995 Zip Codes in Minnesota

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TimezoneCentral Time
Area86,935.8 sq mi
Population5.5 million (More Details)
Male Population2,719,180 (49.7%)
Female Population2,753,708 (50.3%)
Median Age38.1
Zip Codes55001, 55002, 55003 (992 more)
Area Codes218, 320, 507 (10 more)

Postal Code Ranges

Zip CodesCityNumber of postal codes
55101 - 55119, 55130 - 55188Saint Paul31
55118 - 55123South St. Paul6
55121 - 55123Eagan3
55344 - 55347Eden Prairie3
55401 - 55488Minneapolis69
55443 - 55445Brooklyn Park3
55550 - 55568Norwood Young America9
55570 - 55599Plymouth18
55574 - 55593Maple Plain10
55595 - 55599Loretto6
55802 - 55816Duluth13
55811 - 55815Hermantown4
55901 - 55906Rochester6
56002 - 56006Mankato2
56393 - 56399St. Cloud7
56560 - 56563Moorhead4

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995 Zip Codes in Minnesota

Zip CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationMedian AgeArea
55001Afton, MinnesotaMinnesota3,1154727.38 sq mi
55002Almelund, MinnesotaMinnesota
55003Bayport, MinnesotaMinnesota3,64440.73.201 sq mi
55005Bethel, MinnesotaMinnesota4,64435.920.19 sq mi
55006Andree, MinnesotaMinnesota4,39035.479.96 sq mi
55007Minnesota2,59743.2120.1 sq mi
55008Cambridge, MinnesotaMinnesota15,94038.1105.1 sq mi
55009Minnesota8,13543.2124.4 sq mi
55011Cedar, MinnesotaMinnesota10,34239.646.66 sq mi
55012Center City, MinnesotaMinnesota2,23042.123.99 sq mi
55013Chisago City, MinnesotaMinnesota7,42544.934.86 sq mi
55014Circle Pines, MinnesotaMinnesota28,43837.621.7 sq mi
55016Cottage Grove, MinnesotaMinnesota36,85535.132.96 sq mi
55017Dalbo, MinnesotaMinnesota74141.730.63 sq mi
55018Dennison, MinnesotaMinnesota1,03745.248.22 sq mi
55019Dundas, MinnesotaMinnesota1,87638.620.25 sq mi
55020Elko New Market, MinnesotaMinnesota4,70033.125.23 sq mi
55021Faribault, MinnesotaMinnesota31,37138.4192.8 sq mi
55024Farmington, MinnesotaMinnesota33,65032.290.16 sq mi
55025Forest Lake, MinnesotaMinnesota25,02040.486.82 sq mi
55026Frontenac, MinnesotaMinnesota44149.26.83 sq mi
55027Minnesota3,06534.4118.6 sq mi
55029Grandy, MinnesotaMinnesota2738.61,863,293 sq ft
55030Grasston, MinnesotaMinnesota1,29043.838.73 sq mi
55031Minnesota2,10037.139.62 sq mi
55032Harris, MinnesotaMinnesota4,06040.972.05 sq mi
55033Hastings, MinnesotaMinnesota31,11439.3148.8 sq mi
55036Henriette, MinnesotaMinnesota6739.90.283 sq mi
55037Hinckley, MinnesotaMinnesota5,20740.6309 sq mi
55038Hugo, MinnesotaMinnesota22,60034.653.93 sq mi
55040Isanti, MinnesotaMinnesota13,80134.4102.3 sq mi
55041Lake City, MinnesotaMinnesota7,58248158.7 sq mi
55042Lake Elmo, MinnesotaMinnesota9,87042.526.64 sq mi
55043Lakeland, MinnesotaMinnesota3,77346.65.99 sq mi
55044Lakeville, MinnesotaMinnesota51,02835.766.06 sq mi
55045Lindstrom, MinnesotaMinnesota8,82443.741.99 sq mi
55046Lonsdale, MinnesotaMinnesota5,4683248.13 sq mi
55047Marine on Saint CroixMinnesota2,67250.335.24 sq mi
55049Clinton Falls Township, Steele CountyMinnesota2,55036.648.06 sq mi
55051Mora, MinnesotaMinnesota10,05143.5202.4 sq mi
55052Morristown, MinnesotaMinnesota2,27842.849.35 sq mi
55053Nerstrand, MinnesotaMinnesota1,03940.842.97 sq mi
55054Elko New Market, MinnesotaMinnesota2,35929.91.197 sq mi
55055Newport, MinnesotaMinnesota3,61737.93.787 sq mi
55056North BranchMinnesota15,28536103.1 sq mi
55057Northfield, MinnesotaMinnesota25,86930.5127.6 sq mi
55060Minnesota29,86438.2206.6 sq mi
55063Minnesota9,86642.8172.7 sq mi
55065Randolph, MinnesotaMinnesota1,28138.933.17 sq mi
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Minnesota Demographic Information

Population5.5 million
Population Density63.0 / mi²
Male Population2,719,180 (49.7%)
Female Population2,753,708 (50.3%)
Median Age38.1
Male Median Age37
Female Median Age39.1
Businesses in Minnesota394,895
Population (1975)3,939,134
Population (2000)4,946,640
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +38.9%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +10.6%


Minnesota (/mɪnᵻˈsoʊtə/; locally  [ˌmɪnəˈso̞ɾə]) is a state in the Midwestern United States. Minnesota was admitted as the 32nd state on May 11, 1858, created from the eastern half of the Minnesota Territory. The name comes from the Dakota word for "..  ︎  Minnesota Wikipedia Page