29 Zip Codes in Peoria, Illinois

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TimezoneCentral Time
Area50.22 sq mi
Population114,768 (More Details)
Male Population54,637 (47.6%)
Female Population60,131 (52.4%)
Median Age34.3
Zip Codes61601, 61602, 61603 (26 more)
Area Code309

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29 Zip Codes in Peoria, Illinois

Zip CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationMedian AgeArea
61601Peoria, IllinoisIllinois
61602Peoria, IllinoisIllinois925321.72 sq mi
61603Peoria, IllinoisIllinois17,70130.34.268 sq mi
61604Peoria, IllinoisIllinois31,90036.915.78 sq mi
61605Peoria, IllinoisIllinois15,68730.24.163 sq mi
61606Peoria, IllinoisIllinois8,80123.51.335 sq mi
61607Peoria, IllinoisIllinois11,03841.933.06 sq mi
61612Peoria, IllinoisIllinois
61613Peoria, IllinoisIllinois
61614Peoria, IllinoisIllinois26,9344112.15 sq mi
61615Peoria, IllinoisIllinois22,87438.731.62 sq mi
61625Peoria, IllinoisIllinois2,27020.6430,291 sq ft
61629Peoria, IllinoisIllinois
61630Peoria, IllinoisIllinois
61633Peoria, IllinoisIllinois
61634Peoria, IllinoisIllinois
61636Peoria, IllinoisIllinois
61637Peoria, IllinoisIllinois
61638Peoria, IllinoisIllinois
61639Peoria, IllinoisIllinois
61641Peoria, IllinoisIllinois
61643Peoria, IllinoisIllinois
61650Peoria, IllinoisIllinois
61651Peoria, IllinoisIllinois
61652Peoria, IllinoisIllinois
61653Peoria, IllinoisIllinois
61654Peoria, IllinoisIllinois
61655Peoria, IllinoisIllinois
61656Peoria, IllinoisIllinois

Peoria, Illinois Demographic Information

Population Density2,285 / mi²
Male Population54,637 (47.6%)
Female Population60,131 (52.4%)
Median Age34.3
Male Median Age32.8
Female Median Age35.6
Businesses in Peoria, Illinois11,200
Population (1975)82,461
Population (2000)113,589
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +39.2%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +1%

Peoria, Illinois

Peoria /piːˈɔəriə/ is a city in and the county seat of Peoria County, Illinois, United States, and the largest city on the Illinois River. Established in 1691 by the French explorer Henri de Tonti, Peoria is the oldest European settlement in Illinois..  ︎  Peoria, Illinois Wikipedia Page