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Zip Code 00981, Puerto Rico - Map and Information

Primary CityCarolina
Local TimeMonday 2:09 AM
TimezoneAtlantic Standard Time
Coordinates18.3808° / -65.9574°
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Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
10/16/182:43 PM3.1511.7 km136,000 m3km W of Trujillo Alto, Puerto
5/22/189:38 PM3.153.8 km149,000 m1km WSW of Carolina, Puerto
12/13/172:44 PM3.117.5 km47,000 m1km SW of Trujillo Alto, Puerto
7/8/1711:57 PM3.0612.9 km124,000 m5km NNE of Guaynabo, Puerto
5/19/172:24 PM3.0312.4 km116,000 m5km ESE of Catano, Puerto
1/9/1712:00 PM3.214.3 km118,000 m4km NNW of Bairoa, Puerto
4/22/168:16 PM3.118.8 km129,000 m1km S of Juncos, Puerto
3/29/1412:17 PM3.11.6 km122,000 m1km NNE of Carolina, Puerto
11/29/133:14 PM3.714.4 km96,000 m4km NNE of Loiza, Puerto
2/24/131:59 PM3.314.1 km115,000 m2km NNE of Rio Grande, Puerto

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