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The majority of Phoenix zip codes range from 85001 to 85098. The average area zip codes in Phoenix is 10.77 sq mi with the largest being 85086 at 58.38 sq mi and the smallest being 85003 at 1.883 sq mi. In Phoenix the average population for a postal code is 34,523 with the most populated being zip code 85032 at 72,946. The average population density for a postal code in Phoenix is 4,404 / mi² with the densest being zip code 85035 at 9,505 / mi². The median age for postal code in Phoenix range from 24.6 years old for 85043 to 45.8 years old for 85028.

TimezoneMountain Time
Area518 sq mi
Population1.6 million (More Details)
Male Population799,320 (50.2%)
Female Population793,962 (49.8%)
Median Age32.3
Zip Codes85001, 85002, 85003 (74 more)
Area Codes480, 520, 928 (3 more)

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77 Zip Codes in Phoenix, Arizona

Zip CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationMedian AgeArea
85001Phoenix, ArizonaArizona
85002Phoenix, ArizonaArizona
85003Phoenix, ArizonaArizona9,16632.61.883 sq mi
85004Phoenix, ArizonaArizona6,28030.32.02 sq mi
85005Phoenix, ArizonaArizona
85006Phoenix, ArizonaArizona28,04629.13.904 sq mi
85007Phoenix, ArizonaArizona16,23334.74.582 sq mi
85008Phoenix, ArizonaArizona61,37528.310.52 sq mi
85009Phoenix, ArizonaArizona57,89725.715.66 sq mi
85010Phoenix, ArizonaArizona
85011Phoenix, ArizonaArizona
85012Phoenix, ArizonaArizona8,72843.72.183 sq mi
85013Phoenix, ArizonaArizona20,66838.73.718 sq mi
85014Phoenix, ArizonaArizona27,50636.84.195 sq mi
85015Phoenix, ArizonaArizona39,44029.54.916 sq mi
85016Phoenix, ArizonaArizona37,80136.49.11 sq mi
85017Phoenix, ArizonaArizona43,44928.15.24 sq mi
85018Phoenix, ArizonaArizona39,36040.911.17 sq mi
85019Phoenix, ArizonaArizona28,047283.766 sq mi
85020Phoenix, ArizonaArizona36,79941.38.92 sq mi
85021Phoenix, ArizonaArizona42,61232.56.76 sq mi
85022Phoenix, ArizonaArizona51,49038.59.34 sq mi
85023Phoenix, ArizonaArizona35,52734.57.33 sq mi
85024Phoenix, ArizonaArizona24,67935.928.23 sq mi
85025Phoenix, ArizonaArizona
85026Phoenix, ArizonaArizona
85027Phoenix, ArizonaArizona40,70632.414.08 sq mi
85028Phoenix, ArizonaArizona22,04545.810.02 sq mi
85029Phoenix, ArizonaArizona46,93833.59.58 sq mi
85030Phoenix, ArizonaArizona
85031Phoenix, ArizonaArizona33,36625.34.077 sq mi
85032Phoenix, ArizonaArizona72,94635.812.43 sq mi
85033Phoenix, ArizonaArizona57,450256.11 sq mi
85034Phoenix, ArizonaArizona5,73332.411.47 sq mi
85035Phoenix, ArizonaArizona54,37225.35.72 sq mi
85036Phoenix, ArizonaArizona
85037Phoenix, ArizonaArizona49,35627.18.2 sq mi
85038Phoenix, ArizonaArizona
85039Phoenix, ArizonaArizona
85040Phoenix, ArizonaArizona32,45227.610.23 sq mi
85041Phoenix, ArizonaArizona60,60027.915.9 sq mi
85042Phoenix, ArizonaArizona44,92430.915 sq mi
85043Phoenix, ArizonaArizona33,54224.619.19 sq mi
85044Phoenix, ArizonaArizona40,57638.514.46 sq mi
85045Phoenix, ArizonaArizona7,74838.83.604 sq mi
85046Phoenix, ArizonaArizona
85048Phoenix, ArizonaArizona37,82838.919.82 sq mi
85050Phoenix, ArizonaArizona27,52036.914.61 sq mi
85051Phoenix, ArizonaArizona46,560336.35 sq mi
85053Phoenix, ArizonaArizona32,15835.55.22 sq mi
85054Phoenix, ArizonaArizona6,07935.79.09 sq mi
85060Phoenix, ArizonaArizona
85061Phoenix, ArizonaArizona
85062Phoenix, ArizonaArizona
85063Phoenix, ArizonaArizona
85064Phoenix, ArizonaArizona
85065Phoenix, ArizonaArizona
85066Phoenix, ArizonaArizona
85067Phoenix, ArizonaArizona
85068Phoenix, ArizonaArizona
85069Phoenix, ArizonaArizona
85070Phoenix, ArizonaArizona
85071Phoenix, ArizonaArizona
85072Phoenix, ArizonaArizona
85073Phoenix, ArizonaArizona
85074Phoenix, ArizonaArizona
85075Phoenix, ArizonaArizona
85076Phoenix, ArizonaArizona
85078Phoenix, ArizonaArizona
85079Phoenix, ArizonaArizona
85080Phoenix, ArizonaArizona
85082Phoenix, ArizonaArizona
85083Phoenix, ArizonaArizona19,084359.84 sq mi
85085Phoenix, ArizonaArizona18,91631.725.64 sq mi
85086Phoenix, ArizonaArizona43,96037.558.38 sq mi
85097Phoenix, ArizonaArizona
85098Phoenix, ArizonaArizona

Phoenix, Arizona Demographic Information

Population1.6 million
Population Density3,076 / mi²
Male Population799,320 (50.2%)
Female Population793,962 (49.8%)
Median Age32.3
Male Median Age31.7
Female Median Age33
Businesses in Phoenix, Arizona99,320
Population (1975)681,407
Population (2000)1,167,955
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +133.8%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +36.4%

Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix (/ˈfiːnɪks/) is the capital, and largest city, of the state of Arizona. With 1,445,632 people (as of the 2010 U.S. Census), Phoenix is the most populous state capital in the United States, as well as the sixth most populous city nationwide. ..  ︎  Phoenix, Arizona Wikipedia Page