286 Zip Codes in New Hampshire

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TimezoneEastern Time
Area9,349.2 sq mi
Population1.3 million (More Details)
Male Population663,639 (49.3%)
Female Population681,182 (50.7%)
Median Age41.5
Zip Codes03031, 03032, 03033 (283 more)
Area Codes207, 603, 802 (1 more)

Postal Code Ranges

Zip CodesCityNumber of postal codes
03052 - 03054Litchfield2
03060 - 03064Nashua5
03101 - 03111Manchester9
03301 - 03305Concord5
03756 - 03766Lebanon3
03801 - 03804Portsmouth4
03820 - 03823Madbury3
03866 - 03868Rochester4

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286 Zip Codes in New Hampshire

Zip CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationMedian AgeArea
03031New Hampshire11,42844.234.91 sq mi
03032Auburn, New HampshireNew Hampshire5,08443.428.79 sq mi
03033New Hampshire5,09739.120.12 sq mi
03034New Hampshire4,0684433.32 sq mi
03036New Hampshire4,92640.926.14 sq mi
03037New Hampshire4,33043.149.33 sq mi
03038New Hampshire33,72038.236.7 sq mi
03040East Candia, New HampshireNew Hampshire
03041East Derry, New HampshireNew Hampshire
03042New Hampshire6,62839.626.15 sq mi
03043Francestown, New HampshireNew Hampshire1,51747.131.72 sq mi
03044Fremont, New HampshireNew Hampshire4,35640.617.2 sq mi
03045New Hampshire13,74241.336.5 sq mi
03046New Hampshire2,86842.431.34 sq mi
03047New Hampshire1,77742.426.91 sq mi
03048Greenville, New HampshireNew Hampshire3,40143.229.58 sq mi
03049Hollis, New HampshireNew Hampshire7,96945.932.2 sq mi
03051New Hampshire24,82039.829.3 sq mi
03052Litchfield, New HampshireNew Hampshire8,56340.315.29 sq mi
03053New Hampshire24,81639.941.21 sq mi
03054Litchfield, New HampshireNew Hampshire26,09840.433.47 sq mi
03055New Hampshire15,2613925.09 sq mi
03057New Hampshire2,50242.816.94 sq mi
03060Nashua, New HampshireNew Hampshire29,27035.46.85 sq mi
03061Nashua, New HampshireNew Hampshire
03062Nashua, New HampshireNew Hampshire27,57841.612.22 sq mi
03063Nashua, New HampshireNew Hampshire15,83738.48.24 sq mi
03064Nashua, New HampshireNew Hampshire14,80838.84.453 sq mi
03070New Boston, New HampshireNew Hampshire5,33939.943.37 sq mi
03071New Ipswich, New HampshireNew Hampshire5,26336.633.02 sq mi
03073North Salem, New HampshireNew Hampshire
03076Pelham, New HampshireNew Hampshire13,06740.726.86 sq mi
03077East Candia, New HampshireNew Hampshire10,3074030.25 sq mi
03079Salem, New HampshireNew Hampshire29,28543.225.89 sq mi
03082Lyndeborough, New HampshireNew Hampshire1,66344.528.7 sq mi
03084Temple, New HampshireNew Hampshire1,39344.322.34 sq mi
03086New Hampshire3,76941.827.06 sq mi
03087Windham, New HampshireNew Hampshire13,97542.127.77 sq mi
03101Manchester, New HampshireNew Hampshire4,01737.10.899 sq mi
03102Manchester, New HampshireNew Hampshire31,09635.39.39 sq mi
03103Manchester, New HampshireNew Hampshire35,56834.610.11 sq mi
03104Manchester, New HampshireNew Hampshire32,92436.98.42 sq mi
03105Manchester, New HampshireNew Hampshire
03106Hooksett, New HampshireNew Hampshire14,31139.837.23 sq mi
03107Manchester, New HampshireNew Hampshire
03108Manchester, New HampshireNew Hampshire
03109Manchester, New HampshireNew Hampshire10,66039.78.25 sq mi
03110New Hampshire21,67341.833.07 sq mi
03111Manchester, New HampshireNew Hampshire
03215Waterville Valley, New HampshireNew Hampshire25355.248.03 sq mi
