949 Zip Codes in Kentucky

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TimezoneEastern Time
Area40,408 sq mi
Population4.5 million (More Details)
Male Population2,199,787 (49.2%)
Female Population2,269,503 (50.8%)
Median Age38
Zip Codes40003, 40004, 40006 (946 more)
Area Codes270, 304, 423 (5 more)

Postal Code Ranges

Zip CodesCityNumber of postal codes
40201 - 40299Louisville67
40281 - 40287Watterson Park5
40444 - 40446Lancaster2
40502 - 40598Lexington39
40601 - 40622Frankfort9
40741 - 40750London6
41011 - 41019Covington7
41101 - 41114Ashland4
41527 - 41535Belfry4
41739 - 41743Fisty4
41834 - 41836Spider3
42001 - 42003Paducah5
42101 - 42104Bowling Green4
42301 - 42304Owensboro4
42501 - 42503Somerset3

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949 Zip Codes in Kentucky

Zip CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationMedian AgeArea
40003Bagdad, KentuckyKentucky2,1004142.77 sq mi
40004Bardstown, KentuckyKentucky30,17236.5146.4 sq mi
40006Bedford, KentuckyKentucky5,1303992.83 sq mi
40007Bethlehem, KentuckyKentucky13243.711.29 sq mi
40008Bloomfield, KentuckyKentucky3,86238.781.33 sq mi
40009Bradfordsville, KentuckyKentucky1,06540.663.95 sq mi
40010Buckner, KentuckyKentucky76936.21.839 sq mi
40011Campbellsburg, KentuckyKentucky2,54340.359.41 sq mi
40012ChaplinKentucky55643.510.12 sq mi
40013Coxs Creek, KentuckyKentucky5,87938.680.69 sq mi
40014Crestwood, KentuckyKentucky22,58739.655.95 sq mi
40018Eastwood, LouisvilleKentucky
40019Eminence, KentuckyKentucky3,84837.738.48 sq mi
40020Fairfield, KentuckyKentucky12140.50.478 sq mi
40022Kentucky9504516.37 sq mi
40023Fisherville, LouisvilleKentucky4,42741.122.85 sq mi
40025Glenview, KentuckyKentucky7655.90.171 sq mi
40026Goshen, KentuckyKentucky6,1823934.84 sq mi
40027Harrods Creek, LouisvilleKentucky
40031La Grange, KentuckyKentucky25,72538.367.45 sq mi
40032La Grange, KentuckyKentucky
40033Lebanon, KentuckyKentucky12,82938.4145.1 sq mi
40036Kentucky27743.919.11 sq mi
40037Loretto, KentuckyKentucky3,01336.249.69 sq mi
40040Mackville, KentuckyKentucky57540.420.58 sq mi
40041Kentucky35048.82,773,779 sq ft
40045Milton, KentuckyKentucky3,64740.759.95 sq mi
40046Kentucky2,06539.549.89 sq mi
40047Mount Washington, KentuckyKentucky20,98837.130.01 sq mi
40048Kentucky9140.90.143 sq mi
40049Kentucky760.165 sq mi
40050New Castle, KentuckyKentucky1,47642.39.84 sq mi
40051New Haven, KentuckyKentucky5,08139.496.15 sq mi
40052New HopeKentucky53740.321.18 sq mi
40055Kentucky1,84442.120.65 sq mi
40056Pewee Valley, KentuckyKentucky3,57840.52.844 sq mi
40057Pleasureville, KentuckyKentucky3,41140.698.61 sq mi
40058Port Royal, KentuckyKentucky39441.3695,395 sq ft
40059Prospect, KentuckyKentucky18,08643.730.23 sq mi
40060Raywick, KentuckyKentucky1,25240.244.74 sq mi
40062Kentucky29438.65.25 sq mi
40063Kentucky68033.50.493 sq mi
40065Shelbyville, KentuckyKentucky31,10736.9179.8 sq mi
40066Shelbyville, KentuckyKentucky
40067Simpsonville, KentuckyKentucky5,7093843.94 sq mi
40068Smithfield, KentuckyKentucky2,19443.344.33 sq mi
40069Springfield, KentuckyKentucky8,51040.3192.9 sq mi
40070Kentucky57639.812.17 sq mi
40071Taylorsville, KentuckyKentucky16,93639124.6 sq mi
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Kentucky Demographic Information

Population4.5 million
Population Density110.6 / mi²
Male Population2,199,787 (49.2%)
Female Population2,269,503 (50.8%)
Median Age38
Male Median Age36.7
Female Median Age39.3
Businesses in Kentucky250,692
Population (1975)3,259,036
Population (2000)4,068,405
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +37.1%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +9.9%


Kentucky (/kənˈtʌki/, kən-TU-kee), officially the Commonwealth of Kentucky, is a state located in the east south-central region of the United States. Kentucky is one of four U.S. states constituted as a commonwealth (the others being Virginia, Pennsy..  ︎  Kentucky Wikipedia Page