479 Zip Codes in Oregon

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Oregon has 479 zip codes and they range from 97001 to 97920. The average area zip codes in Oregon is 154 sq mi with the largest being 97910 at 5,198 sq mi and the smallest being 97384 at 201,894 sq ft. In Oregon the average population for a postal code is 9,651 with the most populated being zip code 97007 in Beaverton at 70,381. The median age for postal codes in Oregon range from 18.4 years old for 97331 in Corvallis to 62.7 years old for 97473 in Scottsburg. The fastest growing postal code is 97702 in Bend with population growth of 57.5% from 2000 to 2015, an average of 3.1% per year.

TimezonePacific Time
Area98,379.3 sq mi
Population4.0 million (More Details)
Male Population1,989,046 (49.5%)
Female Population2,028,725 (50.5%)
Median Age38.5
Zip Codes97001, 97002, 97003 (476 more)
Area Codes208, 503, 509 (3 more)

Postal Code Ranges

Zip CodesCityNumber of postal codes
97003 - 97008, 97075 - 97078Beaverton9
97201 - 97296Portland55
97301 - 97317Salem13
97330 - 97333Corvallis4
97401 - 97408Eugene7
97475 - 97477Springfield2
97526 - 97528Grants Pass3
97701 - 97709Bend5
97752 - 97754Post2

Interactive Map

479 Zip Codes in Oregon

Zip CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationMedian AgeArea
97001Antelope, OregonOregon23432.9298.4 sq mi
97002Aurora, OregonOregon6,56043.543.34 sq mi
97003Beaverton, OregonOregon
97004Beavercreek, OregonOregon4,6664643.84 sq mi
97005Beaverton, OregonOregon28,41432.75.3 sq mi
97006Beaverton, OregonOregon69,19432.211.78 sq mi
97007Beaverton, OregonOregon70,38135.426.74 sq mi
97008Beaverton, OregonOregon31,10938.54.96 sq mi
97009Boring, OregonOregon8,1114630.72 sq mi
97010Bridal Veil, OregonOregon
97011Oregon72844.35.94 sq mi
97013Canby, OregonOregon23,67038.857.43 sq mi
97014Cascade Locks, OregonOregon1,22540.735.99 sq mi
97015Oregon20,34235.18.83 sq mi
97016Clatskanie, OregonOregon6,34445.5240.3 sq mi
97017Colton, OregonOregon3,0284443.44 sq mi
97018Columbia City, OregonOregon1,94250.91.331 sq mi
97019Corbett, OregonOregon3,31545.258.92 sq mi
97020Donald, OregonOregon48238.60.147 sq mi
97021Dufur, OregonOregon1,11845.4246.3 sq mi
97022Eagle Creek, OregonOregon3,81844.625.06 sq mi
97023Estacada, OregonOregon10,23442.3128.4 sq mi
97024Oregon10,40036.24.169 sq mi
97026Gervais, OregonOregon4,21528.736.37 sq mi
97027Gladstone, OregonOregon12,00640.12.6 sq mi
97028Government Camp, OregonOregon22843.938.15 sq mi
97029Grass Valley, OregonOregon26548.5243.5 sq mi
97030Gresham, OregonOregon38,09333.87.62 sq mi
97031Hood River, OregonOregon19,01837.8120.6 sq mi
97032Hubbard, OregonOregon4,97633.418.34 sq mi
97033Kent, OregonOregon59180.5 sq mi
97034Lake Oswego, OregonOregon19,49848.28.15 sq mi
97035Lake Oswego, OregonOregon24,82542.66.14 sq mi
97036Marylhurst, OregonOregon
97037Maupin, OregonOregon87153.5546.6 sq mi