03216East Andover, New HampshireNew Hampshire2,22341.138.89 sq mi
03217Holderness, New HampshireNew Hampshire2,13443.111.48 sq mi
03218New Hampshire92041.814.65 sq mi
03220New Hampshire7,50542.332.48 sq mi
03221New Hampshire2,1194646.8 sq mi
03222Bristol, New HampshireNew Hampshire5,49546.678.22 sq mi
03223New Hampshire3,5624474.1 sq mi
03224Canterbury, New HampshireNew Hampshire2,30746.641.15 sq mi
03225Center Barnstead, New HampshireNew Hampshire3,86139.830.76 sq mi
03226Center Harbor, New HampshireNew Hampshire1,11950.416.61 sq mi
03227Center Sandwich, New HampshireNew Hampshire95452.768.06 sq mi
03229Contoocook, New HampshireNew Hampshire5,76345.745.19 sq mi
03230Danbury, New HampshireNew Hampshire1,28244.541.34 sq mi
03231East Andover, New HampshireNew Hampshire20348.92.39 sq mi
03233Elkins, New HampshireNew Hampshire10850.40.573 sq mi
03234Epsom, New HampshireNew Hampshire4,7274334.57 sq mi
03235Franklin, New HampshireNew Hampshire8,8494031.54 sq mi
03237Gilmanton, New HampshireNew Hampshire2,28544.938.05 sq mi
03238Glencliff, New HampshireNew Hampshire6648.92.794 sq mi
03240Grafton, New HampshireNew Hampshire1,37445.442.37 sq mi
03241East Hebron, New HampshireNew Hampshire89453.443.83 sq mi
03242New Hampshire4,87235.244.63 sq mi
03243New Hampshire1,13043.426.61 sq mi
03244New Hampshire8,21140.283.85 sq mi
03245Holderness, New HampshireNew Hampshire2,12047.835.73 sq mi
03246Laconia, New HampshireNew Hampshire16,42643.826.12 sq mi
03247Laconia, New HampshireNew Hampshire
03249Gilford, New HampshireNew Hampshire7,23649.353.48 sq mi
03251New Hampshire1,72248.3151.3 sq mi
03252Lochmere, New HampshireNew Hampshire
03253New Hampshire6,36450.153.53 sq mi
03254Moultonborough, New HampshireNew Hampshire4,22251.874.67 sq mi
03255New Hampshire2,1565039.08 sq mi
03256New Hampshire2,25843.739.34 sq mi
03257New London, New HampshireNew Hampshire4,54150.225.96 sq mi
03258Chichester, New HampshireNew Hampshire2,59743.721.2 sq mi
03259North Sandwich, New HampshireNew Hampshire37453.723.77 sq mi
03260North Sutton, New HampshireNew Hampshire90445.324.83 sq mi
03261Northwood NarrowsNew Hampshire4,37142.530.36 sq mi
03262North Woodstock, New HampshireNew Hampshire1,26743.157.45 sq mi
03263Barnstead, New HampshireNew Hampshire4,19039.124.49 sq mi
03264Plymouth, New HampshireNew Hampshire7,63923.237.56 sq mi
03266Rumney, New HampshireNew Hampshire2,24546.9103.9 sq mi
03268Salisbury, New HampshireNew Hampshire1,27240.930.35 sq mi
03269Sanbornton, New HampshireNew Hampshire3,07747.849.59 sq mi
03272Newbury, New HampshireNew Hampshire
03273South Sutton, New HampshireNew Hampshire32651.16.2 sq mi
03275Suncook, New HampshireNew Hampshire11,71140.143.32 sq mi
03276Concord, New HampshireNew Hampshire8,4834240.68 sq mi
03278New Hampshire3,01744.662.36 sq mi
03279New Hampshire88044.746.22 sq mi
03280Washington, New HampshireNew Hampshire1,13946.947.6 sq mi
03281Weare, New HampshireNew Hampshire8,8893960.14 sq mi
03282Wentworth, New HampshireNew Hampshire93346.842.13 sq mi
03284New Hampshire1,03842.639.72 sq mi
03285New Hampshire2,56645.750.69 sq mi
03287New Hampshire1,2994626.37 sq mi
03289Winnisquam, New HampshireNew Hampshire
03290Nottingham, New HampshireNew Hampshire4,83740.747.64 sq mi
03291New Hampshire610.178 sq mi
