404 Zip Codes in Montana

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Montana has 404 zip codes and they range from 59001 to 59937. The average area zip codes in Montana is 394.7 sq mi with the largest being 59301 at 3,152.9 sq mi and the smallest being 59851 at 0.235 sq mi. In Montana the average population for a postal code is 2,853 with the most populated being zip code 59901 in Kalispell at 54,247. The average population density for a postal code in Montana is 54.6 / mi² with the densest being zip code 59801 in Missoula at 4,684 / mi². The median age for postal codes in Montana range from 16.6 years old for 59841 in Pinesdale to 59.2 years old for 59931 in Rollins. The fastest growing postal code is 59760 in Willow Creek with population growth of 49.7% from 2000 to 2015, an average of 2.7% per year.

TimezoneMountain Time
Area147,040.3 sq mi
Population1.0 million (More Details)
Male Population516,372 (50.2%)
Female Population512,582 (49.8%)
Median Age40.1
Zip Codes59001, 59002, 59003 (401 more)
Area Codes208, 307, 406 (1 more)

Postal Code Ranges

Zip CodesCityNumber of postal codes
59101 - 59117Billings14
59401 - 59406Great Falls5
59604 - 59626Helena5
59702 - 59707Butte2
59715 - 59719Bozeman6
59801 - 59812Missoula8
59835 - 59840Hamilton2

Interactive Map

404 Zip Codes in Montana

Zip CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationMedian AgeArea
59001Absarokee, MontanaMontana1,71447.5160 sq mi
59002Acton, MontanaMontana18043.865.58 sq mi
59003Ashland, MontanaMontana1,14034.2681.5 sq mi
59004Ashland, MontanaMontana
59006Ballantine, MontanaMontana1,03841.264.52 sq mi
59007Bearcreek, MontanaMontana15053.557.7 sq mi
59008Belfry, MontanaMontana39148.6102.5 sq mi
59010Montana9650.1331.8 sq mi
59011Big Timber, MontanaMontana3,02446.6940.7 sq mi
59012Birney, MontanaMontana23928.7257.6 sq mi
59013Boyd, MontanaMontana12951.83.012 sq mi
59014Bridger, MontanaMontana1,47048.2413.8 sq mi
59015Broadview, MontanaMontana59938.6249.9 sq mi
59016Busby, MontanaMontana1,08123.1395 sq mi
59018Clyde Park, MontanaMontana60149.1209.4 sq mi
59019Columbus, MontanaMontana4,11544.3344.1 sq mi
59020Cooke CityMontana7641.1237.5 sq mi
59022Crow Agency, MontanaMontana1,92324.9165.6 sq mi
59024Custer, MontanaMontana41550.1505.5 sq mi
59025Montana5646.9456.9 sq mi
59026Edgar, MontanaMontana16645.120.69 sq mi
59027Emigrant, MontanaMontana82150.2216.9 sq mi
59028Fishtail, MontanaMontana45851.5220.6 sq mi
59029Fromberg, MontanaMontana77247.2102 sq mi
59030Gardiner, MontanaMontana1,24647.4483.8 sq mi
59031Garryowen, MontanaMontana31731.870.24 sq mi
59032Grass Range, MontanaMontana40050.9422.8 sq mi
59033Greycliff, MontanaMontana3274178.18 sq mi
59034Hardin, MontanaMontana5,21135.6769.6 sq mi
59035Fort Smith, MontanaMontana22343.975.96 sq mi
59036Harlowton, MontanaMontana1,44444.6565.5 sq mi
59037Huntley, MontanaMontana1,80945189.1 sq mi
59038Hysham, MontanaMontana59751879.9 sq mi
59039Ingomar, MontanaMontana23436.2 sq mi
59041Joliet, MontanaMontana2,02046.1197.8 sq mi
59043Lame Deer, MontanaMontana2,91023.8408.1 sq mi
59044Laurel, MontanaMontana11,56839.6179.8 sq mi
59046Lavina, MontanaMontana36048.4559.1 sq mi
59047Livingston, MontanaMontana11,75844.1898.9 sq mi