97038Molalla, OregonOregon15,83435.8125.4 sq mi
97039Moro, OregonOregon44748143.5 sq mi
97040Mosier, OregonOregon1,27246.153.81 sq mi
97041Mount Hood, OregonOregon2,92138.2115.5 sq mi
97042Mulino, OregonOregon3,01745.222.43 sq mi
97044Odell, OregonOregon
97045Clackamas, OregonOregon53,96340.187.49 sq mi
97048Rainier, OregonOregon7,04445.691.05 sq mi
97049Oregon1,92446.2154.5 sq mi
97050Rufus, OregonOregon25550.211.69 sq mi
97051St. Helens, OregonOregon16,91636.349.32 sq mi
97053Warren, OregonOregon3,38447.614.19 sq mi
97054Deer IslandOregon1,7384550.35 sq mi
97055Sandy, OregonOregon18,04038.6118.9 sq mi
97056Scappoose, OregonOregon12,10141.999.55 sq mi
97057Shaniko, OregonOregon320.673 sq mi
97058The Dalles, OregonOregon20,20140.3353.3 sq mi
97060Troutdale, OregonOregon22,20333.821.38 sq mi
97062Tualatin, OregonOregon29,83335.813.9 sq mi
97063Tygh Valley, OregonOregon1,09058.8130.9 sq mi
97064Vernonia, OregonOregon3,63141.597.99 sq mi
97065Wasco, OregonOregon64546252 sq mi
97067Welches, OregonOregon2,1735043.66 sq mi
97068West Linn, OregonOregon29,62042.223.79 sq mi
97070Wilsonville, OregonOregon21,76337.219.71 sq mi
97071Woodburn, OregonOregon29,7063252.66 sq mi
97075Beaverton, OregonOregon
97076Beaverton, OregonOregon
97077Beaverton, OregonOregon
97078Beaverton, OregonOregon
97080Gresham, OregonOregon43,0403621.72 sq mi
97086Happy Valley, OregonOregon27,09136.410.57 sq mi
97089Damascus, OregonOregon12,25143.621.98 sq mi
97101Amity, OregonOregon4,01539.555.54 sq mi
97102Arch Cape, OregonOregon18161.26.34 sq mi
97103Astoria, OregonOregon16,80142.3153.9 sq mi
97106Banks, OregonOregon4,90738.146.7 sq mi
97107Bay City, OregonOregon1,5424816.87 sq mi
97108Beaver, OregonOregon51749.676.25 sq mi
97109Buxton, OregonOregon61740.732.69 sq mi
97110Cannon Beach, OregonOregon1,322473.314 sq mi
97111Carlton, OregonOregon3,61037.238.83 sq mi
97112Cloverdale, OregonOregon1,84850.1105.2 sq mi
97113Cornelius, OregonOregon14,57632.335.64 sq mi
97114Dayton, OregonOregon5,27937.258.43 sq mi
97115Dundee, OregonOregon4,41938.812.07 sq mi
97116Forest Grove, OregonOregon26,45534.172.43 sq mi
97117Gales Creek, OregonOregon7234435.13 sq mi
97118Garibaldi, OregonOregon78055.21.407 sq mi
97119Gaston, OregonOregon4,77343.988.01 sq mi
97121HammondOregon1,32037.54.291 sq mi
97122Hebo, OregonOregon44947.629.48 sq mi
97123Hillsboro, OregonOregon48,37333.353.78 sq mi
97124Hillsboro, OregonOregon51,87633.143.17 sq mi
97125Manning, OregonOregon14750.65.22 sq mi
97127Lafayette, OregonOregon3,50133.50.888 sq mi
97128McMinnville, OregonOregon38,76435.6106.9 sq mi
97130Manzanita, OregonOregon70658.64.958 sq mi
97131Nehalem, OregonOregon2,50052.5108.4 sq mi
97132Newberg, OregonOregon30,30535.862.92 sq mi
97133North Plains, OregonOregon4,30842.370.11 sq mi
97134Oceanside, OregonOregon15262.20.447 sq mi
97135Pacific City, OregonOregon86857.75.2 sq mi
