80 Zip Codes in San Diego

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TimezonePacific Time
Area372.4 sq mi
Population1.4 million (More Details)
Male Population688,586 (50.8%)
Female Population665,696 (49.2%)
Median Age33.6
Zip Codes92092, 92093, 92101 (77 more)
Area Codes559, 760, 949 (6 more)

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80 Zip Codes in San Diego, California

Zip CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationMedian AgeArea
92092San DiegoCalifornia
92093San DiegoCalifornia
92101San DiegoCalifornia38,15637.44.946 sq mi
92102San DiegoCalifornia45,45930.74.641 sq mi
92103San DiegoCalifornia32,25239.13.777 sq mi
92104San DiegoCalifornia47,31034.73.765 sq mi
92105San DiegoCalifornia74,09129.35.58 sq mi
92106San DiegoCalifornia19,57038.45.8 sq mi
92107San DiegoCalifornia28,389343.177 sq mi
92108San DiegoCalifornia19,234324.426 sq mi
92109San DiegoCalifornia47,62831.111.34 sq mi
92110San DiegoCalifornia24,73033.14.959 sq mi
92111San DiegoCalifornia47,74735.68.47 sq mi
92112San DiegoCalifornia
92113San DiegoCalifornia58,59626.25.26 sq mi
92114San DiegoCalifornia66,83433.68.25 sq mi
92115San DiegoCalifornia58,10528.76.53 sq mi
92116San DiegoCalifornia31,236363.448 sq mi
92117San DiegoCalifornia52,21738.78.77 sq mi
92118Coronado, CaliforniaCalifornia21,90033.28.09 sq mi
92119San DiegoCalifornia24,57543.77.08 sq mi
92120San DiegoCalifornia27,05041.96.82 sq mi
92121San DiegoCalifornia5,3193112.28 sq mi
92122San DiegoCalifornia43,85132.515.95 sq mi
92123San DiegoCalifornia28,99331.98.18 sq mi
92124San DiegoCalifornia31,6133110.54 sq mi
92126San DiegoCalifornia75,50533.412.61 sq mi
92127San DiegoCalifornia40,42235.122.59 sq mi
92128San DiegoCalifornia49,11942.711.21 sq mi
92129San DiegoCalifornia52,57837.614.07 sq mi
92130San DiegoCalifornia50,82137.518.46 sq mi
92131San DiegoCalifornia34,98638.425.35 sq mi
92132San DiegoCalifornia1,43945.6841,777 sq ft
92134San DiegoCalifornia18732.30.181 sq mi
92136San DiegoCalifornia
92137San DiegoCalifornia
92138San DiegoCalifornia
92139San DiegoCalifornia35,64933.13.621 sq mi
92140San DiegoCalifornia3,87919.80.669 sq mi
92142San DiegoCalifornia
92145San DiegoCalifornia1,50831.73.357 sq mi
92147San DiegoCalifornia57828.12,696,459 sq ft
92149San DiegoCalifornia
92150San DiegoCalifornia
92152San DiegoCalifornia
92153San DiegoCalifornia
92154San DiegoCalifornia88,84532.137.7 sq mi
92155San DiegoCalifornia53428.60.215 sq mi
92158San DiegoCalifornia
92159San DiegoCalifornia
92160San DiegoCalifornia
92161San DiegoCalifornia
92162San DiegoCalifornia
92163San DiegoCalifornia
92164San DiegoCalifornia
92165San DiegoCalifornia
92166San DiegoCalifornia
92167San DiegoCalifornia
92168San DiegoCalifornia
92169San DiegoCalifornia
92170San DiegoCalifornia
92171San DiegoCalifornia
92172San DiegoCalifornia
92174San DiegoCalifornia
92175San DiegoCalifornia
92176San DiegoCalifornia
92177San DiegoCalifornia
92179San DiegoCalifornia
92182San DiegoCalifornia
92186San DiegoCalifornia
92187San DiegoCalifornia
92190San DiegoCalifornia
92191San DiegoCalifornia
92192San DiegoCalifornia
92193San DiegoCalifornia
92195San DiegoCalifornia
92196San DiegoCalifornia
92197San DiegoCalifornia
92198San DiegoCalifornia
92199San DiegoCalifornia

San Diego, California Demographic Information

Population1.4 million
Population Density3,636 / mi²
Male Population688,586 (50.8%)
Female Population665,696 (49.2%)
Median Age33.6
Male Median Age32.6
Female Median Age34.7
Businesses in San Diego, California112,559
Population (1975)983,006
Population (2000)1,191,890
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +37.8%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +13.6%

San Diego

San Diego /ˌsæn diːˈeɪɡoʊ/ (Spanish for "Saint Didacus") is a major city in California, on the coast of the Pacific Ocean in Southern California, approximately 120 miles (190 km) south of Los Angeles and immediately adjacent to the border with Mexico..  ︎  San Diego Wikipedia Page