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Zip Code 03040, United States - Map and Information

Primary CityEast Candia, New Hampshire
Area Codes603
Local TimeSunday 4:43 AM
TimezoneEastern Standard Time
Coordinates43.05° / -71.25°
Related Zip Codes030410304203043030440304503046

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Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
10/16/124:12 PM4.6777.6 km16,090
9/25/108:28 PM3.1541 km5,000 mNew
1/10/992:52 AM3.132.1 km2,000 msouthern New
10/6/928:38 AM3.440.5 km5,000 mNew
10/25/8610:16 AM3.947.6 km5,000 mNew
1/18/824:14 PM4.557.5 km8,000 mNew
7/28/794:29 PM3.577.4 km5,000
12/25/777:35 AM3.239.5 kmNoneNew
6/26/644:04 AM3.252.7 km1,000 mNew
10/16/638:30 AM3.4199 km14,000 msouthern New

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Primary City

East Candia is an unincorporated community in the town of Candia in Rockingham County, New Hampshire. village, as the name suggests, is located in the eastern part of the town of Candia, close to the town border with Raymond. The community is center..    East Candia, New Hampshire Wikipedia Page