97136Rockaway Beach, OregonOregon1,73655.122.37 sq mi
97137St. Paul, OregonOregon1,36937.642.93 sq mi
97138Oregon9,96643.7127.8 sq mi
97140Sherwood, OregonOregon25,43936.243.75 sq mi
97141Tillamook, OregonOregon13,21041.4234.9 sq mi
97143Netarts, OregonOregon
97144Timber, OregonOregon18935.914.3 sq mi
97145Tolovana Park, OregonOregon367573.555 sq mi
97146Warrenton, OregonOregon5,95943.322.53 sq mi
97147Wheeler, OregonOregon38057.10.814 sq mi
97148Yamhill, OregonOregon3,6954575.5 sq mi
97149Neskowin, OregonOregon5395726.73 sq mi
97201Portland, OregonOregon15,32632.42.177 sq mi
97202Portland, OregonOregon40,40236.27.35 sq mi
97203Portland, OregonOregon32,03731.710.52 sq mi
97204Portland, OregonOregon1,75345.50.334 sq mi
97205Portland, OregonOregon7,616370.988 sq mi
97206Portland, OregonOregon49,28435.86.54 sq mi
97207Portland, OregonOregon
97208Portland, OregonOregon56939.7675,144 sq ft
97209Portland, OregonOregon14,63334.71.226 sq mi
97210Portland, OregonOregon12,21529.38.27 sq mi
97211Portland, OregonOregon32,68635.69.26 sq mi
97212Portland, OregonOregon25,19839.22.717 sq mi
97213Portland, OregonOregon30,12937.74.078 sq mi
97214Portland, OregonOregon24,61833.72.872 sq mi
97215Portland, OregonOregon16,14338.92.294 sq mi
97216Portland, OregonOregon16,96038.12.53 sq mi
97217Portland, OregonOregon33,42537.518.2 sq mi
97218Portland, OregonOregon15,092357.09 sq mi
97219Portland, OregonOregon40,11138.812.02 sq mi
97220Portland, OregonOregon30,45536.97.23 sq mi
97221Portland, OregonOregon12,94345.14.306 sq mi
97222Portland, OregonOregon36,50839.88.75 sq mi
97223Portland, OregonOregon50,34737.211.6 sq mi
97224Portland, OregonOregon33,11741.48.87 sq mi
97225Portland, OregonOregon26,32741.26.6 sq mi
97227Portland, OregonOregon3,68333.71.608 sq mi
97228Portland, OregonOregon
97229Portland, OregonOregon61,99337.820.53 sq mi
97230Portland, OregonOregon40,76239.419.04 sq mi
97231Portland, OregonOregon4,43747.677.4 sq mi
97232Portland, OregonOregon12,35337.71.899 sq mi
97233Portland, OregonOregon40,92031.14.52 sq mi
97236Portland, OregonOregon39,35433.77.73 sq mi
97237Portland, OregonOregon
97238Portland, OregonOregon
97239Portland, OregonOregon14,98738.13.73 sq mi
97240Portland, OregonOregon
97242Portland, OregonOregon
97250Portland, OregonOregon
97252Portland, OregonOregon
97253Portland, OregonOregon
97254Portland, OregonOregon
97256Portland, OregonOregon
97258Portland, OregonOregon
97266Portland, OregonOregon36,29133.96.06 sq mi
97267Oregon32,26743.47.53 sq mi
97268Portland, OregonOregon
97269Milwaukie, OregonOregon
97280Portland, OregonOregon
97282Portland, OregonOregon
97283Portland, OregonOregon
97286Portland, OregonOregon
97290Portland, OregonOregon
97292Portland, OregonOregon
97293Portland, OregonOregon
97294Portland, OregonOregon
97296Portland, OregonOregon
97298Cedar Hills, OregonOregon
