56 Zip Codes in San Jose, California

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TimezonePacific Time
Area180 sq mi
Population965,820 (More Details)
Male Population485,766 (50.3%)
Female Population480,052 (49.7%)
Median Age35.2
Zip Codes95101, 95103, 95106 (53 more)
Area Codes209, 650, 831 (5 more)

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56 Zip Codes in San Jose, California

Zip CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationMedian AgeArea
95101San Jose, CaliforniaCalifornia
95103San Jose, CaliforniaCalifornia
95106San Jose, CaliforniaCalifornia
95108San Jose, CaliforniaCalifornia
95109San Jose, CaliforniaCalifornia
95110San Jose, CaliforniaCalifornia18,45531.64.654 sq mi
95111San Jose, CaliforniaCalifornia58,01832.15.42 sq mi
95112San Jose, CaliforniaCalifornia57,59030.37.11 sq mi
95113San Jose, CaliforniaCalifornia1,41032.50.335 sq mi
95115San Jose, CaliforniaCalifornia
95116San Jose, CaliforniaCalifornia51,12331.13.581 sq mi
95117San Jose, CaliforniaCalifornia31,64733.92.565 sq mi
95118San Jose, CaliforniaCalifornia32,688384.134 sq mi
95119San Jose, CaliforniaCalifornia10,98137.12.821 sq mi
95120San Jose, CaliforniaCalifornia38,56943.840.44 sq mi
95121San Jose, CaliforniaCalifornia39,47235.24.441 sq mi
95122San Jose, CaliforniaCalifornia57,91230.44.754 sq mi
95123San Jose, CaliforniaCalifornia61,84735.88.34 sq mi
95124San Jose, CaliforniaCalifornia48,02339.86.57 sq mi
95125San Jose, CaliforniaCalifornia54,02339.87.98 sq mi
95126San Jose, CaliforniaCalifornia30,55333.73.287 sq mi
95127San Jose, CaliforniaCalifornia61,96532.713 sq mi
95128San Jose, CaliforniaCalifornia32,99635.53.911 sq mi
95129San Jose, CaliforniaCalifornia40,46838.64.51 sq mi
95130San Jose, CaliforniaCalifornia14,76137.91.573 sq mi
95131San Jose, CaliforniaCalifornia30,66535.75.84 sq mi
95132San Jose, CaliforniaCalifornia39,13738.452.79 sq mi
95133San Jose, CaliforniaCalifornia27,74435.33.199 sq mi
95134San Jose, CaliforniaCalifornia16,81931.810.05 sq mi
95135San Jose, CaliforniaCalifornia20,81743.330.59 sq mi
95136San Jose, CaliforniaCalifornia44,37134.34.699 sq mi
95138San Jose, CaliforniaCalifornia19,23636.426.06 sq mi
95139San Jose, CaliforniaCalifornia6,64937.41.241 sq mi
95141San Jose, CaliforniaCalifornia
95148San Jose, CaliforniaCalifornia45,49736.19.51 sq mi
95150San Jose, CaliforniaCalifornia
95151San Jose, CaliforniaCalifornia
95152San Jose, CaliforniaCalifornia
95153San Jose, CaliforniaCalifornia
95154San Jose, CaliforniaCalifornia
95155San Jose, CaliforniaCalifornia
95156San Jose, CaliforniaCalifornia
95157San Jose, CaliforniaCalifornia
95158San Jose, CaliforniaCalifornia
95160San Jose, CaliforniaCalifornia
95161San Jose, CaliforniaCalifornia
95164San Jose, CaliforniaCalifornia
95170San Jose, CaliforniaCalifornia
95172San Jose, CaliforniaCalifornia
95173San Jose, CaliforniaCalifornia
95190San Jose, CaliforniaCalifornia
95191San Jose, CaliforniaCalifornia
95192San Jose, CaliforniaCalifornia
95193San Jose, CaliforniaCalifornia
95194San Jose, CaliforniaCalifornia
95196San Jose, CaliforniaCalifornia

San Jose, California Demographic Information

Population Density5,366 / mi²
Male Population485,766 (50.3%)
Female Population480,052 (49.7%)
Median Age35.2
Male Median Age34.4
Female Median Age36
Businesses in San Jose, California60,306
Population (1975)605,561
Population (2000)900,431
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +59.5%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +7.3%

San Jose, California

San Jose (pronounced IPA: /ˌsæn hoʊˈzeɪ/; Spanish for Saint Joseph), sometimes stylized as San José, is the third-largest city by population in California, the tenth-largest by population in the United States, and the county seat of Santa Clara Count..  ︎  San Jose, California Wikipedia Page