03293New Hampshire17051.81.713 sq mi
03298Tilton Northfield, New HampshireNew Hampshire
03299Tilton Northfield, New HampshireNew Hampshire
03301Concord, New HampshireNew Hampshire33,86740.152.18 sq mi
03302Concord, New HampshireNew Hampshire
03303Concord, New HampshireNew Hampshire15,93639.469.3 sq mi
03304New Hampshire7,75544.528.53 sq mi
03305Concord, New HampshireNew Hampshire
03307New Hampshire5,5654249.98 sq mi
03431Keene, New HampshireNew Hampshire25,64835.660.18 sq mi
03435Keene, New HampshireNew Hampshire
03440New Hampshire2,72243.236.98 sq mi
03441Ashuelot, New HampshireNew Hampshire38138.53.938 sq mi
03442New Hampshire1,63137.811.63 sq mi
03443Spofford, New HampshireNew Hampshire69345.311.23 sq mi
03444Dublin, New HampshireNew Hampshire1,60046.329.01 sq mi
03445Sullivan, New HampshireNew Hampshire6894420.2 sq mi
03446New Hampshire6,29442.342.96 sq mi
03447Fitzwilliam, New HampshireNew Hampshire2,39045.136.3 sq mi
03448New Hampshire8324419.5 sq mi
03449New Hampshire1,65450.931.25 sq mi
03450New Hampshire97952.520.14 sq mi
03451New Hampshire4,2704323.5 sq mi
03452New Hampshire5,53041.840.23 sq mi
03455New Hampshire2,0924423.93 sq mi
03456New Hampshire74748.226.37 sq mi
03457New Hampshire86745.824.64 sq mi
03458Peterborough, New HampshireNew Hampshire6,77146.654.11 sq mi
03461Rindge, New HampshireNew Hampshire6,1482839.87 sq mi
03462Spofford, New HampshireNew Hampshire1,64349.420.77 sq mi
03464Stoddard, New HampshireNew Hampshire1,14646.751.85 sq mi
03465Troy, New HampshireNew Hampshire2,1973817.86 sq mi
03466New Hampshire1,4054615.93 sq mi
03467Westmoreland, New HampshireNew Hampshire1,87747.136.49 sq mi
03468Peterborough, New HampshireNew Hampshire
03469Swanzey, New HampshireNew Hampshire
03470New Hampshire5,12341.788.1 sq mi
03561New Hampshire6,08844.154.64 sq mi
03570Berlin, New HampshireNew Hampshire9,89044.8106.4 sq mi
03574DeerfieldNew Hampshire2,66445.490.8 sq mi
03575Bretton Woods, New HampshireNew Hampshire13037.627.88 sq mi
03576New Hampshire3,21846.8143.6 sq mi
03580New Hampshire1,41853.795.4 sq mi
03581Gorham, New HampshireNew Hampshire3,16347.8151.8 sq mi
03582Groveton, New HampshireNew Hampshire2,55645.486.97 sq mi
03583Jefferson, New HampshireNew Hampshire1,0954950.57 sq mi
03584New Hampshire3,74044.460.62 sq mi
03585New Hampshire2,60645.981.76 sq mi
03586New Hampshire55652.216.87 sq mi
03588Milan, New HampshireNew Hampshire1,62847.6144.9 sq mi
03589New Hampshire
03590North Stratford, New HampshireNew Hampshire1,08147.3106 sq mi
03592New Hampshire1,14254.7341.3 sq mi
03593Randolph, New HampshireNew Hampshire31555.793.44 sq mi
03595Twin Mountain, New HampshireNew Hampshire63248.136.79 sq mi
03597New Hampshire52744.454.22 sq mi
03598Whitefield, New HampshireNew Hampshire3,25445.762.99 sq mi
03601Acworth, New HampshireNew Hampshire48646.519.36 sq mi
03602Alstead, New HampshireNew Hampshire2,71044.858.76 sq mi
03603New Hampshire5,57444.444.75 sq mi
03604Drewsville, New HampshireNew Hampshire560.498 sq mi
03605New Hampshire1,18646.232.8 sq mi
03607Acworth, New HampshireNew Hampshire33252.915.47 sq mi
03608New Hampshire2,92046.634.97 sq mi
03609North Walpole, New HampshireNew Hampshire87440.81.207 sq mi
03740Bath, New HampshireNew Hampshire94546.234.89 sq mi
03741Orange, New HampshireNew Hampshire4,35642.878.69 sq mi
