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Zip Code 00792, Puerto Rico - Map and Information

Primary CityHumacao, Puerto Rico
NeighborhoodsHumacao Pueblo, Río Abajo
Local TimeMonday 2:07 AM
TimezoneAtlantic Standard Time
Coordinates18.157723295997° / -65.8285262814524°
Related Zip Codes007820078300785007910079400795

Map of Zip Code 00792

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Business Distribution by neighborhood in 00792
 Humacao Pueblo: 50%
 Río Abajo: 37.5%
 Tejas: 12.5%


Business Distribution by Industry
 Shopping: 34.7%
 Restaurants: 18.4%
 Automotive: 14.3%
 Professional Services: 10.2%
 Education: 6.1%
 Community & Government: 4.1%
 Food: 4.1%
 Other: 8.2%

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
5/1/196:10 PM4.118.1 km13,000 m1km S of El Negro, Puerto Ricousgs.gov
10/16/182:43 PM3.1526.2 km136,000 m3km W of Trujillo Alto, Puerto Ricousgs.gov
5/22/189:38 PM3.1526.9 km149,000 m1km WSW of Carolina, Puerto Ricousgs.gov
1/24/189:16 AM3.0623.2 km3,000 m4km SSE of Palo Seco, Puerto Ricousgs.gov
1/11/186:45 AM3.0918.8 km62,000 m11km SSE of Punta Santiago, Puerto Ricousgs.gov
12/12/177:43 PM3.135.2 km67,000 m2km ENE of Candelero Arriba, Puerto Ricousgs.gov
10/19/1711:44 PM3.1919.5 km131,000 m12km S of Esperanza, Puerto Ricousgs.gov
12/5/166:29 AM4.627 km4,000 m9km S of Emajagua, Puerto Ricousgs.gov
12/3/162:59 AM3.128.6 km8,000 m10km S of Emajagua, Puerto Ricousgs.gov
4/22/168:16 PM3.111.7 km129,000 m1km S of Juncos, Puerto Ricousgs.gov

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Primary City

Humacao (Spanish pronunciation: [umaˈka.o]) is a municipality in Puerto Rico located in the eastern coast of the island, north of Yabucoa; south of Naguabo; east of Las Piedras; and west of Vieques Passage. Humacao is spread over 10 wards and Humacao..    Humacao, Puerto Rico Wikipedia Page