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Zip Code 30595, United States - Map and Information

Primary CityTwin Mountain, New Hampshire
Area Codes603
Local TimeWednesday 4:51 AM
TimezoneEastern Standard Time
Coordinates44.2650729999999° / -71.5440691°
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Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
1/17/0012:16 AM3.694.2 km16,300 mMaineusgs.gov
8/21/9612:54 AM3.817.8 km10,000 mNew Hampshireusgs.gov
6/16/955:13 AM3.829.7 km5,000 mNew Hampshireusgs.gov
4/5/897:35 PM3.542 km5,000 mNew Hampshireusgs.gov
11/21/888:40 PM3.243.4 km6,400 mNew Hampshireusgs.gov
11/13/8810:15 PM3.894 km5,000 mMaineusgs.gov
10/20/886:09 AM3.943.3 km5,000 mNew Hampshireusgs.gov
10/25/8610:16 AM3.996.3 km5,000 mNew Hampshireusgs.gov
5/28/8310:45 PM4.293.7 km1,800 mMaineusgs.gov
1/18/824:14 PM4.585.1 km8,000 mNew Hampshireusgs.gov

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Primary City

Twin Mountain is an unincorporated community within the town of Carroll in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. It is named for two prominent summits which rise to the south of the village, North Twin Mountain (4,761 ft or 1,451 m) and South Twin Mo..    Twin Mountain, New Hampshire Wikipedia Page