59050Lodge Grass, MontanaMontana1,71127.3614.5 sq mi
59052Montana13655695.9 sq mi
59053Martinsdale, MontanaMontana34642.1589.6 sq mi
59054Melstone, MontanaMontana31845.9647.7 sq mi
59055Melville, MontanaMontana6345.4246.4 sq mi
59057Molt, MontanaMontana74845.6264.6 sq mi
59058Mosby, MontanaMontana50398 sq mi
59059Musselshell, MontanaMontana14655.9248 sq mi
59061Nye, MontanaMontana26457.5270.4 sq mi
59062Otter, MontanaMontana34131.5 sq mi
59063Park City, MontanaMontana2,15341.173.95 sq mi
59064Pompey's Pillar, MontanaMontana29142.2150.7 sq mi
59065Pray, MontanaMontana19752.859.73 sq mi
59066Pryor, MontanaMontana70130.7300 sq mi
59067Rapelje, MontanaMontana23345.1346.1 sq mi
59068Red Lodge, MontanaMontana3,62749.3533.5 sq mi
59069Reed Point, MontanaMontana50751.1350.2 sq mi
59070Roberts, MontanaMontana1,07447.4158.4 sq mi
59071Roscoe, MontanaMontana11056.798.07 sq mi
59072Roundup, MontanaMontana4,11448.81,002.9 sq mi
59073Roundup, MontanaMontana
59074Ryegate, MontanaMontana44449.6601.4 sq mi
59075Montana28833.4291.3 sq mi
59076Sanders, MontanaMontana3011.89 sq mi
59077Sand Springs, MontanaMontana7644.5543.1 sq mi
59078Shawmut, MontanaMontana13953.4252.2 sq mi
59079Shepherd, MontanaMontana3,61939.4354.3 sq mi
59081Silver GateMontana120.888 sq mi
59082Springdale, MontanaMontana290.305 sq mi
59083Sumatra, MontanaMontana
59084Teigen, MontanaMontana
59085Two Dot, MontanaMontana10051.6295.3 sq mi
59086Wilsall, MontanaMontana72149.9480.2 sq mi
59087Winnett, MontanaMontana43148.61,500.5 sq mi
59088Worden, MontanaMontana1,40040.8332 sq mi
59089Wyola, MontanaMontana46829.8247.9 sq mi
59101BillingsMontana41,68535511.4 sq mi
59102BillingsMontana48,56940.514.76 sq mi
59105BillingsMontana31,55236.4105 sq mi
59106BillingsMontana13,86542.196.99 sq mi
59201Wolf Point, MontanaMontana4,98433.21,387.7 sq mi
59211Antelope, MontanaMontana11449.2106.4 sq mi
59212Bainville, MontanaMontana36340.9309.1 sq mi
59213Brockton, MontanaMontana73227.8445.3 sq mi
59214Brockway, MontanaMontana11040.8349.6 sq mi
59215Circle, MontanaMontana1,05846.91,335.2 sq mi
59217Crane, MontanaMontana9840.83.497 sq mi
59218Culbertson, MontanaMontana91844.4328.8 sq mi
59219Dagmar, MontanaMontana17752.7259.8 sq mi
59221Fairview, MontanaMontana1,67641.2289.8 sq mi
59222Flaxville, MontanaMontana20549236.1 sq mi
59223Montana33154.8246.8 sq mi
59225Montana54329.1307.2 sq mi
59226Froid, MontanaMontana39952326.3 sq mi
59230Glasgow, MontanaMontana4,36245.61,603.2 sq mi
59231St. Marie, MontanaMontana25157.41.99 sq mi
59240Montana2140.36 sq mi
59241Hinsdale, MontanaMontana40246.31,324.7 sq mi
59242Montana705252.94 sq mi
59243LambertMontana34541.3383.9 sq mi
59244Montana6451.7197.4 sq mi
59247Medicine Lake, MontanaMontana28448.2154.4 sq mi
59248Nashua, MontanaMontana74850.8595.2 sq mi
59250Opheim, MontanaMontana19354.3548.2 sq mi
59252Outlook, MontanaMontana10553.6192.5 sq mi
59253Montana10453.6255.2 sq mi
59254Plentywood, MontanaMontana1,82849.5271.6 sq mi
59255Poplar, MontanaMontana3,38826.6675.4 sq mi
59256Raymond, MontanaMontana5263.56 sq mi
59257Montana5351.8153.4 sq mi
59258Reserve, MontanaMontana10153.4179.7 sq mi
59259Richey, MontanaMontana34449.5627.2 sq mi
