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Zip Code 00611, Puerto Rico - Map and Information

Local TimeWednesday 5:48 AM
TimezoneAtlantic Standard Time
Coordinates18.285° / -66.7993°
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Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
2/16/1912:55 AM3.7618.9 km12,000 m3km E of Las Marias, Puerto Ricousgs.gov
7/26/188:43 PM3.2124.1 km118,000 m5km NNE of Carrizales, Puerto Ricousgs.gov
12/6/171:28 AM3.1426 km93,000 m10km NNE of Hatillo, Puerto Ricousgs.gov
10/16/171:29 PM3.3221.7 km19,000 m1km N of San Sebastian, Puerto Ricousgs.gov
11/20/168:27 PM3.423.1 km133,000 m2km S of La Alianza, Puerto Ricousgs.gov
10/25/163:24 PM3.225 km15,000 m2km NNW of Hatillo, Puerto Ricousgs.gov
11/22/152:09 AM3.816.2 km20,000 m6km ENE of Utuado, Puerto Ricousgs.gov
9/12/154:24 PM3.29.8 km143,000 m4km SW of Utuado, Puerto Ricousgs.gov
2/16/158:16 PM3.213.9 km17,000 m8km WNW of Adjuntas, Puerto Ricousgs.gov
1/12/145:25 AM3.125.5 km97,000 m4km ENE of Quebradillas, Puerto Ricousgs.gov

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