga SibugayZamboanga Peninsula8,558
7011Bayog, Zamboanga del SurZamboanga Peninsula4,284
7012Talusan, Zamboanga SibugayZamboanga Peninsula5,783
7013Kumalarang, Zamboanga del SurZamboanga Peninsula6,869
7014Lakewood, Zamboanga del SurZamboanga Peninsula6,540
7015Dumalinao, Zamboanga del SurZamboanga Peninsula3,966
7016PagadianZamboanga Peninsula186,852
7017Labangan, Zamboanga del SurZamboanga Peninsula10,780
7018Tungawan, Zamboanga SibugayZamboanga Peninsula3,603
7019Tukuran, Zamboanga del SurZamboanga Peninsula13,148
7020Aurora, Zamboanga del SurZamboanga Peninsula9,157
7021Midsalip, Zamboanga del SurZamboanga Peninsula4,069
7023Molave, Zamboanga del SurZamboanga Peninsula21,088
7024Ramon Magsaysay, Zamboanga del SurZamboanga Peninsula4,892
7025Tambulig, Zamboanga del SurZamboanga Peninsula7,488
7026Mahayag, Zamboanga del SurZamboanga Peninsula17,144
7027Josefina, Zamboanga del SurZamboanga Peninsula3,152
7028Dumingag, Zamboanga del SurZamboanga Peninsula6,534
7029San Miguel, Zamboanga del SurZamboanga Peninsula2,656
7030Dinas, Zamboanga del SurZamboanga Peninsula
7031San Pablo, Zamboanga del SurZamboanga Peninsula3,346
7032Dimataling, Zamboanga del SurZamboanga Peninsula4,272
7035Margosatubig, Zamboanga del SurZamboanga Peninsula14,605
7036LumbogZamboanga Peninsula2,128
7037Lapuyan, Zamboanga del SurZamboanga Peninsula5,274
7038Malangas, Zamboanga SibugayZamboanga Peninsula8,473
7040Alicia, Zamboanga SibugayZamboanga Peninsula3,306
7041Olutanga, Zamboanga SibugayZamboanga Peninsula7,133
7042Guipos, Zamboanga del SurZamboanga Peninsula4,050
7100DipologZamboanga Peninsula93,549
7101DapitanZamboanga Peninsula50,514
7102President Manuel A. RoxasZamboanga Peninsula
7103SibutaoZamboanga Peninsula3,395
7104Rizal, Zamboanga del NorteZamboanga Peninsula
7106Polanco, Zamboanga del NorteZamboanga Peninsula3,817
7107Mutia, Zamboanga del NorteZamboanga Peninsula
7109Katipunan, Zamboanga del NorteZamboanga Peninsula4,172
7110Manukan, Zamboanga del NorteZamboanga Peninsula11,523
7111Jose Dalman, Zamboanga del NorteZamboanga Peninsula6,624
7112Sindangan, Zamboanga del NorteZamboanga Peninsula5,718
7113Siayan, Zamboanga del NorteZamboanga Peninsula4,906
7114Salug, Zamboanga del NorteZamboanga Peninsula6,774
7115Liloy, Zamboanga del NorteZamboanga Peninsula4,784
7117Labason, Zamboanga del NorteZamboanga Peninsula
7118Gutalac, Zamboanga del NorteZamboanga Peninsula
7119La Libertad, Zamboanga del NorteZamboanga Peninsula
7120Siocon, Zamboanga del NorteZamboanga Peninsula5,071
7121Sirawai, Zamboanga del NorteZamboanga Peninsula4,126
7122Sibuco, Zamboanga del NorteZamboanga Peninsula3,327
7123Baliguian, Zamboanga del NorteZamboanga Peninsula
7124Kalawit, Zamboanga del NorteZamboanga Peninsula
7304Tipo-Tipo, BasilanZamboanga Peninsula2,981
7306Tuburan, BasilanZamboanga Peninsula8,204
9008Sindangan, Zamboanga del NorteZamboanga Peninsula5,718
9712GuiniculalayZamboanga Peninsula2,147

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Zamboanga Peninsula

Zamboanga Peninsula (Filipino: Tangway ng Sambuwangga) is an administrative region in the Philippines, designated as Region IX. The region consists of three provinces (Zamboanga del Norte, Zamboanga del Sur, and Zamboanga Sibugay) and two independent..  ︎  Zamboanga Peninsula Wikipedia Page