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Zip Code 04082, United States - Map and Information

Primary CitySouth Windham, Maine
Area Codes207
Local TimeFriday 2:58 AM
TimezoneEastern Standard Time
Coordinates43.7397982° / -70.4261016999999°
Related Zip Codes040830408404085040860408704088

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Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
10/16/124:12 PM4.6724.4 km16,090
1/17/0012:16 AM3.692.3 km16,300
1/3/001:05 PM3.566.6 km9,700
8/21/9612:54 AM3.889.2 km10,000 mNew
9/5/947:13 AM3.197 km5,000 mGulf of
11/13/8810:15 PM3.876.1 km5,000
5/28/8310:45 PM4.284.7 km1,800
1/18/824:14 PM4.598.4 km8,000 mNew
7/28/794:29 PM3.553.7 km5,000
4/17/796:34 PM3.857 kmNoneGulf of

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Primary City

South Windham is a census-designated place (CDP) in the town of Windham in Cumberland County, Maine, United States. The population of the CDP was 1,374 at the 2010 census. Prior to 2010, South Windham was part of the Little Falls-South Windham census..    South Windham, Maine Wikipedia Page