44 Zip Codes in Buffalo, New York

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TimezoneEastern Time
Area52.51 sq mi
Population251,923 (More Details)
Male Population120,766 (47.9%)
Female Population131,157 (52.1%)
Median Age33.6
Zip Codes14201, 14202, 14203 (41 more)
Area Codes585, 716, 917

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44 Zip Codes in Buffalo, New York

Zip CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationMedian AgeArea
14201Buffalo, New YorkNew York11,00134.71.08 sq mi
14202Buffalo, New YorkNew York3,94834.50.999 sq mi
14203Buffalo, New YorkNew York2,14133.83.075 sq mi
14204Buffalo, New YorkNew York7,53039.71.807 sq mi
14205Buffalo, New YorkNew York
14206Buffalo, New YorkNew York20,39740.84.878 sq mi
14207Buffalo, New YorkNew York22,97230.23.924 sq mi
14208Buffalo, New YorkNew York10,95938.91.359 sq mi
14209Buffalo, New YorkNew York7,408340.899 sq mi
14210Buffalo, New YorkNew York14,41635.53.32 sq mi
14211Buffalo, New YorkNew York22,77334.34.039 sq mi
14212Buffalo, New YorkNew York9,51237.71.903 sq mi
14213Buffalo, New YorkNew York24,29227.82.372 sq mi
14214Buffalo, New YorkNew York19,32030.22.884 sq mi
14215Buffalo, New YorkNew York38,78131.24.918 sq mi
14216Buffalo, New YorkNew York20,56435.82.792 sq mi
14217Buffalo, New YorkNew York23,99941.33.215 sq mi
14218Buffalo, New YorkNew York18,87240.18.31 sq mi
14219Buffalo, New YorkNew York10,96741.67.03 sq mi
14220Buffalo, New YorkNew York22,940373.867 sq mi
14221Buffalo, New YorkNew York52,52646.423.07 sq mi
14222Buffalo, New YorkNew York12,94137.91.271 sq mi
14223Buffalo, New YorkNew York22,38043.63.437 sq mi
14224Buffalo, New YorkNew York38,8034520.34 sq mi
14225Buffalo, New YorkNew York33,59840.911.9 sq mi
14226Buffalo, New YorkNew York27,94238.16.93 sq mi
14227Buffalo, New YorkNew York23,22246.78.62 sq mi
14228Buffalo, New YorkNew York20,50333.616.1 sq mi
14231Buffalo, New YorkNew York
14233Buffalo, New YorkNew York
14240Buffalo, New YorkNew York
14241Buffalo, New YorkNew York
14260Buffalo, New YorkNew York
14261Buffalo, New YorkNew York5,43621.11.205 sq mi
14263Buffalo, New YorkNew York
14264Buffalo, New YorkNew York
14265Buffalo, New YorkNew York
14267Buffalo, New YorkNew York
14269Buffalo, New YorkNew York
14270Buffalo, New YorkNew York
14272Buffalo, New YorkNew York
14273Buffalo, New YorkNew York
14276Buffalo, New YorkNew York
14280Buffalo, New YorkNew York

Buffalo, New York Demographic Information

Population Density4,797 / mi²
Male Population120,766 (47.9%)
Female Population131,157 (52.1%)
Median Age33.6
Male Median Age32.1
Female Median Age34.9
Businesses in Buffalo, New York29,210
Population (1975)197,630
Population (2000)268,951
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +27.5%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 -6.3%

Buffalo, New York

Buffalo (/ˈbʌfəloʊ/) is a city in Western New York and the seat of Erie County, located on the eastern shores of Lake Erie at the head of the Niagara River. As of 2014, Buffalo is the second most populous city in the state after New York City with 25..  ︎  Buffalo, New York Wikipedia Page