430 Zip Codes in New Mexico

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TimezoneMountain Time
Area121,591.1 sq mi
Population2.2 million (More Details)
Male Population1,076,403 (49.4%)
Female Population1,102,213 (50.6%)
Median Age36.7
Zip Codes79821, 79837, 87000 (427 more)
Area Codes505, 915

Postal Code Ranges

Zip CodesCityNumber of postal codes
87101 - 87199Albuquerque42
87301 - 87305Gallup3
87501 - 87509Santa Fe11
88001 - 88013Las Cruces9
88241 - 88244Hobbs3

Interactive Map

430 Zip Codes in New Mexico

Zip CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationMedian AgeArea
79821Anthony, TexasTexas7,91833.411.55 sq mi
79837New Mexico58448.31,657 sq mi
87000New Mexico
87001Algodones, New MexicoNew Mexico4,39929.3120.9 sq mi
87002Belen, New MexicoNew Mexico24,13740.7345.2 sq mi
87004Bernalillo, New MexicoNew Mexico12,43237.557.43 sq mi
87005Bluewater Village, New MexicoNew Mexico81441.829.9 sq mi
87006New Mexico71248.558 sq mi
87007New Mexico1,0623723.89 sq mi
87008Cedar Crest, New MexicoNew Mexico2,74851.228.31 sq mi
87009New Mexico
87010CerrillosNew Mexico1,18852.7163.5 sq mi
87011New Mexico8556.2457.1 sq mi
87012CoyoteNew Mexico24347.194.89 sq mi
87013New Mexico5,822321,859.3 sq mi
87014Cubero, New MexicoNew Mexico67845.1221.8 sq mi
87015Edgewood, New MexicoNew Mexico13,65944.2150.4 sq mi
87016Estancia, New MexicoNew Mexico3,62239762.7 sq mi
87017Gallina, New MexicoNew Mexico42441.5168.1 sq mi
87018New Mexico63230.6121.2 sq mi
87020New Mexico11,631371,031.5 sq mi
87021Milan, New MexicoNew Mexico3,44035.17.73 sq mi
87022IsletaNew Mexico98242.42.146 sq mi
87023Jarales, New MexicoNew Mexico65437.33.154 sq mi
87024Jemez Pueblo, New MexicoNew Mexico2,64734.486.76 sq mi
87025Jemez Springs, New MexicoNew Mexico1,47952.4346.4 sq mi
87026Laguna, New MexicoNew Mexico4,26131.5506 sq mi
87027La Jara, New MexicoNew Mexico37351.335.73 sq mi
87028La Joya, New MexicoNew Mexico14953.769.4 sq mi
87029New Mexico23352.7321.8 sq mi
87031Los Lunas, New MexicoNew Mexico46,71635.2508.3 sq mi
87032McIntosh, New MexicoNew Mexico2934515.91 sq mi
87034Acoma PuebloNew Mexico2,24332.3866.5 sq mi
87035Moriarty, New MexicoNew Mexico7,15739.2219.4 sq mi
87036Mountainair, New MexicoNew Mexico1,83749.6991.1 sq mi
87037Nageezi, New MexicoNew Mexico73130.3278.1 sq mi
87038New Laguna, New MexicoNew Mexico65433.225.74 sq mi
87040Paguate, New MexicoNew Mexico49542.817.9 sq mi
87041Pena Blanca, New MexicoNew Mexico1,06335140.3 sq mi
87042Peralta, New MexicoNew Mexico3,83142.94.52 sq mi
87043Placitas, New MexicoNew Mexico6,03955.785.56 sq mi
87044Ponderosa, New MexicoNew Mexico44546.514.09 sq mi
87045New Mexico1,67428.7159.6 sq mi
87046Regina, New MexicoNew Mexico20851.960.93 sq mi