59260Montana10551.1345.2 sq mi
59261Saco, MontanaMontana49548.7508.5 sq mi
59262Savage, MontanaMontana65144.3277.1 sq mi
59263Scobey, MontanaMontana1,24549.7671.5 sq mi
59270Sidney, MontanaMontana7,29241.1969.5 sq mi
59273Vandalia, MontanaMontana
59274Vida, MontanaMontana19253358.4 sq mi
59275Westby, MontanaMontana34150.7393.9 sq mi
59276Whitetail, MontanaMontana38112.4 sq mi
59301Miles City, MontanaMontana11,293423,152.9 sq mi
59311Alzada, MontanaMontana14051.21,018.6 sq mi
59312Montana30251.5 sq mi
59313Baker, MontanaMontana2,49541.6928.5 sq mi
59314Biddle, MontanaMontana10848.8281.1 sq mi
59315Bloomfield, MontanaMontana14753.1225.8 sq mi
59316Boyes, MontanaMontana
59317Broadus, MontanaMontana1,11649.81,841.4 sq mi
59318Brusett, MontanaMontana13135.9541.7 sq mi
59319Capitol, MontanaMontana
59322Cohagen, MontanaMontana8252.5548.8 sq mi
59323Colstrip, MontanaMontana2,24138.162.04 sq mi
59324Ekalaka, MontanaMontana75350.31,607.7 sq mi
59326Montana26049.3358.8 sq mi
59327Forsyth, MontanaMontana2,89846.62,126.1 sq mi
59330Glendive, MontanaMontana8,18542.81,222 sq mi
59332Hammond, MontanaMontana13945.8602.5 sq mi
59333Montana217.97 sq mi
59336Montana18345.5928.7 sq mi
59337Jordan, MontanaMontana78247.62,447.5 sq mi
59338Montana15045.980.02 sq mi
59339Montana14642.8326 sq mi
59343Olive, MontanaMontana7943.9175.2 sq mi
59344Plevna, MontanaMontana30249.8449.6 sq mi
59345Powderville, MontanaMontana
59347Rosebud, MontanaMontana31645.4848 sq mi
59349Terry, MontanaMontana89955.41,403.8 sq mi
59351Montana18848.4534.5 sq mi
59353Wibaux, MontanaMontana98449890.2 sq mi
59354Montana4145.04 sq mi
59401Great Falls, MontanaMontana13,73637.23.404 sq mi
59403Great Falls, MontanaMontana
59404Great Falls, MontanaMontana26,69141.7365.3 sq mi
59405Great Falls, MontanaMontana31,33234.4408.5 sq mi
59406Great Falls, MontanaMontana
59410Augusta, MontanaMontana696531,178.1 sq mi
59411Babb, MontanaMontana42041246.7 sq mi
59412Belt, MontanaMontana1,74042.7383.9 sq mi
59414Black Eagle, MontanaMontana89940.81.844 sq mi
59416Montana32451.7347.5 sq mi
59417Browning, MontanaMontana7,69827.21,424.9 sq mi
59418Buffalo, MontanaMontana8845.2102.1 sq mi
59419Bynum, MontanaMontana9052.987.74 sq mi
59420Carter, MontanaMontana24343.2244.9 sq mi
59421Cascade, MontanaMontana1,85152.2698.8 sq mi
59422Montana2,53346.91,076.7 sq mi
59424Coffee Creek, MontanaMontana7150.868.77 sq mi
59425Conrad, MontanaMontana3,64045.6565.2 sq mi
59427Montana4,74039.41,072 sq mi
59430Denton, MontanaMontana45548.5510.7 sq mi
59432Dupuyer, MontanaMontana945348.93 sq mi
59433Dutton, MontanaMontana58248.1362 sq mi
59434East Glacier ParkMontana46239.1294.4 sq mi
59436Fairfield, MontanaMontana1,74744270.2 sq mi
59440Montana17347.6171.8 sq mi
59441Forest Grove, MontanaMontana7855.5247.5 sq mi
59442Fort Benton, MontanaMontana1,75751.4859 sq mi
59443Fort Shaw, MontanaMontana61743.762.42 sq mi
59444Montana34038.9334.1 sq mi
59446Geraldine, MontanaMontana55147.2714.9 sq mi
59447Geyser, MontanaMontana23547.6388.4 sq mi
59448Heart Butte, MontanaMontana71825.7114.6 sq mi
59450Highwood, MontanaMontana45445.6382.2 sq mi
59451Hilger, MontanaMontana23549.2230.5 sq mi
59452Montana48948.8414.6 sq mi
59453Judith Gap, MontanaMontana35351.2443.4 sq mi