97301Salem, OregonOregon56,49431.511.71 sq mi
97302Salem, OregonOregon38,50839.824.28 sq mi
97303Salem, OregonOregon39,83336.125.6 sq mi
97304Zena, OregonOregon31,04439.156.87 sq mi
97305Salem, OregonOregon41,26031.347.67 sq mi
97306Salem, OregonOregon28,48438.133.78 sq mi
97307Keizer, OregonOregon
97308Salem, OregonOregon
97309Salem, OregonOregon
97310Salem, OregonOregon
97311Salem, OregonOregon
97312Salem, OregonOregon
97313Salem, OregonOregon
97314Salem, OregonOregon
97317Salem, OregonOregon25,81137.354.96 sq mi
97321Albany, OregonOregon25,71039.669.39 sq mi
97322Albany, OregonOregon36,07135.363.05 sq mi
97324Alsea, OregonOregon1,15449.4176.3 sq mi
97325Aumsville, OregonOregon6,92337.731.19 sq mi
97326Blodgett, OregonOregon1,01649.4146.7 sq mi
97327Brownsville, OregonOregon3,03244.169.81 sq mi
97329Cascadia, OregonOregon10450.535.49 sq mi
97330Corvallis, OregonOregon42,67931.877.47 sq mi
97331Corvallis, OregonOregon3,18918.40.325 sq mi
97333Corvallis, OregonOregon21,91828.6117.6 sq mi
97335Crabtree, OregonOregon
97336Crawfordsville, OregonOregon
97338Dallas, OregonOregon21,87642.3108.2 sq mi
97339Corvallis, OregonOregon
97341Depoe Bay, OregonOregon2,13757.17.59 sq mi
97342Detroit, OregonOregon26051.156.58 sq mi
97343Eddyville, OregonOregon41846.7150.8 sq mi
97344Falls City, OregonOregon1,13943.811.04 sq mi
97345Foster, OregonOregon58551.938.38 sq mi
97346Gates, OregonOregon92050.630.72 sq mi
97347Grand Ronde, OregonOregon2,0284443.13 sq mi
97348Halsey, OregonOregon1,73633.666.59 sq mi
97350Idanha, OregonOregon18852.185.03 sq mi
97351Oregon11,32230.353.65 sq mi
97352Jefferson, OregonOregon5,81437.744.43 sq mi
97355Lebanon, OregonOregon30,07741.5210.1 sq mi
97357Logsden, OregonOregon25252.816.37 sq mi
97358Lyons, OregonOregon2,66546.371.67 sq mi
97360Mill City, OregonOregon2,3843922.9 sq mi
97361Monmouth, OregonOregon12,11826.4139.8 sq mi
97362Mt. Angel, OregonOregon4,63536.623.93 sq mi
97364Neotsu, OregonOregon29950.80.316 sq mi
97365Newport, OregonOregon10,48244.444.98 sq mi
97366South Beach, OregonOregon1,34952.911.18 sq mi
97367Lincoln City, OregonOregon9,26147.643.38 sq mi
97368Otis, OregonOregon3,62250.956.38 sq mi
97369Otter Rock, OregonOregon17859.33.086 sq mi
97370Philomath, OregonOregon8,40440.5145.3 sq mi
97371Rickreall, OregonOregon79644.342.89 sq mi
97373Oregon8733.90.112 sq mi
97374Scio, OregonOregon5,57744.4128.5 sq mi
97375Scotts Mills, OregonOregon1,26743.346.91 sq mi
97376Seal Rock, OregonOregon1,31556.264.27 sq mi
97377Shedd, OregonOregon94941.348.01 sq mi
97378Sheridan, OregonOregon9,53838.2115.9 sq mi
97380Siletz, OregonOregon2,4804372.18 sq mi
97381Silverton, OregonOregon15,29738.5108.9 sq mi
97383Stayton, OregonOregon9,88537.144.76 sq mi
97384Mehama, OregonOregon2345.3201,894 sq ft
97385Sublimity, OregonOregon3,42246.140.86 sq mi
97386Sweet Home, OregonOregon14,28842.8128.7 sq mi