03743Claremont, New HampshireNew Hampshire14,54141.362.25 sq mi
03745Cornish CityNew Hampshire1,60947.735.63 sq mi
03746Cornish Flat, New HampshireNew Hampshire19446.87.06 sq mi
03748New Hampshire4,90544.345.59 sq mi
03749Enfield Center, New HampshireNew Hampshire
03750Etna, New HampshireNew Hampshire89246.712.67 sq mi
03751Georges Mills, New HampshireNew Hampshire56544.43.263 sq mi
03752Goshen, New HampshireNew Hampshire84647.122.53 sq mi
03753Grantham, New HampshireNew Hampshire3,03047.227.93 sq mi
03754Guild, New HampshireNew Hampshire78331,070,998 sq ft
03755Etna, New HampshireNew Hampshire10,87724.137.3 sq mi
03756Lebanon, New HampshireNew Hampshire
03765New Hampshire51349.34.722 sq mi
03766Lebanon, New HampshireNew Hampshire9,2594032.26 sq mi
03768New Hampshire1,76147.754.85 sq mi
03769Lyme Center, New HampshireNew Hampshire
03770Meriden, New HampshireNew Hampshire62640.94.948 sq mi
03771Monroe, New HampshireNew Hampshire80648.823.55 sq mi
03773Newport, New HampshireNew Hampshire8,1214393.6 sq mi
03774North Haverhill, New HampshireNew Hampshire2,18245.526.73 sq mi
03777Orford, New HampshireNew Hampshire1,29044.646.53 sq mi
03779Piermont, New HampshireNew Hampshire8264641.18 sq mi
03780Pike, New HampshireNew Hampshire41944.816.36 sq mi
03781Meriden, New HampshireNew Hampshire1,79746.448.04 sq mi
03782New Hampshire3,07748.324.97 sq mi
03784West Lebanon, New HampshireNew Hampshire4,37138.89.14 sq mi
03785Woodsville, New HampshireNew Hampshire2,33144.860.44 sq mi
03801Portsmouth, New HampshireNew Hampshire21,92341.329.18 sq mi
03802Portsmouth, New HampshireNew Hampshire
03803Portsmouth, New HampshireNew Hampshire
03804Portsmouth, New HampshireNew Hampshire
03805Newington, New HampshireNew Hampshire
03809New Durham, New HampshireNew Hampshire3,82144.441.77 sq mi
03810Alton, New HampshireNew Hampshire1,56953.541.71 sq mi
03811New Hampshire6,91346.411.29 sq mi
03812New Hampshire88849.660.75 sq mi
03813Center Conway, New HampshireNew Hampshire3,37645.598.03 sq mi
03814Center Ossipee, New HampshireNew Hampshire2,41246.235.91 sq mi
03815Center Strafford, New HampshireNew Hampshire
03816Tuftonboro, New HampshireNew Hampshire1,41048.734.37 sq mi
03817Chocorua, New HampshireNew Hampshire61648.610.25 sq mi
03818Conway, New HampshireNew Hampshire3,88043.286.4 sq mi
03819New Hampshire4,47841.411.83 sq mi
03820Madbury, New HampshireNew Hampshire30,97137.130.25 sq mi
03821Madbury, New HampshireNew Hampshire
03822New Hampshire
03823Madbury, New HampshireNew Hampshire1,69240.210.93 sq mi
03824New Hampshire15,1752224.78 sq mi
03825Barrington, New HampshireNew Hampshire8,74140.948.15 sq mi
03826East Hampstead, New HampshireNew Hampshire2,28645.62.773 sq mi
03827New Hampshire3,29845.317.96 sq mi
03830East Wakefield, New HampshireNew Hampshire1,7045114.9 sq mi
03832Eaton, New HampshireNew Hampshire43055.626.3 sq mi
03833New Hampshire21,45043.749.17 sq mi
03835New Hampshire7,07739.237.24 sq mi
03836Freedom, New HampshireNew Hampshire1,54153.938.15 sq mi
03837Gilmanton Ironworks, New HampshireNew Hampshire1,58240.920.74 sq mi
03838Glen, New HampshireNew Hampshire1,06049.823.23 sq mi
03839Rochester, New HampshireNew Hampshire3,99638.38.5 sq mi
03840Greenland, New HampshireNew Hampshire3,59744.913.34 sq mi
03841New Hampshire6,59345.411.63 sq mi
03842Hampton, New HampshireNew Hampshire15,29246.913.72 sq mi