59454Kevin, MontanaMontana20141127.9 sq mi
59456Montana23342.6394.4 sq mi
59457LewistownMontana8,87947.51,081.8 sq mi
59460Loma, MontanaMontana22347.3279.8 sq mi
59461Montana3553.02 sq mi
59462Moccasin, MontanaMontana16052138.8 sq mi
59463Monarch, MontanaMontana16955.8228.1 sq mi
59464Moore, MontanaMontana50444.6219.3 sq mi
59465Neihart, MontanaMontana5243.55 sq mi
59466Montana9450.2153.9 sq mi
59467Montana25030.6246.1 sq mi
59468Power, MontanaMontana56744.7252 sq mi
59469Raynesford, MontanaMontana15049.1102 sq mi
59471Roy, MontanaMontana28945.8947.7 sq mi
59472Sand Coulee, MontanaMontana66441.640.37 sq mi
59474Shelby, MontanaMontana3,81241.5715.9 sq mi
59477Simms, MontanaMontana51244.572.18 sq mi
59479Stanford, MontanaMontana77147.5648.6 sq mi
59480Stockett, MontanaMontana37844.6244.9 sq mi
59482Sunburst, MontanaMontana80137.5333.5 sq mi
59483Sun River, MontanaMontana52640.3104.5 sq mi
59484Montana9252.5134.5 sq mi
59485Ulm, MontanaMontana66446.320.7 sq mi
59486Valier, MontanaMontana1,29742562.7 sq mi
59487Vaughn, MontanaMontana1,25144.452.56 sq mi
59489Winifred, MontanaMontana38745.6639.4 sq mi
59501Havre, MontanaMontana12,28935.71,295.6 sq mi
59520Big Sandy, MontanaMontana1,01846.71,089.1 sq mi
59521Box Elder, MontanaMontana3,38223.1295 sq mi
59522Chester, MontanaMontana1,82945.4893 sq mi
59523Chinook, MontanaMontana2,17545.61,370.4 sq mi
59524Dodson, MontanaMontana63034.5723.8 sq mi
59525Gildford, MontanaMontana37338.6335.7 sq mi
59526Harlem, MontanaMontana2,32229.1781.9 sq mi
59527Hays, MontanaMontana92826.2211.4 sq mi
59528Hingham, MontanaMontana20350.2152 sq mi
59529Montana15741.6414.6 sq mi
59530Inverness, MontanaMontana9951.4244.9 sq mi
59531Montana24951.6227.9 sq mi
59532Kremlin, MontanaMontana17549222.1 sq mi
59535Montana7245.3738.6 sq mi
59537Loring, MontanaMontana9442.3452.2 sq mi
59538Montana2,88946.42,619.8 sq mi
59540Rudyard, MontanaMontana36249.2401.9 sq mi
59542Turner, MontanaMontana18346.2244.9 sq mi
59544Whitewater, MontanaMontana17137.6538.4 sq mi
59545Whitlash, MontanaMontana4087.7 sq mi
59546Zortman, MontanaMontana12256519.5 sq mi
59547Montana4128.41 sq mi
59601Montana30,50041.3138.4 sq mi
59602Helena Valley Northeast, MontanaMontana25,86040.8554.2 sq mi
59604Helena, MontanaMontana
59623Helena, MontanaMontana
59624Helena, MontanaMontana
59625Helena, MontanaMontana
59626Helena, MontanaMontana
59631Basin, MontanaMontana24943.2170.4 sq mi
59632Boulder, MontanaMontana2,05143.4501.9 sq mi
59633Montana22353.4223.6 sq mi
59634Clancy, MontanaMontana5,10145.5153.9 sq mi
59635East Helena, MontanaMontana7,89435.572.24 sq mi
59636Helena West Side, MontanaMontana1345.11.948 sq mi
59638Jefferson City, MontanaMontana64646.896.35 sq mi
59639Lincoln, MontanaMontana1,35253.6678.9 sq mi
59640Marysville, MontanaMontana9346.83.444 sq mi
59641Radersburg, MontanaMontana
59642Ringling, MontanaMontana6153125.1 sq mi
59643Toston, MontanaMontana49348.6209.2 sq mi
59644Townsend, MontanaMontana4,51546.5762.9 sq mi
59645White Sulphur Springs, MontanaMontana1,60548.91,670.8 sq mi
59647Winston, MontanaMontana38344.598.2 sq mi
59648Wolf Creek, MontanaMontana67953.3675.3 sq mi
59701Montana32,61641.1453 sq mi
59702Butte, MontanaMontana