87047Sandia Park, New MexicoNew Mexico5,26450.8132.8 sq mi
87048Corrales, New MexicoNew Mexico10,65651.211.19 sq mi
87049San Fidel, New MexicoNew Mexico1,01136.263.51 sq mi
87051San Rafael, New MexicoNew Mexico99841.363.06 sq mi
87052Kewa Pueblo, New MexicoNew Mexico3,74627.639.16 sq mi
87053New Mexico1,18533.6288 sq mi
87056Stanley, New MexicoNew Mexico1,02847.4488.3 sq mi
87059Tijeras, New MexicoNew Mexico10,35147.3142.2 sq mi
87060Tome, New MexicoNew Mexico
87061Torreon, Torrance County, New MexicoNew Mexico34651.6131.6 sq mi
87062Veguita, New MexicoNew Mexico1,84235.4129.3 sq mi
87063Willard, New MexicoNew Mexico31241.9326.1 sq mi
87064Youngsville, New MexicoNew Mexico17345.2156 sq mi
87068New Mexico5,22442.592.74 sq mi
87070New Mexico4026.55 sq mi
87072Cochiti, New MexicoNew Mexico79133.122.14 sq mi
87083Cochiti Lake, New MexicoNew Mexico65853.51.329 sq mi
87101Albuquerque, New MexicoNew Mexico
87102Albuquerque, New MexicoNew Mexico22,17433.86.57 sq mi
87103Albuquerque, New MexicoNew Mexico
87104Albuquerque, New MexicoNew Mexico13,60141.54.611 sq mi
87105Albuquerque, New MexicoNew Mexico61,12935.296.21 sq mi
87106Albuquerque, New MexicoNew Mexico29,08028.510.56 sq mi
87107Albuquerque, New MexicoNew Mexico33,82339.214.97 sq mi
87108Albuquerque, New MexicoNew Mexico41,90033.45.88 sq mi
87109Albuquerque, New MexicoNew Mexico42,30539.710.21 sq mi
87110Albuquerque, New MexicoNew Mexico41,64441.38.64 sq mi
87111Albuquerque, New MexicoNew Mexico63,78245.121.78 sq mi
87112Albuquerque, New MexicoNew Mexico44,94840.18.14 sq mi
87113Albuquerque, New MexicoNew Mexico15,43136.99.04 sq mi
87114Albuquerque, New MexicoNew Mexico65,97833.421.87 sq mi
87115Albuquerque, New MexicoNew Mexico
87116Albuquerque, New MexicoNew Mexico4,75526.73.317 sq mi
87117New Mexico8872319.57 sq mi
87119Albuquerque, New MexicoNew Mexico
87120Albuquerque, New MexicoNew Mexico62,20434.638.99 sq mi
87121Albuquerque, New MexicoNew Mexico84,28728256.6 sq mi
87122Albuquerque, New MexicoNew Mexico19,26846.726.72 sq mi
87123Albuquerque, New MexicoNew Mexico45,22337.534.76 sq mi
87124Rio Rancho, New MexicoNew Mexico61,94937.170.5 sq mi
87125Albuquerque, New MexicoNew Mexico
87131Albuquerque, New MexicoNew Mexico
87144Rio Rancho, New MexicoNew Mexico44,51933.889.22 sq mi
87151Albuquerque, New MexicoNew Mexico
87153Albuquerque, New MexicoNew Mexico
87154Albuquerque, New MexicoNew Mexico
87158Albuquerque, New MexicoNew Mexico
87174Rio Rancho, New MexicoNew Mexico
87176Albuquerque, New MexicoNew Mexico
87181Albuquerque, New MexicoNew Mexico
87184Albuquerque, New MexicoNew Mexico
87185Albuquerque, New MexicoNew Mexico
87187Albuquerque, New MexicoNew Mexico
87190Albuquerque, New MexicoNew Mexico