97388Gleneden Beach, OregonOregon83854.94.094 sq mi
97389Tangent, OregonOregon1,95638.135.66 sq mi
97390Tidewater, OregonOregon59155.9110.3 sq mi
97391Toledo, OregonOregon5,37942.596.6 sq mi
97392Turner, OregonOregon5,37143.643.26 sq mi
97394Waldport, OregonOregon4,5395563.37 sq mi
97396Willamina, OregonOregon3,34138.451.92 sq mi
97401Eugene, OregonOregon41,75728.29.18 sq mi
97402Eugene, OregonOregon52,34635.375.53 sq mi
97403Eugene, OregonOregon11,87829.44.292 sq mi
97404Eugene, OregonOregon32,68939.79.78 sq mi
97405Eugene, OregonOregon46,09039.6152.3 sq mi
97406Agness, OregonOregon10456.8119.3 sq mi
97407Allegany, OregonOregon
97408Eugene, OregonOregon12,28544.951.27 sq mi
97409Alvadore, OregonOregon
97410Azalea, OregonOregon78656.6124.3 sq mi
97411Bandon, OregonOregon6,83954.3136.1 sq mi
97412Blachly, OregonOregon54547.385.26 sq mi
97413Oregon96451.2544.1 sq mi
97414Broadbent, OregonOregon2745227.33 sq mi
97415Brookings, OregonOregon14,11252.1149.8 sq mi
97416Camas Valley, OregonOregon95044.753.49 sq mi
97417Canyonville, OregonOregon2,47347.120.07 sq mi
97419Cheshire, OregonOregon1,0205229.25 sq mi
97420Coos Bay, OregonOregon27,31744.4249.6 sq mi
97423Coquille, OregonOregon6,77448.3128.3 sq mi
97424Cottage Grove, OregonOregon18,20943.5234.2 sq mi
97426Creswell, OregonOregon9,98741.380.45 sq mi
97429Milo, OregonOregon71453.591.06 sq mi
97430Deadwood, OregonOregon38854.1105 sq mi
97431Dexter, OregonOregon2,43346.641.91 sq mi
97432Dillard, OregonOregon
97434Dorena, OregonOregon94047.6107.8 sq mi
97435Drain, OregonOregon2,4294596.87 sq mi
97436Elkton, OregonOregon85853.599.56 sq mi
97437Elmira, OregonOregon2,63949.424.01 sq mi
97438Fall Creek, OregonOregon1,25348.5106.9 sq mi
97439Florence, OregonOregon14,81757.5182.5 sq mi
97440Eugene, OregonOregon
97441Gardiner, OregonOregon26045.720.56 sq mi
97442Glendale, OregonOregon2,2714583.72 sq mi
97443Glide, OregonOregon2,36046.276.05 sq mi
97444Gold Beach, OregonOregon5,21854.4165.6 sq mi
97446Harrisburg, OregonOregon5,00836.6122.3 sq mi
97447Oregon73547.6124.3 sq mi
97448Junction City, OregonOregon12,98243.1143.8 sq mi
97449Lakeside, OregonOregon1,90558.448.02 sq mi
97450Langlois, OregonOregon68856.384.4 sq mi
97451Lorane, OregonOregon40549.941.02 sq mi
97452Lowell, OregonOregon1,45443.529.03 sq mi
97453Mapleton, OregonOregon97053.2110 sq mi
97454Marcola, OregonOregon1,39348.856.14 sq mi
97455Pleasant Hill, OregonOregon2,59849.224.21 sq mi
97456Monroe, OregonOregon3,08745.991.41 sq mi
97457Myrtle Creek, OregonOregon10,54544.9162.4 sq mi
97458Myrtle Point, OregonOregon4,69148.1381.5 sq mi
97459North Bend, OregonOregon13,92046.8112.2 sq mi
97461Noti, OregonOregon75447.342.34 sq mi
97462Oakland, OregonOregon4,02350.7208.7 sq mi
97463Oakridge, OregonOregon3,9114942.8 sq mi
97464Ophir, OregonOregon
97465Port Orford, OregonOregon2,16455.992.57 sq mi
