74 Zip Codes in Las Vegas

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TimezonePacific Time
Area135.8 sq mi
Population685,548 (More Details)
Male Population345,794 (50.4%)
Female Population339,752 (49.6%)
Median Age35.6
Zip Codes88901, 88905, 89101 (71 more)
Area Code702

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74 Zip Codes in Las Vegas, Nevada

Zip CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationMedian AgeArea
88901Las VegasNevada
88905Las VegasNevada
89101Las VegasNevada55,54932.55.35 sq mi
89102Las VegasNevada41,70334.75.38 sq mi
89103Las VegasNevada57,28638.56.7 sq mi
89104Las VegasNevada44,04736.45.66 sq mi
89105Las VegasNevada
89106Las VegasNevada29,82231.45.29 sq mi
89107Las VegasNevada40,166345.48 sq mi
89108Las VegasNevada85,50233.78.97 sq mi
89109Las VegasNevada9,62844.14.436 sq mi
89110Las VegasNevada83,02529.711.1 sq mi
89111Las VegasNevada
89112Las VegasNevada
89113Las VegasNevada31,03035.311.14 sq mi
89114Las VegasNevada
89116Las VegasNevada
89117Las VegasNevada63,74240.79.19 sq mi
89118Las VegasNevada24,04437.210.64 sq mi
89119Las VegasNevada57,99633.412.92 sq mi
89122Las VegasNevada54,20335.79.05 sq mi
89123Las VegasNevada65,68938.410.65 sq mi
89124Las VegasNevada2,20645.61,362.8 sq mi
89125Las VegasNevada
89126Las VegasNevada
89127Las VegasNevada
89128Las VegasNevada42,14836.96 sq mi
89129Las VegasNevada60,51537.69.99 sq mi
89130Las VegasNevada38,376407.68 sq mi
89131Las VegasNevada51,19335.716.03 sq mi
89132Las VegasNevada
89133Las VegasNevada
89134Las VegasNevada28,33059.96.64 sq mi
89135Las VegasNevada31,06842.945.6 sq mi
89136Las VegasNevada
89137Las VegasNevada
89138Las VegasNevada14,298354.217 sq mi
89139Las VegasNevada35,02331.610.56 sq mi
89140Las VegasNevada
89142Las VegasNevada38,65731.14.754 sq mi
89143Las VegasNevada14,13432.73.417 sq mi
89144Las VegasNevada20,89639.83.913 sq mi
89145Las VegasNevada28,11339.34.587 sq mi
89146Las VegasNevada24,62439.54.794 sq mi
89147Las VegasNevada57,08038.87.4 sq mi
89148Las VegasNevada44,58032.212.32 sq mi
89149Las VegasNevada36,3723412.01 sq mi
89150Las VegasNevada
89151Las VegasNevada
89152Las VegasNevada
89153Las VegasNevada
89154Las VegasNevada
89155Las VegasNevada
89157Las VegasNevada
89158Las VegasNevada
89159Las VegasNevada
89160Las VegasNevada
89161Las VegasNevada21549.719.12 sq mi
89162Las VegasNevada
89163Las VegasNevada
89164Las VegasNevada
89165Las VegasNevada
89166Las VegasNevada15,48630.4193.1 sq mi
89169Las VegasNevada26,527373.401 sq mi
89170Las VegasNevada
89173Las VegasNevada
89177Las VegasNevada
89178Las VegasNevada32,48631.419.1 sq mi
89180Las VegasNevada
89183Las VegasNevada42,46831.77.01 sq mi
89185Las VegasNevada
89193Las VegasNevada
89195Las VegasNevada
89199Las VegasNevada

Las Vegas, Nevada Demographic Information

Population Density5,048 / mi²
Male Population345,794 (50.4%)
Female Population339,752 (49.6%)
Median Age35.6
Male Median Age35
Female Median Age36.2
Businesses in Las Vegas, Nevada101,459
Population (1975)209,588
Population (2000)411,925
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +227.1%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +66.4%

Las Vegas

Las Vegas (/lɑːs ˈveɪɡəs/, also locally /lɑːs ˈvɛɡᵻs/; Spanish: [laz ˈβeɣas]) officially the City of Las Vegas and often known as simply Vegas, is a city in the United States, the most populous city in the state of Nevada, the county seat of Clark Co..  ︎  Las Vegas Wikipedia Page