87191Albuquerque, New MexicoNew Mexico
87192Albuquerque, New MexicoNew Mexico
87193Albuquerque, New MexicoNew Mexico
87194Albuquerque, New MexicoNew Mexico
87195Albuquerque, New MexicoNew Mexico
87196Albuquerque, New MexicoNew Mexico
87197Albuquerque, New MexicoNew Mexico
87198Albuquerque, New MexicoNew Mexico
87199Albuquerque, New MexicoNew Mexico
87301Gallup, New MexicoNew Mexico22,65231.982.53 sq mi
87302Gallup, New MexicoNew Mexico
87305Gallup, New MexicoNew Mexico3,43931.9228.6 sq mi
87310Brimhall Nizhoni, New MexicoNew Mexico91734183 sq mi
87311Church Rock, New MexicoNew Mexico4,09627.8193.6 sq mi
87312New Mexico55034.149.97 sq mi
87313Crownpoint, New MexicoNew Mexico5,52630.4955.5 sq mi
87315Fence Lake, New MexicoNew Mexico16255.7593.5 sq mi
87316Fort WingateNew Mexico1,24330.9124 sq mi
87317Gamerco, New MexicoNew Mexico1,8263123.36 sq mi
87319New Mexico1,78632.8169.1 sq mi
87320New Mexico73730.182.37 sq mi
87321Ramah, New MexicoNew Mexico2,24340611.2 sq mi
87322New Mexico29737.41.842 sq mi
87323Thoreau, New MexicoNew Mexico4,44629.9290.7 sq mi
87325Tohatchi, New MexicoNew Mexico3,07933.8565.2 sq mi
87326New Mexico1,62933.5171.4 sq mi
87327ZuniNew Mexico7,62130.5577.1 sq mi
87328New Mexico2,63325190 sq mi
87347New Mexico29949.934.91 sq mi
87357Pinehill, New MexicoNew Mexico6062967.71 sq mi
87364Sheep Springs, New MexicoNew Mexico1,15935.5154.3 sq mi
87365New Mexico
87375Twin Lakes, New MexicoNew Mexico3,20729.595.7 sq mi
87401Farmington, New MexicoNew Mexico49,20531.9131.2 sq mi
87402Farmington, New MexicoNew Mexico11,38636.211.62 sq mi
87410Aztec, New MexicoNew Mexico18,61536.4270.1 sq mi
87412New Mexico1,01543.2504.2 sq mi
87413New Mexico17,74233.3644.6 sq mi
87415Flora Vista, New MexicoNew Mexico1,92241.111.33 sq mi
87416Fruitland, New MexicoNew Mexico5,77130.398.55 sq mi
87417Kirtland, New MexicoNew Mexico7,22629.912.05 sq mi
87418La Plata, New MexicoNew Mexico1,1163861.11 sq mi
87419Navajo Dam, New MexicoNew Mexico50751307.4 sq mi
87420Shiprock, New MexicoNew Mexico12,71030.4539.1 sq mi
87421Waterflow, New MexicoNew Mexico1,88831.842.43 sq mi
87455Newcomb, New MexicoNew Mexico1,84935.9347.2 sq mi
87461Sanostee, New MexicoNew Mexico1,40233.9304.4 sq mi
87499New Mexico45334.6248.3 sq mi
87501Santa Fe, New MexicoNew Mexico16,10952.979.89 sq mi
87502Santa Fe, New MexicoNew Mexico
87503Santa Fe, New MexicoNew Mexico
87504Santa Fe, New MexicoNew Mexico
87505Santa Fe, New MexicoNew Mexico32,08047.769.28 sq mi
87506Santa Fe, New MexicoNew Mexico13,19747.9197.9 sq mi
87507Santa Fe, New MexicoNew Mexico47,9923483.42 sq mi
87508Santa Fe, New MexicoNew Mexico19,05447.7147.7 sq mi
87509Santa Fe, New MexicoNew Mexico