97466Powers, OregonOregon81051.741.95 sq mi
97467Reedsport, OregonOregon5,46152.2260.2 sq mi
97469Riddle, OregonOregon2,63245.449.73 sq mi
97470Roseburg, OregonOregon20,51041.7174.4 sq mi
97471Roseburg, OregonOregon29,78746.5175.9 sq mi
97473Scottsburg, OregonOregon35762.755.02 sq mi
97476Sixes, OregonOregon21755.845.59 sq mi
97477Oregon38,33936.612.69 sq mi
97478Walterville, OregonOregon38,15137.7164.3 sq mi
97479Sutherlin, OregonOregon9,72645.964.13 sq mi
97480Swisshome, OregonOregon36751.169.47 sq mi
97481Oregon71649.67.38 sq mi
97484Tiller, OregonOregon23854.6126.8 sq mi
97486Millwood, OregonOregon7275666.76 sq mi
97487Veneta, OregonOregon8,66642.381.11 sq mi
97488Vida, OregonOregon1,00252.7103.7 sq mi
97489Walterville, OregonOregon89951.316.07 sq mi
97490Walton, OregonOregon33050.2103.4 sq mi
97491Wedderburn, OregonOregon
97492Westfir, OregonOregon66548.622.83 sq mi
97493Siltcoos, OregonOregon31057.358.3 sq mi
97494Wilbur, OregonOregon460.933 sq mi
97495Winchester, OregonOregon1,47947.77.74 sq mi
97496Winston, OregonOregon7,79242.687.32 sq mi
97497Wolf Creek, OregonOregon1,57750.8147.2 sq mi
97498Yachats, OregonOregon1,72555.298.94 sq mi
97499Yoncalla, OregonOregon2,01649.3133.2 sq mi
97501Medford, OregonOregon44,26036.453.16 sq mi
97502Central Point, OregonOregon28,80341.195.88 sq mi
97503White City, OregonOregon11,01935.583.78 sq mi
97504Medford, OregonOregon46,57142.846.77 sq mi
97520Ashland, OregonOregon25,63844.8312.1 sq mi
97522Butte Falls, OregonOregon67945.490.74 sq mi
97523Cave Junction, OregonOregon6,51350.3169.7 sq mi
97524Eagle Point, OregonOregon15,13542.5311.3 sq mi
97525Gold Hill, OregonOregon4,90551.499.78 sq mi
97526Grants Pass, OregonOregon35,52245.8141.6 sq mi
97527Grants Pass, OregonOregon34,99246.7238 sq mi
97528Grants Pass, OregonOregon
97530Jacksonville, OregonOregon7,00052.7364 sq mi
97531Kerby, OregonOregon50446.42.569 sq mi
97532Merlin, OregonOregon2,46053.159.84 sq mi
97533Murphy, OregonOregon
97534O'Brien, OregonOregon77952.5100.6 sq mi
97535Phoenix, OregonOregon5,67942.13.163 sq mi
97536Prospect, OregonOregon1,00151.968.26 sq mi
97537Rogue River, OregonOregon7,15251.7119 sq mi
97538Selma, OregonOregon2,13451142.3 sq mi
97539Shady Cove, OregonOregon3,59651.122.09 sq mi
97540Talent, OregonOregon8,13841.641.77 sq mi
97541Trail, OregonOregon1,49050.8202.5 sq mi
97543Wilderville, OregonOregon74349.544.94 sq mi
97544Williams, OregonOregon2,20951.2162.8 sq mi
97601Rocky Point, OregonOregon22,43538.1593.1 sq mi
97602Klamath Falls, OregonOregon
97603Klamath Falls, OregonOregon30,10240.5316 sq mi
97604Oregon2895.17 sq mi
97620Adel, OregonOregon11947.1639.8 sq mi
97621Beatty, OregonOregon32256.7129.7 sq mi
97622Bly, OregonOregon55953.2164.7 sq mi
97623Bonanza, OregonOregon2,36046.4374.2 sq mi
97624Oregon3,48753.3472.3 sq mi
97625Dairy, OregonOregon17947.154.38 sq mi
97626Fort Klamath, OregonOregon8854.265.29 sq mi