59703Montana460.904 sq mi
59707Butte, MontanaMontana
59710Montana32251.2608.5 sq mi
59711Anaconda, MontanaMontana8,78747.2624.5 sq mi
59713Avon, MontanaMontana20546.1164.6 sq mi
59714Belgrade, MontanaMontana20,67232.7445.8 sq mi
59715Bozeman, MontanaMontana35,63431.3463 sq mi
59716Big Sky, MontanaMontana1,97734.6401.5 sq mi
59717Bozeman, MontanaMontana
59718Bozeman, MontanaMontana31,39230.9240 sq mi
59719Bozeman, MontanaMontana
59720Montana19256.9368 sq mi
59721Cardwell, MontanaMontana48447.2257.8 sq mi
59722Deer Lodge, MontanaMontana5,66443.5366.7 sq mi
59724Dell, MontanaMontana11348.1584.7 sq mi
59725Dillon, MontanaMontana7,920402,178.1 sq mi
59727Montana21952.9276.7 sq mi
59728Elliston, MontanaMontana33750.3206.2 sq mi
59729Ennis, MontanaMontana2,23250.8540.3 sq mi
59730Montana2,06641.8674.6 sq mi
59731Garrison, MontanaMontana20651.1136.8 sq mi
59732Glen, MontanaMontana12247.4139.2 sq mi
59733Montana19738.2182 sq mi
59735Harrison, MontanaMontana36946.3174.5 sq mi
59736Jackson, MontanaMontana12747.2423.7 sq mi
59739Montana34249.8982.3 sq mi
59740Montana53151.8123.1 sq mi
59741Manhattan, MontanaMontana4,94341.8157.5 sq mi
59743Melrose, MontanaMontana13255.781.94 sq mi
59745Norris, MontanaMontana14346.3175.5 sq mi
59746Polaris, MontanaMontana9255.7162.2 sq mi
59747Pony, MontanaMontana14858.557.96 sq mi
59748Montana24043.620.3 sq mi
59749Sheridan, MontanaMontana1,57151.3198.2 sq mi
59750Butte-Silver Bow (Balance)Montana31046.967.23 sq mi
59751Montana22751.9231.9 sq mi
59752Wheatland, MontanaMontana3,88740.8391.5 sq mi
59754Twin Bridges, MontanaMontana1,00645.9296.1 sq mi
59755Virginia City, MontanaMontana21753.783.92 sq mi
59756Warm Springs, MontanaMontana46340.111.52 sq mi
59758West Yellowstone, MontanaMontana2,01243.6338.8 sq mi
59759Whitehall, MontanaMontana3,81148.9455.5 sq mi
59760Willow Creek, MontanaMontana29545.660.11 sq mi
59761Wisdom, MontanaMontana26446.4862.6 sq mi
59762Wise River, MontanaMontana25654.2613.6 sq mi
59771Bozeman, MontanaMontana
59772Bozeman, MontanaMontana
59801Missoula, MontanaMontana32,33628.96.9 sq mi
59802Missoula, MontanaMontana19,2263446.69 sq mi
59803Missoula, MontanaMontana17,54635.280.06 sq mi
59804Missoula, MontanaMontana8,13344.7127 sq mi
59806Missoula, MontanaMontana
59807Missoula, MontanaMontana
59808Missoula, MontanaMontana19,01235.4132.8 sq mi
59812Missoula, MontanaMontana
59820Alberton, MontanaMontana1,42447.4399.1 sq mi
59821Arlee, MontanaMontana2,46438.6236 sq mi
59823Montana1,58745324.1 sq mi
59824Charlo, MontanaMontana1,85839.495.01 sq mi
59825Clinton, MontanaMontana2,60243.1519.4 sq mi
59826Condon, MontanaMontana55555.8445.4 sq mi
59827Conner, MontanaMontana2945575.84 sq mi
59828Corvallis, MontanaMontana5,81144.1167.1 sq mi
59829Montana2,82047750.4 sq mi
59830De Borgia, MontanaMontana15854.832.72 sq mi
59831Dixon, MontanaMontana47439.8109.7 sq mi
59832Drummond, MontanaMontana78947.8260.4 sq mi
59833Florence, MontanaMontana5,65844.4174.4 sq mi
59834Frenchtown, MontanaMontana2,36540.574.03 sq mi
59837Montana42846.1167.2 sq mi
59840Hamilton, MontanaMontana13,53947.6471 sq mi
59841Pinesdale, MontanaMontana98216.61.287 sq mi
59842Haugan, MontanaMontana8649.4128.4 sq mi
59843Montana25548.2371.6 sq mi