87510Abiquiú, New MexicoNew Mexico1,11345.1429.4 sq mi
87511Alcalde, New MexicoNew Mexico2,69836.655.39 sq mi
87512New Mexico21652.7207.3 sq mi
87513New Mexico9834533.25 sq mi
87514Arroyo Seco, New MexicoNew Mexico1,27848.417.56 sq mi
87515Canjilon, New MexicoNew Mexico30645.1133.1 sq mi
87516Cañones, New MexicoNew Mexico12852.753.8 sq mi
87517Carson, New MexicoNew Mexico36856.178.61 sq mi
87518New Mexico8844.589.78 sq mi
87519New Mexico4984622.86 sq mi
87520Chama, New MexicoNew Mexico1,38550.2260.1 sq mi
87521Chamisal, New MexicoNew Mexico1,02046.198.59 sq mi
87522Chimayo, New MexicoNew Mexico3,39342.2154.4 sq mi
87523Cordova, New MexicoNew Mexico36945.67.18 sq mi
87524CostillaNew Mexico26146119.4 sq mi
87525Taos Ski Valley, New MexicoNew Mexico7550.621.27 sq mi
87527Dixon, New MexicoNew Mexico8514836.14 sq mi
87528New Mexico3,34327.7769.2 sq mi
87529El Prado, New MexicoNew Mexico3,82745.925.38 sq mi
87530El RitoNew Mexico97645.6141.2 sq mi
87531Embudo, New MexicoNew Mexico37956.535.94 sq mi
87532Española, New MexicoNew Mexico17,98937.4114.3 sq mi
87533Española, New MexicoNew Mexico6234.4467,413 sq ft
87535Glorieta, New MexicoNew Mexico1,31145.264.22 sq mi
87537Hernandez, New MexicoNew Mexico2,82334.659.64 sq mi
87538New Mexico48947.377.86 sq mi
87539New Mexico26649.577.77 sq mi
87540Lamy, New MexicoNew Mexico94854.584.89 sq mi
87543New Mexico28349.520.08 sq mi
87544Los Alamos, New MexicoNew Mexico17,50844.155.84 sq mi
87545Los Alamos, New MexicoNew Mexico
87547White Rock, New MexicoNew Mexico
87548New Mexico94439.733.71 sq mi
87549Ojo Caliente, New MexicoNew Mexico1,06337.294.48 sq mi
87551Los OjosNew Mexico28656.740.44 sq mi
87552Pecos, New MexicoNew Mexico3,23042.1148.1 sq mi
87553Peñasco, New MexicoNew Mexico1,25442.420.45 sq mi
87554New Mexico7247.846.5 sq mi
87556Questa, New MexicoNew Mexico2,49045.9205.7 sq mi
87557Ranchos de Taos, New MexicoNew Mexico6,69641.8101.1 sq mi
87558Red River, New MexicoNew Mexico62542.6126.8 sq mi
87560Ribera, New MexicoNew Mexico1,46144.2471.8 sq mi
87562Rowe, New MexicoNew Mexico56642.658 sq mi
87564San CristobalNew Mexico3314724.79 sq mi
87565San JoseNew Mexico4334648.32 sq mi
87566Ohkay Owingeh, New MexicoNew Mexico2,94836.721.07 sq mi
87567Santa Cruz, New MexicoNew Mexico2,041333.247 sq mi
87569New Mexico43942.479 sq mi
87571Taos Pueblo, New MexicoNew Mexico12,07644.6151.9 sq mi
87573New Mexico43128 sq mi
87574TesuqueNew Mexico16450.22.987 sq mi
87575Tierra Amarilla, New MexicoNew Mexico78943.2592.1 sq mi
87576TrampasNew Mexico
87577New Mexico47049.6388 sq mi
87578Truchas, New MexicoNew Mexico5974743.82 sq mi
87579Vadito, New MexicoNew Mexico90549.1123.9 sq mi
87580New Mexico52146.223.56 sq mi
87581New Mexico13452.7131 sq mi