97627Keno, OregonOregon79250.828.34 sq mi
97630Lakeview, OregonOregon5,19946.3871.1 sq mi
97632Malin, OregonOregon1,47937.342.93 sq mi
97633Merrill, OregonOregon1,39038.729.98 sq mi
97634Midland, OregonOregon14747.20.569 sq mi
97636Paisley, OregonOregon39043.8188.9 sq mi
97637Plush, OregonOregon7356.7203.4 sq mi
97638Silver Lake, OregonOregon51946.2474.4 sq mi
97639Sprague River, OregonOregon57754.182.49 sq mi
97640Summer Lake, OregonOregon10654.2549.1 sq mi
97641Christmas Valley, OregonOregon1,33850633.6 sq mi
97701Bend, OregonOregon68,17238.4683.5 sq mi
97702Bend, OregonOregon47,02039.382.22 sq mi
97703Bend, OregonOregon
97707Three Rivers, OregonOregon6,70851.158.65 sq mi
97708Bend, OregonOregon
97709Bend, OregonOregon
97710Fields, OregonOregon12645.6824.2 sq mi
97711Ashwood, OregonOregon64257.3 sq mi
97712Brothers, OregonOregon44173.1 sq mi
97720Burns, OregonOregon4,47746.31,110.9 sq mi
97721Oregon25644.81,696.9 sq mi
97722Diamond, OregonOregon9037.4500.9 sq mi
97730Camp Sherman, OregonOregon26359.313.23 sq mi
97731Chemult, OregonOregon25851.748.56 sq mi
97732Crane, OregonOregon13640.885.91 sq mi
97733Crescent LakeOregon81355.9364.2 sq mi
97734Culver, OregonOregon2,95740.8156.8 sq mi
97735Fort Rock, OregonOregon16855.4337.7 sq mi
97736Frenchglen, OregonOregon7231.5551.6 sq mi
97737Gilchrist, OregonOregon45654.125.98 sq mi
97738Hines, OregonOregon1,85743.473.95 sq mi
97739La Pine, OregonOregon12,50650.5226.8 sq mi
97741Madras, OregonOregon12,62337.7352.7 sq mi
97750Mitchell, OregonOregon35752.1383.5 sq mi
97751Paulina, OregonOregon12948.2349.7 sq mi
97752Post, OregonOregon46152.6 sq mi
97753Powell Butte, OregonOregon2,07652.5118.6 sq mi
97754Post, OregonOregon19,21044.61,216.3 sq mi
97756Redmond, OregonOregon38,88237.7113.1 sq mi
97758Oregon9845.1580.3 sq mi
97759Sisters, OregonOregon7,29950385.7 sq mi
97760Terrebonne, OregonOregon7,40150.496.89 sq mi
97761Oregon4,17626.1376 sq mi
97801Pendleton, OregonOregon22,10938.3492.9 sq mi
97810Adams, OregonOregon83444201.4 sq mi
97812Arlington, OregonOregon83745.2483.9 sq mi
97813Athena, OregonOregon1,33941.654.57 sq mi
97814Baker City, OregonOregon12,01345.8769.8 sq mi
97817Bates, OregonOregon30133.9 sq mi
97818Boardman, OregonOregon4,14229.678.79 sq mi
97819Oregon2844.95 sq mi
97820Oregon1,01349.4338.2 sq mi
97823Condon, OregonOregon92753627.2 sq mi
97824Cove, OregonOregon1,68448.3218.6 sq mi
97825Dayville, OregonOregon23553248.1 sq mi
97826Echo, OregonOregon1,11237.9317.7 sq mi
97827Elgin, OregonOregon2,66447.5205.8 sq mi
97828Oregon3,02649.4736.2 sq mi
97830Fossil, OregonOregon71953.9600.2 sq mi
97833Haines, OregonOregon8894488.07 sq mi
97834Halfway, OregonOregon95355.1208.8 sq mi
97835Helix, OregonOregon37236.2188 sq mi
97836Heppner, OregonOregon1,97347.8926.3 sq mi
97837Hereford, OregonOregon9143.6119.9 sq mi
97838Hermiston, OregonOregon26,12533.3175.4 sq mi
