91 Zip Codes in Rhode Island

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TimezoneEastern Time
Area1,544.9 sq mi
Population1.0 million (More Details)
Male Population504,634 (48.4%)
Female Population538,692 (51.6%)
Median Age39.8
Zip Codes02771, 02801, 02802 (88 more)
Area Code401

Postal Code Ranges

Zip CodesCityNumber of postal codes
02860 - 02862Pawtucket3
02886 - 02889Warwick5
02901 - 02912Providence12
02914 - 02916East Providence3

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91 Zip Codes in Rhode Island

Zip CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationMedian AgeArea
02771Rumford, Rhode IslandRhode Island13,47343.818.56 sq mi
02801Adamsville, Rhode IslandRhode Island
02802Manville, Rhode IslandRhode Island42742.50.214 sq mi
02804Ashaway, Rhode IslandRhode Island2,63042.210.18 sq mi
02806BarringtonRhode Island16,05344.510.31 sq mi
02807Block IslandRhode Island1,02249.710.64 sq mi
02808Bradford, Rhode IslandRhode Island2,45838.68.02 sq mi
02809Rhode Island22,00741.410.46 sq mi
02812Carolina, Rhode IslandRhode Island1,47340.56.7 sq mi
02813Rhode Island7,85047.541.43 sq mi
02814Chepachet, Rhode IslandRhode Island7,46344.747.16 sq mi
02815Clayville, Rhode IslandRhode Island23940.54.266 sq mi
02816Rhode Island32,43542.540.88 sq mi
02817West Greenwich, Rhode IslandRhode Island5,86941.851.44 sq mi
02818Rhode Island17,97445.322.62 sq mi
02822Exeter, Rhode IslandRhode Island6,19643.656.65 sq mi
02823Fiskeville, Rhode IslandRhode Island
02824Rhode Island
02825Foster, Rhode IslandRhode Island5,36043.855.08 sq mi
02826Glendale, Rhode IslandRhode Island69842.32.533 sq mi
02827Greene, Rhode IslandRhode Island2,2914321.44 sq mi
02828Greenville, Rhode IslandRhode Island7,59547.65.15 sq mi
02829Harmony, Rhode IslandRhode Island
02830Harrisville, Rhode IslandRhode Island6,09742.919.99 sq mi
02831HopeRhode Island3,29743.712.4 sq mi
02832Hope Valley, Rhode IslandRhode Island4,55943.522.86 sq mi
02833Rhode Island72743.87.61 sq mi
02835Rhode Island4,91950.89.81 sq mi
02836Richmond, Rhode IslandRhode Island10638.60.303 sq mi
02837Rhode Island3,35850.422.6 sq mi
02838Manville, Rhode IslandRhode Island3,30139.21.501 sq mi
02839Mapleville, Rhode IslandRhode Island1,861414.478 sq mi
02840Newport, Rhode IslandRhode Island22,29938.88.12 sq mi
02841Newport, Rhode IslandRhode Island1,37029.90.675 sq mi
02842Rhode Island15,60642.113.39 sq mi
02852Rhode Island22,48044.932.48 sq mi
02857North ScituateRhode Island8,40246.445.77 sq mi
02858Oakland, Rhode IslandRhode Island50736.30.618 sq mi
02859Pascoag, Rhode IslandRhode Island6,81242.429.73 sq mi
02860Pawtucket, Rhode IslandRhode Island43,99534.75.69 sq mi
02861Pawtucket, Rhode IslandRhode Island25,79840.93.681 sq mi
02862Pawtucket, Rhode IslandRhode Island
02863Central Falls, Rhode IslandRhode Island18,808301.292 sq mi
02864Rhode Island33,28442.428.15 sq mi
02865Rhode Island17,63143.717.44 sq mi
02871Portsmouth, Rhode IslandRhode Island16,26944.618.53 sq mi
02872Prudence IslandRhode Island15357.26.16 sq mi
02873RockvilleRhode Island228423.012 sq mi
02874Saunderstown, Rhode IslandRhode Island5,73742.515.85 sq mi
02875ShannockRhode Island286411.16 sq mi
02876Slatersville, Rhode IslandRhode Island44239.80.262 sq mi
02877SlocumRhode Island
02878Rhode Island15,3904631.11 sq mi
02879Wakefield, Rhode IslandRhode Island20,47145.941.9 sq mi
02880Wakefield, Rhode IslandRhode Island
02881Kingston, Rhode IslandRhode Island7,88020.13.63 sq mi
02882Rhode Island13,82941.315 sq mi
02883Rhode Island
02885Warren, Rhode IslandRhode Island10,51444.37.57 sq mi
02886Warwick, Rhode IslandRhode Island29,71944.415.62 sq mi
02887Warwick, Rhode IslandRhode Island
02888Warwick, Rhode IslandRhode Island19,75543.26.41 sq mi
02889Warwick, Rhode IslandRhode Island27,40241.59.35 sq mi
02891Westerly, Rhode IslandRhode Island21,23645.428.74 sq mi
02892West KingstonRhode Island4,96743.829.35 sq mi
02893West WarwickRhode Island28,30739.28.08 sq mi
02894Wood River Junction, Rhode IslandRhode Island82739.44.455 sq mi
02895Woonsocket, Rhode IslandRhode Island40,60036.77.93 sq mi
02896Rhode Island11,7164424.48 sq mi
02898Wyoming, Rhode IslandRhode Island1,70440.411.68 sq mi
02901Providence, Rhode IslandRhode Island
02902Providence, Rhode IslandRhode Island
02903Providence, Rhode IslandRhode Island11,96923.92.282 sq mi
02904Providence, Rhode IslandRhode Island30,56840.15.31 sq mi
02905Providence, Rhode IslandRhode Island25,07931.84.602 sq mi
02906Providence, Rhode IslandRhode Island26,48030.43.946 sq mi
02907Providence, Rhode IslandRhode Island27,39029.72.309 sq mi
02908Providence, Rhode IslandRhode Island36,463283.157 sq mi
02909Providence, Rhode IslandRhode Island42,87927.63.49 sq mi
02910Cranston, Rhode IslandRhode Island20,751383.613 sq mi
02911Rhode Island14,49439.92.545 sq mi
02912Providence, Rhode IslandRhode Island1,19021.51,212,278 sq ft
02914East Providence, Rhode IslandRhode Island22,03140.15.29 sq mi
02915Riverside, Rhode IslandRhode Island16,12644.45.85 sq mi
02916Rumford, Rhode IslandRhode Island7,76343.72.971 sq mi
02917Rhode Island13,85637.122.44 sq mi
02918Providence, Rhode IslandRhode Island
02919Rhode Island29,99544.124.37 sq mi
02920Cranston, Rhode IslandRhode Island37,07241.19.43 sq mi
02921Cranston, Rhode IslandRhode Island12,50342.513.27 sq mi
02940Providence, Rhode IslandRhode Island

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Rhode Island Demographic Information

Population1.0 million
Population Density675.3 / mi²
Male Population504,634 (48.4%)
Female Population538,692 (51.6%)
Median Age39.8
Male Median Age38.1
Female Median Age41.3
Businesses in Rhode Island70,572
Population (1975)966,563
Population (2000)1,052,875
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +7.9%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 -0.9%

Rhode Island

Rhode Island (/ˌroʊdˈaɪlənd/), officially the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, is a state in the New England region of the United States. Rhode Island is the smallest in area, the eighth least populous, and the second most densely po..  ︎  Rhode Island Wikipedia Page