87582Velarde, New MexicoNew Mexico1,2744118.94 sq mi
87583Villanueva, New MexicoNew Mexico21245.629.03 sq mi
87592Santa Fe, New MexicoNew Mexico
87594Santa Fe, New MexicoNew Mexico
87654New Mexico
87701New Mexico19,45138.81,618.2 sq mi
87710Angel Fire, New MexicoNew Mexico1,72052.6155.8 sq mi
87711Anton ChicoNew Mexico73941.4245.7 sq mi
87712Golondrinas, New MexicoNew Mexico26746.567.8 sq mi
87713New Mexico2704670.45 sq mi
87714Cimarron, New MexicoNew Mexico1,12746.7415 sq mi
87715New Mexico48746.842.26 sq mi
87718Eagle Nest, New MexicoNew Mexico45151.495.71 sq mi
87722New Mexico36649.687.41 sq mi
87723New Mexico41436.919.87 sq mi
87724New Mexico92355.67 sq mi
87728Maxwell, New MexicoNew Mexico40542.9137.8 sq mi
87729Miami, New MexicoNew Mexico1235796.82 sq mi
87730Mills, New MexicoNew Mexico25225 sq mi
87731Montezuma, New MexicoNew Mexico41620.387.25 sq mi
87732Mora, New MexicoNew Mexico1,61845.1153.6 sq mi
87733Mosquero, New MexicoNew Mexico13656.6409.8 sq mi
87734New Mexico17355.4147.7 sq mi
87735New Mexico875034.57 sq mi
87736New Mexico22242.225.85 sq mi
87740Raton, New MexicoNew Mexico7,86144.21,207.4 sq mi
87742New Mexico59651.5132.8 sq mi
87743Roy, New MexicoNew Mexico33056.2556.1 sq mi
87745New Mexico62447.1134.2 sq mi
87746New Mexico13354.6460.4 sq mi
87747Springer, New MexicoNew Mexico1,58545729.6 sq mi
87749Ute Park, New MexicoNew Mexico7356.750.13 sq mi
87750New Mexico910.19 sq mi
87752Wagon Mound, New MexicoNew Mexico41750.8873.2 sq mi
87753Watrous, New MexicoNew Mexico24640.5170 sq mi
87801Socorro, New MexicoNew Mexico10,06434.3142.9 sq mi
87820Aragon, New MexicoNew Mexico17655.5157.9 sq mi
87821New Mexico683581,799.1 sq mi
87823LemitarNew Mexico90344.759.71 sq mi
87824Luna, New MexicoNew Mexico19756.6138.7 sq mi
87825New Mexico2,96736.22,663.8 sq mi
87827Pie Town, New MexicoNew Mexico28258.6594.3 sq mi
87828Polvadera, New MexicoNew Mexico38440.61.97 sq mi
87829Quemado, New MexicoNew Mexico93452.81,755.2 sq mi
87830Reserve, New MexicoNew Mexico1,00453.8827.5 sq mi
87831San Acacia, New MexicoNew Mexico19546.813.16 sq mi
87832San Antonio, New MexicoNew Mexico589481,257.4 sq mi
87901Truth or Consequences, New MexicoNew Mexico6,79452.9854.8 sq mi
87930Arrey, New MexicoNew Mexico78738.8146.5 sq mi
87931CaballoNew Mexico60758.1116.9 sq mi
87933New Mexico9329.71.226 sq mi
87935Elephant ButteNew Mexico1,62362.936.3 sq mi
87936GarfieldNew Mexico53942.612.2 sq mi
87937Hatch, New MexicoNew Mexico3,57728.3179.6 sq mi
87939New Mexico11855.8130.2 sq mi
87940Rincon, New MexicoNew Mexico72436.864.84 sq mi
87941Salem, New MexicoNew Mexico1,32024.87.95 sq mi
87942Williamsburg, New MexicoNew Mexico80553148.1 sq mi
87943WinstonNew Mexico21857.11,105.2 sq mi