97839Lexington, OregonOregon48340.3200 sq mi
97840Oxbow, OregonOregon9845.6118.5 sq mi
97841Imbler, OregonOregon47941.619.23 sq mi
97842Imnaha, OregonOregon15057.9695.9 sq mi
97843Ione, OregonOregon64445.8359.1 sq mi
97844Irrigon, OregonOregon3,79738.349.09 sq mi
97845John Day, OregonOregon2,58445.865.03 sq mi
97846Joseph, OregonOregon1,86852.7754.6 sq mi
97848Kimberly, OregonOregon18045.3189.1 sq mi
97850La Grande, OregonOregon17,20435.7289.7 sq mi
97856Long Creek, OregonOregon35051431.5 sq mi
97857Lostine, OregonOregon45151269.5 sq mi
97859Meacham, OregonOregon12752.480.11 sq mi
97861Arlington, OregonOregon
97862Milton-Freewater, OregonOregon11,91136.8274.7 sq mi
97864Monument, OregonOregon26148.7326.6 sq mi
97865Mount Vernon, OregonOregon1,10054.1381.9 sq mi
97867North Powder, OregonOregon76842.7136.5 sq mi
97868Pilot Rock, OregonOregon2,02841.5443 sq mi
97869Prairie City, OregonOregon1,08551343.6 sq mi
97870Richland, OregonOregon55558.4135.3 sq mi
97873Seneca, OregonOregon18350.976.41 sq mi
97874Spray, OregonOregon33150.5229.2 sq mi
97875Stanfield, OregonOregon2,67635.162.76 sq mi
97876Summerville, OregonOregon84849.863.22 sq mi
97877Sumpter, OregonOregon26861.2203.2 sq mi
97880Ukiah, OregonOregon27652.2313.2 sq mi
97882Umatilla, OregonOregon7,86332.126.63 sq mi
97883Telocaset, OregonOregon2,50244.8267.8 sq mi
97884Unity, OregonOregon15252.381.08 sq mi
97885Wallowa, OregonOregon1,33648.7301.5 sq mi
97886Weston, OregonOregon1,17345.6142.4 sq mi
97901Adrian, OregonOregon67345.2101.1 sq mi
97902Arock, OregonOregon
97903Brogan, OregonOregon10851.3119.5 sq mi
97904Drewsey, OregonOregon17241.3616.4 sq mi
97905Durkee, OregonOregon13255.7207 sq mi
97906Oregon24643.81,235.4 sq mi
97907Huntington, OregonOregon54053323.4 sq mi
97908Ironside, OregonOregon56354.2 sq mi
97909Jamieson, OregonOregon5329.549.63 sq mi
97910Oregon63647.75,198 sq mi
97911Juntura, OregonOregon10839704.6 sq mi
97913Oregon5,43632.5702.5 sq mi
97914Ontario, OregonOregon18,91135.7258.4 sq mi
97918Vale, OregonOregon4,46839430.4 sq mi
97920Westfall, OregonOregon60463.8 sq mi
98609Lindbergh, OregonOregon

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Oregon Demographic Information

Population4.0 million
Population Density40.8 / mi²
Male Population1,989,046 (49.5%)
Female Population2,028,725 (50.5%)
Median Age38.5
Male Median Age37.3
Female Median Age39.6
Businesses in Oregon311,395
Population (1975)2,435,582
Population (2000)3,438,994
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +65%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +16.8%


Oregon (/ˈɔːrᵻɡən/ AWR-ə-gən) is a state in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. Oregon is bordered on the west by the Pacific Ocean, on the north by Washington, on the south by California, on the east by Idaho, and on the southeast by ..  ︎  Oregon Wikipedia Page