59844Heron, MontanaMontana78645.8122.8 sq mi
59845Camas, MontanaMontana1,25451.1458.2 sq mi
59846Huson, MontanaMontana1,68846.1206.3 sq mi
59847Lolo Hot Springs, MontanaMontana6,00336.5358.7 sq mi
59848Lonepine, MontanaMontana10145.135.75 sq mi
59851Montana13934.40.235 sq mi
59853Noxon, MontanaMontana73251.5266.5 sq mi
59854Ovando, MontanaMontana23556.4372.3 sq mi
59855Pablo, MontanaMontana94027.40.724 sq mi
59856Paradise, MontanaMontana35841.581.19 sq mi
59858Philipsburg, MontanaMontana1,57954819.3 sq mi
59859Plains, MontanaMontana3,42549698.3 sq mi
59860Polson, MontanaMontana10,19047301.4 sq mi
59863Ravalli, MontanaMontana7948.512.34 sq mi
59864Ronan, MontanaMontana7,02533.1192.1 sq mi
59865St. Ignatius, MontanaMontana3,26937.2158.2 sq mi
59866St. Regis, MontanaMontana97449.1228.1 sq mi
59867Saltese, MontanaMontana3158.38 sq mi
59868Seeley Lake, MontanaMontana2,17951.2188.4 sq mi
59870Stevensville, MontanaMontana10,07845.7254.9 sq mi
59871Sula, MontanaMontana22858335.5 sq mi
59872Superior, MontanaMontana2,39050.7479.4 sq mi
59873Thompson Falls, MontanaMontana3,22150.7760.9 sq mi
59874Trout Creek, MontanaMontana1,64251362.3 sq mi
59875Victor, MontanaMontana3,74148.4130.1 sq mi
59901Kalispell, MontanaMontana54,24738.9464.8 sq mi
59910Big Arm, MontanaMontana41056.782.78 sq mi
59911Montana8,20052432.5 sq mi
59912Columbia Falls, MontanaMontana14,83040.5142.6 sq mi
59913Coram, MontanaMontana74946.157.4 sq mi
59914Dayton, MontanaMontana24555.821.06 sq mi
59915Elmo, MontanaMontana39651.637.28 sq mi
59916Essex, MontanaMontana13957.7104.5 sq mi
59917Eureka, MontanaMontana4,26347.5260.5 sq mi
59918Fortine, MontanaMontana60248.890.73 sq mi
59919Montana85242.4953.8 sq mi
59920Kila, MontanaMontana1,81345.2182.3 sq mi
59921Lake McDonald, MontanaMontana
59922Lakeside, MontanaMontana2,63650.772.17 sq mi
59923Montana9,97648.31,376.7 sq mi
59925Marion, MontanaMontana1,58446.5386 sq mi
59926Martin City, MontanaMontana54245.19.76 sq mi
59927Olney, MontanaMontana39747.3239.9 sq mi
59928Polebridge, MontanaMontana9758.6606.4 sq mi
59929Montana24253.363.02 sq mi
59930Rexford, MontanaMontana89549.6101.1 sq mi
59931Rollins, MontanaMontana33959.230.34 sq mi
59932Somers, MontanaMontana1,94148.837.54 sq mi
59933Stryker, MontanaMontana378.24 sq mi
59934Trego, MontanaMontana54051.8190.9 sq mi
59935Troy, MontanaMontana3,62052.5904.9 sq mi
59936West Glacier, MontanaMontana40052.3944.6 sq mi
59937Whitefish, MontanaMontana13,78344310 sq mi

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Montana Demographic Information

Population1.0 million
Population Density7.0 / mi²
Male Population516,372 (50.2%)
Female Population512,582 (49.8%)
Median Age40.1
Male Median Age39
Female Median Age41.3
Businesses in Montana92,377
Population (1975)693,970
Population (2000)906,610
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +48.3%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +13.5%


Montana /mɒnˈtænə/ is a state in the Western region of the United States. The state's name is derived from the Spanish word montaña (mountain). Montana has several nicknames, although none official, including "Big Sky Country" and "The Treasure State..  ︎  Montana Wikipedia Page