88001Las Cruces, New MexicoNew Mexico40,22628.311.34 sq mi
88002White Sands, New MexicoNew Mexico1,84722.7179.8 sq mi
88003Las Cruces, New MexicoNew Mexico1,07020.20.328 sq mi
88004Las Cruces, New MexicoNew Mexico75033.838.86 sq mi
88005Las Cruces, New MexicoNew Mexico29,4163649.34 sq mi
88006Las Cruces, New MexicoNew Mexico
88007Las Cruces, New MexicoNew Mexico26,06139.4372.6 sq mi
88008Santa Teresa, New MexicoNew Mexico6,48433.749.46 sq mi
88009New Mexico7930.1249.9 sq mi
88011Las Cruces, New MexicoNew Mexico30,57739.5146.5 sq mi
88012Las Cruces, New MexicoNew Mexico27,93531.6364.2 sq mi
88013Las Cruces, New MexicoNew Mexico
88020Animas, New MexicoNew Mexico79444.71,169.6 sq mi
88021New Mexico20,05129.1798.6 sq mi
88022Arenas Valley, New MexicoNew Mexico1,20146.311.73 sq mi
88023Bayard, New MexicoNew Mexico2,30639.47.11 sq mi
88024Berino, New MexicoNew Mexico1460.738 sq mi
88025BuckhornNew Mexico24652.1213.4 sq mi
88026Santa Clara, New MexicoNew Mexico1,54442.25.11 sq mi
88027New Mexico57336.474.17 sq mi
88028Cliff, New MexicoNew Mexico50252.2130.7 sq mi
88029Columbus, New MexicoNew Mexico2,26337179.4 sq mi
88030Deming, New MexicoNew Mexico23,04239.52,575.6 sq mi
88031Deming, New MexicoNew Mexico
88032Doña Ana, New MexicoNew Mexico19441.30.165 sq mi
88033FairacresNew Mexico2082.73 sq mi
88034New Mexico9057.392.23 sq mi
88036Fort BayardNew Mexico
88038Gila, New MexicoNew Mexico38952.3386.4 sq mi
88039Glenwood, New MexicoNew Mexico46058.4807.5 sq mi
88040New Mexico11049.31,124.4 sq mi
88041Hanover, New MexicoNew Mexico1,33255.5448.1 sq mi
88042Hillsboro, New MexicoNew Mexico23661.3542.1 sq mi
88043Hurley, New MexicoNew Mexico1,57544.164.57 sq mi
88044La MesaNew Mexico4,15938.7118.6 sq mi
88045Lordsburg, New MexicoNew Mexico3,29139.11,118.5 sq mi
88046Mesilla, New MexicoNew Mexico63747.82.405 sq mi
88047Mesilla ParkNew Mexico1,83837.57.32 sq mi
88048Mesquite, New MexicoNew Mexico4,2472819.62 sq mi
88049New Mexico37857.6186.4 sq mi
88051Mule Creek, New MexicoNew Mexico9156.5323.1 sq mi
88052Organ, New MexicoNew Mexico29646.21.022 sq mi
88053Pinos Altos, New MexicoNew Mexico12756.510.81 sq mi
88054Radium Springs, New MexicoNew Mexico
88055New Mexico37307.3 sq mi
88056Rodeo, New MexicoNew Mexico21151.9130.1 sq mi
88058San MiguelNew Mexico
88061Silver City, New MexicoNew Mexico18,08244.51,431.3 sq mi
88062New Mexico
88063Sunland Park, New MexicoNew Mexico14,46628.611.66 sq mi
88065Tyrone, New MexicoNew Mexico52137.41.417 sq mi
88072Vado, New MexicoNew Mexico2,58827.324.51 sq mi
88081Chaparral, New MexicoNew Mexico16,30928.6396.3 sq mi
88101Clovis, New MexicoNew Mexico46,11331.8534 sq mi
88102Clovis, New MexicoNew Mexico
88103Cannon Air Force BaseNew Mexico35222.34.448 sq mi
