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Zip Code 00501, United States - Map and Information

Area Codes718914917
Associated CitiesAstoria, Queens
Local TimeSaturday 12:18 AM
TimezoneEastern Daylight Time
Coordinates40.78426224994401° / -73.91564546249387°
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Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
1/9/9212:50 AM3.159 km7,900 mNew Jerseyusgs.gov
10/19/853:07 AM3.622.9 km6,000 mNew Yorkusgs.gov
3/9/798:49 PM3.150.2 km3,000 mNew Jerseyusgs.gov
1/30/798:30 AM3.559.3 km5,000 mNew Jerseyusgs.gov
4/13/767:39 AM3.19.8 kmNoneGreater New York area, New Jerseyusgs.gov
6/7/7412:45 PM3.387.4 km2,000 mNew Yorkusgs.gov
3/23/5711:02 AM3.877.5 km10,000 mNew Jerseyusgs.gov
9/1/953:09 AM4.149.5 kmNoneNew Jerseyusgs.gov
8/10/8411:07 AM5.521.7 kmNoneNew Yorkusgs.gov
11/29/837:57 PM5.354.8 kmNoneNew Jerseyusgs.gov

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