03843Hampton, New HampshireNew Hampshire
03844New Hampshire2,31344.812.75 sq mi
03845Intervale, New HampshireNew Hampshire1,03647.713.46 sq mi
03846Jackson, New HampshireNew Hampshire83254.164.84 sq mi
03847Kearsarge, New HampshireNew Hampshire33447.80.865 sq mi
03848New Hampshire6,26943.621 sq mi
03849New Hampshire1,63045.625.58 sq mi
03850Melvin Village, New HampshireNew Hampshire39756.73.8 sq mi
03851New Hampshire4,11341.326.97 sq mi
03852Milton Mills, New HampshireNew Hampshire56842.87.31 sq mi
03853Mirror Lake, New HampshireNew Hampshire62557.510.59 sq mi
03854New Castle, New HampshireNew Hampshire1,00356.41.897 sq mi
03855New Durham, New HampshireNew Hampshire2,70044.943.99 sq mi
03856Stratham, New HampshireNew Hampshire1,71442.17.24 sq mi
03857Newmarket, New HampshireNew Hampshire9,15335.914.25 sq mi
03858New Hampshire4,70740.210.01 sq mi
03859Newton Junction, New HampshireNew Hampshire
03860North Conway, New HampshireNew Hampshire4,18445.820.42 sq mi
03861Lee, New HampshireNew Hampshire4,50641.320.18 sq mi
03862North Hampton, New HampshireNew Hampshire4,38847.613.9 sq mi
03864New Hampshire1,77147.634.72 sq mi
03865New Hampshire7,88641.610.65 sq mi
03866Rochester, New HampshireNew Hampshire
03867Rochester, New HampshireNew Hampshire21,28541.229.81 sq mi
03868Rochester, New HampshireNew Hampshire5,54840.97.56 sq mi
03869New Hampshire2,73540.67.35 sq mi
03870New Hampshire5,14948.712.93 sq mi
03871Rye Beach, New HampshireNew Hampshire18154.80.421 sq mi
03872Sanbornville, New HampshireNew Hampshire3,94245.950.75 sq mi
03873Sandown, New HampshireNew Hampshire5,81140.513.8 sq mi
03874Hampton Falls, New HampshireNew Hampshire8,88745.29.69 sq mi
03875Silver Lake, New HampshireNew Hampshire84753.315.68 sq mi
03878Somersworth, New HampshireNew Hampshire12,16137.910.19 sq mi
03882Effingham, New HampshireNew Hampshire1,5254639.83 sq mi
03883New Hampshire15048.412.81 sq mi
03884New Hampshire4,02944.350.44 sq mi
03885Stratham, New HampshireNew Hampshire7,51543.415.5 sq mi
03886Tamworth, New HampshireNew Hampshire2,21546.838.66 sq mi
03887Union, New HampshireNew Hampshire2,21339.720.83 sq mi
03890New Hampshire31551.84.618 sq mi
03894New Hampshire6,50653.559.53 sq mi
03896WolfeboroNew Hampshire
03897Wonalancet, New HampshireNew Hampshire
03904New Castle, New HampshireNew Hampshire7,92241.312.67 sq mi
05050Monroe, New HampshireNew Hampshire14849.50.455 sq mi
05904Dalton, New HampshireNew Hampshire21348.20.588 sq mi
30595Twin Mountain, New HampshireNew Hampshire

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New Hampshire Demographic Information

Population1.3 million
Population Density143.8 / mi²
Male Population663,639 (49.3%)
Female Population681,182 (50.7%)
Median Age41.5
Male Median Age40.6
Female Median Age42.3
Businesses in New Hampshire111,043
Population (1975)984,853
Population (2000)1,242,404
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +36.6%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +8.2%

New Hampshire

New Hampshire (US /nuːˈhæmpʃər/) is a state in the New England region of the northeastern United States. It is bordered by Massachusetts to the south, Vermont to the west, Maine and the Atlantic Ocean to the east, and the Canadian province of Quebec ..  ︎  New Hampshire Wikipedia Page