88112New Mexico12754.8168.7 sq mi
88113Causey, New MexicoNew Mexico9646.976.92 sq mi
88114New Mexico38174.6 sq mi
88115Dora, New MexicoNew Mexico381.614 sq mi
88116New Mexico47345.81,413.8 sq mi
88118Floyd, New MexicoNew Mexico18744.3180 sq mi
88119New Mexico1,81848.11,735.7 sq mi
88120Grady, New MexicoNew Mexico24645.9306 sq mi
88121House, New MexicoNew Mexico14550.2247.8 sq mi
88122Kenna, New MexicoNew Mexico
88123New Mexico
88124Melrose, New MexicoNew Mexico1,19044.7847.2 sq mi
88125Milnesand, New MexicoNew Mexico9346.5322.9 sq mi
88126Pep, New MexicoNew Mexico3150.96 sq mi
88130Portales, New MexicoNew Mexico19,35629.2630.6 sq mi
88132New Mexico23446.4205.7 sq mi
88133New Mexico
88134Taiban, New MexicoNew Mexico44263.9 sq mi
88135Clovis, New MexicoNew Mexico1,70733.1170.1 sq mi
88136Yeso, New MexicoNew Mexico41334.3 sq mi
88201New Mexico26,43839.22,294.6 sq mi
88202Roswell, New MexicoNew Mexico
88203Roswell, New MexicoNew Mexico31,91631.31,478.3 sq mi
88210Artesia, New MexicoNew Mexico17,41935.11,287.8 sq mi
88211Artesia, New MexicoNew Mexico
88213Caprock, New MexicoNew Mexico
88220Carlsbad, New MexicoNew Mexico34,07838.52,051.8 sq mi
88221Carlsbad, New MexicoNew Mexico
88230Dexter, New MexicoNew Mexico5,36334.3247.2 sq mi
88231Eunice, New MexicoNew Mexico3,46334.2367.1 sq mi
88232Hagerman, New MexicoNew Mexico2,58332.7188.3 sq mi
88240New Mexico39,65831625.6 sq mi
88241Hobbs, New MexicoNew Mexico
88242Hobbs, New MexicoNew Mexico6,63636.355.38 sq mi
88244Hobbs, New MexicoNew Mexico
88250Hope, New MexicoNew Mexico26844689 sq mi
88252Jal, New MexicoNew Mexico2,30639884.7 sq mi
88253Lake Arthur, New MexicoNew Mexico93936.7190.2 sq mi
88254Seven Rivers, New MexicoNew Mexico19161.256.66 sq mi
88255Loco HillsNew Mexico13037.66.66 sq mi
88256New Mexico1,95036.1494.1 sq mi
88260New Mexico15,30231.2757.4 sq mi
88262New Mexico4867.56 sq mi
88263MalagaNew Mexico18037.9103.6 sq mi
88264Maljamar, New MexicoNew Mexico42117.9 sq mi
88265MonumentNew Mexico27936.777.12 sq mi
88267Tatum, New MexicoNew Mexico1,43438960.5 sq mi
88268Whites CityNew Mexico80.144 sq mi
88301Carrizozo, New MexicoNew Mexico1,41050.4879.1 sq mi
88310Alamogordo, New MexicoNew Mexico36,06438.8427.8 sq mi
88311Alamogordo, New MexicoNew Mexico78748.52.366 sq mi
88312New Mexico2,66356.196.65 sq mi
88314Bent, New MexicoNew Mexico20647.447.03 sq mi
88316New Mexico2,42049.11,069.6 sq mi
88317Cloudcroft, New MexicoNew Mexico1,79554235.5 sq mi
88318Corona, New MexicoNew Mexico38652.21,299.6 sq mi
88321Encino, New MexicoNew Mexico18252.9856.8 sq mi
88323New Mexico70.114 sq mi
88324New Mexico18651.738.62 sq mi
88325High Rolls, New MexicoNew Mexico90955.5101.6 sq mi
