1,575 Zip Codes in Illinois

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TimezoneCentral Time
Area57,913.8 sq mi
Population13.0 million (More Details)
Male Population6,364,192 (49.1%)
Female Population6,609,988 (50.9%)
Median Age36.6
Zip Codes61944, 62859, 62448 (1,572 more)
Area Codes217, 224, 309 (12 more)

Postal Code Ranges

Zip CodesCityNumber of postal codes
60004 - 60006Arlington Heights3
60007 - 60009Elk Grove Village2
60012 - 60014Crystal Lake4
60016 - 60019Des Plaines4
60062 - 60065Northbrook3
60085 - 60087Waukegan3
60086 - 60088North Chicago3
60120 - 60124Elgin7
60187 - 60189Wheaton4
60193 - 60196Schaumburg7
60201 - 60209Evanston6
60301 - 60304Oak Park4
60502 - 60507, 60568 - 60599Aurora11
60564 - 60567Naperville5
60601 - 60701Chicago85
61101 - 61126Rockford12
61130 - 61132Loves Park4
61554 - 61558Pekin3
61601 - 61656Peoria29
61701 - 61710Bloomington8
61801 - 61803Urbana2
61820 - 61826Champaign5
61832 - 61834Danville2
62201 - 62207East St. Louis8
62220 - 62226Belleville5
62301 - 62306Adams3
62521 - 62526Decatur7
62701 - 62796Springfield35
62901 - 62903Carbondale3

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1,575 Zip Codes in Illinois

Zip CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationMedian AgeArea
61944Paris, IllinoisIllinois12,48943.2265.5 sq mi
62859McLeansboro, IllinoisIllinois5,61842.7209 sq mi
62448Newton, IllinoisIllinois5,62742.4207.5 sq mi
62650Jacksonville, IllinoisIllinois26,34240.2205 sq mi
62231Illinois8,00942.2191 sq mi
62353Hersman, IllinoisIllinois5,57836.4187.4 sq mi
62821Carmi, IllinoisIllinois7,41745.3178.9 sq mi
61356Illinois11,16945.6178.5 sq mi
62441Marshall, IllinoisIllinois7,17641.6175.3 sq mi
62681Illinois5,68943.4173.9 sq mi
61254Geneseo, IllinoisIllinois11,27544.4173.6 sq mi
62626Carlinville, IllinoisIllinois8,18440.6172.2 sq mi
62938Golconda, IllinoisIllinois3,00643.9171.9 sq mi
61455Macomb, IllinoisIllinois21,76324.9171.3 sq mi
62321Illinois3,96144.2167.8 sq mi
60450Morris, IllinoisIllinois23,27939.9166.2 sq mi
61764Pontiac, IllinoisIllinois14,15240163.7 sq mi
62837Fairfield, IllinoisIllinois8,70343.8163.5 sq mi
61520Rawalts, IllinoisIllinois17,52940.7162.2 sq mi
62363Pittsfield, IllinoisIllinois6,08143.3159.9 sq mi
61350Ottawa, IllinoisIllinois24,28641.8159.2 sq mi
62694Manchester, IllinoisIllinois3,16843.4156.6 sq mi
61462Monmouth, IllinoisIllinois11,25636.1156.6 sq mi
62858Illinois2,93643.2154.4 sq mi
62450Olney, IllinoisIllinois12,08142.6154 sq mi
61021Dixon, IllinoisIllinois23,55842.4153.1 sq mi
62863Mount Carmel, IllinoisIllinois9,80342.5152.9 sq mi
61270Morrison, IllinoisIllinois7,09044.1152.1 sq mi
61920Illinois25,51724.5150.6 sq mi
61231Aledo, IllinoisIllinois5,44744.9149.8 sq mi
60953Milford, IllinoisIllinois2,36744.8148.6 sq mi
61032Freeport, IllinoisIllinois30,84643148.1 sq mi
62305Adams, IllinoisIllinois17,84144.7146.6 sq mi
62263Illinois5,26142.2146.5 sq mi
62864Illinois23,47041.2145.8 sq mi
62298Waterloo, IllinoisIllinois17,92041.4145.7 sq mi
61364Streator, IllinoisIllinois20,06441.7145.2 sq mi
62656Lincoln, IllinoisIllinois19,93838145 sq mi
61924Chrisman, IllinoisIllinois2,29845.2145 sq mi
62246Greenville, IllinoisIllinois10,31738.7144.1 sq mi
61951Illinois8,10342.5142.8 sq mi
62439Lawrenceville, IllinoisIllinois7,76243.9142.3 sq mi
62466Sumner, IllinoisIllinois5,02135.4142.2 sq mi
62946Illinois12,47641.4141.5 sq mi
62442Illinois2,35143.8141.4 sq mi
62052Jerseyville, IllinoisIllinois13,25440.4141.1 sq mi
62274Pinckneyville, IllinoisIllinois8,20738.6141 sq mi
62959Marion, IllinoisIllinois27,73541.7139.5 sq mi
62471Hagarstown, IllinoisIllinois10,21739.1138.4 sq mi
62801Centralia, IllinoisIllinois22,02341.6138.1 sq mi
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Illinois Demographic Information

Population13.0 million
Population Density224.0 / mi²
Male Population6,364,192 (49.1%)
Female Population6,609,988 (50.9%)
Median Age36.6
Male Median Age35.3
Female Median Age37.9
Businesses in Illinois850,110
Population (1975)11,114,345
Population (2000)12,484,621
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +16.7%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +3.9%


Illinois (/ˌɪlᵻˈnɔɪ/ IL-i-NOY) is a state in the midwestern region of the United States. It is the 5th most populous state and 25th largest state in terms of land area, and is often noted as a microcosm of the entire country. With Chicago in the nort..  ︎  Illinois Wikipedia Page