88330Holloman Air Force BaseNew Mexico2,76722.21.385 sq mi
88336New Mexico31445123.7 sq mi
88337La Luz, New MexicoNew Mexico2,24248.340.05 sq mi
88338Lincoln, New MexicoNew Mexico19853.4100.9 sq mi
88339Mayhill, New MexicoNew Mexico58555.8449.5 sq mi
88340Mescalero, New MexicoNew Mexico3,63126.7720.1 sq mi
88341NogalNew Mexico53654.299.32 sq mi
88342Orogrande, New MexicoNew Mexico535.84 sq mi
88343New Mexico41263.4 sq mi
88344Piñon, New MexicoNew Mexico16140.1665.5 sq mi
88345Ruidoso, New MexicoNew Mexico8,86950.133.05 sq mi
88346Ruidoso Downs, New MexicoNew Mexico3,32536.960.02 sq mi
88347Sacramento, New MexicoNew Mexico10052.838.44 sq mi
88348San Patricio, New MexicoNew Mexico30247.910.24 sq mi
88349New Mexico7130.28 sq mi
88350Timberon, New MexicoNew Mexico36960.8142.1 sq mi
88351New Mexico26553.1661.8 sq mi
88352Tularosa, New MexicoNew Mexico5,42543.4492.5 sq mi
88353Vaughn, New MexicoNew Mexico46946.7694 sq mi
88354Weed, New MexicoNew Mexico11160.6122.1 sq mi
88355Ruidoso, New MexicoNew Mexico15852.1430,791 sq ft
88401Tucumcari, New MexicoNew Mexico6,50643.81,077.4 sq mi
88410Amistad, New MexicoNew Mexico13246.4545.5 sq mi
88411New Mexico9350.2274.3 sq mi
88414CapulinNew Mexico304.431 sq mi
88415Clayton, New MexicoNew Mexico3,68440.41,206.9 sq mi
88416New Mexico18662.274.66 sq mi
88417New Mexico25128.8 sq mi
88418Des Moines, New MexicoNew Mexico31446.9508.6 sq mi
88419New Mexico23248.3921.2 sq mi
88421New Mexico20187.5 sq mi
88422Gladstone, New MexicoNew Mexico68241.5 sq mi
88424New Mexico13345.6856.5 sq mi
88426Logan, New MexicoNew Mexico1,13853.1708.2 sq mi
88427McAlister, New MexicoNew Mexico11245.9205.6 sq mi
88430Nara Visa, New MexicoNew Mexico15246.7367.5 sq mi
88431Newkirk, New MexicoNew Mexico48209.5 sq mi
88433New Mexico
88434San Jon, New MexicoNew Mexico32549374.5 sq mi
88435Santa Rosa, New MexicoNew Mexico3,52838.81,827.4 sq mi
88436New Mexico17743132.3 sq mi
88439Trementina, New MexicoNew Mexico

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New Mexico Demographic Information

Population2.2 million
Population Density17.9 / mi²
Male Population1,076,403 (49.4%)
Female Population1,102,213 (50.6%)
Median Age36.7
Male Median Age35.4
Female Median Age37.9
Businesses in New Mexico132,568
Population (1975)1,298,199
Population (2000)1,830,097
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +67.8%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +19%

New Mexico

New Mexico (Spanish: Nuevo México [ˈnweβo ˈmexiko]; Navajo: Yootó Hahoodzo [jo:tó haho:dzo]) is a state located in the southwestern region of the United States of America. It was admitted to the union as the 47th state on January 6, 1912. It is usual..  ︎  New Mexico Wikipedia Page