384 Zip Codes in South Dakota

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South Dakota has 384 zip codes and they range from 57001 to 57799. The average area for zip codes in South Dakota is 209 sq mi with the largest being 57625 in North Eagle Butte at 1,319.4 sq mi and the smallest being 57197 in Sioux Falls at 2,366,186 sq ft. In South Dakota the average population for a postal code is 2,264 with the most populated being zip code 57701 in Rapid City at 45,774. The median age for postal codes in South Dakota range from 20.8 years old for 57714 in Allen to 58.6 years old for 57437 in Eureka. The fastest growing postal code is 57077 in Worthing with population growth of 148.6% from 2000 to 2015, an average of 6.3% per year.

TimezoneCentral Time
Area77,116.2 sq mi
Population842,917 (More Details)
Male Population421,778 (50%)
Female Population421,140 (50%)
Median Age37.1
Zip Codes57001, 57002, 57003 (381 more)
Area Codes307, 308, 402 (5 more)

Postal Code Ranges

Zip CodesCityNumber of postal codes
57101 - 57198Sioux Falls14
57701 - 57709Rapid City4

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384 Zip Codes in South Dakota

Zip CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationMedian AgeArea
57001Alcester, South DakotaSouth Dakota1,78547.3127.3 sq mi
57002South Dakota91337.559.42 sq mi
57003Baltic, South DakotaSouth Dakota1,9063448.32 sq mi
57004Beresford, South DakotaSouth Dakota3,83141.1199 sq mi
57005Brandon, South DakotaSouth Dakota11,02534.251.66 sq mi
57006Brookings, South DakotaSouth Dakota25,87624.6157.4 sq mi
57007Brookings, South DakotaSouth Dakota
57010Burbank, South DakotaSouth Dakota49244.657.51 sq mi
57012South Dakota1,12642.985.91 sq mi
57014Centerville, South DakotaSouth Dakota1,49543.3133 sq mi
57015Chancellor, South DakotaSouth Dakota75540.449.01 sq mi
57016South Dakota69744.835.92 sq mi
57017South Dakota1,33037.5126.5 sq mi
57018Colton, South DakotaSouth Dakota1,45339.583.32 sq mi
57020Crooks, South DakotaSouth Dakota1,50934.616.22 sq mi
57021Davis, South DakotaSouth Dakota27044.531.13 sq mi
57022South Dakota5,35135.7131.6 sq mi
57024South Dakota43139.431.93 sq mi
57025South Dakota2,97339.6134.7 sq mi
57026South Dakota1,51937157.7 sq mi
57027South Dakota10037.25.97 sq mi
57028South Dakota3,38439.9200.5 sq mi
57029Freeman, South DakotaSouth Dakota1,94046191.5 sq mi
57030Garretson, South DakotaSouth Dakota3,08039.2150.6 sq mi
57031South Dakota72536.750.4 sq mi
57032Harrisburg, South DakotaSouth Dakota7,94528.648.88 sq mi
57033South Dakota4,97936.8118.6 sq mi
57034Hudson, South DakotaSouth Dakota9534472.56 sq mi
57035South Dakota1,26338.187.89 sq mi
57036South Dakota79340.291.49 sq mi
57037South Dakota86244.899.66 sq mi
57038South Dakota1,75640.555.86 sq mi
57039Lennox, South DakotaSouth Dakota4,36638.688.32 sq mi
57040Lesterville, South DakotaSouth Dakota38844.365.74 sq mi
57041Lyons, South DakotaSouth Dakota103472.978 sq mi
57042Madison, South DakotaSouth Dakota8,27439209.5 sq mi
57043Marion, South DakotaSouth Dakota1,32149109.2 sq mi
57045Menno, South DakotaSouth Dakota96349.5122 sq mi
57046South Dakota64543.147.67 sq mi
57047Monroe, South DakotaSouth Dakota24245.114.73 sq mi
57048South Dakota1,15537.4128.1 sq mi
57049North Sioux City, South DakotaSouth Dakota6,28638.415.73 sq mi
57050Nunda, South DakotaSouth Dakota19142.940.81 sq mi
57051Oldham, South DakotaSouth Dakota24449.565.49 sq mi
57052Olivet, South DakotaSouth Dakota37347.373.2 sq mi
57053South Dakota1,82540.3142.2 sq mi
57054Ramona, South DakotaSouth Dakota50547115.6 sq mi
57055Renner, South DakotaSouth Dakota1,1394517.49 sq mi
57057Rutland, South DakotaSouth Dakota15133.828.88 sq mi
57058South Dakota1,92043.7159.7 sq mi
57059Scotland, South DakotaSouth Dakota1,46947.5150.4 sq mi
57061Sinai, South DakotaSouth Dakota8238.10.217 sq mi
57062Springfield, South DakotaSouth Dakota2,35340.4107.5 sq mi
57063Tabor, South DakotaSouth Dakota98939.2105.8 sq mi
57064Tea, South DakotaSouth Dakota6,82328.926.02 sq mi
57065Trent, South DakotaSouth Dakota38745.530.31 sq mi
57066Tyndall, South DakotaSouth Dakota1,47048117 sq mi
57067Utica, South DakotaSouth Dakota50842.665.7 sq mi
57068South Dakota1,68240.244.85 sq mi
57069Vermillion, South DakotaSouth Dakota12,02424.3167.2 sq mi
57070Viborg, South DakotaSouth Dakota1,33247.195.03 sq mi
57071Volga, South DakotaSouth Dakota2,88336.7120.8 sq mi
57072South Dakota58841.886.93 sq mi
57073Wakonda, South DakotaSouth Dakota67649.768.99 sq mi
57075South Dakota88051.772.07 sq mi
57076South Dakota49433.4123.9 sq mi
57077Worthing, South DakotaSouth Dakota1,80531.245.55 sq mi
57078Yankton, South DakotaSouth Dakota19,27041116.3 sq mi
57101Sioux Falls, South DakotaSouth Dakota
57103Sioux Falls, South DakotaSouth Dakota35,98136.612.03 sq mi
57104Sioux Falls, South DakotaSouth Dakota28,46133.428.25 sq mi
57105Sioux Falls, South DakotaSouth Dakota22,27236.67.03 sq mi
57106Sioux Falls, South DakotaSouth Dakota43,46931.930.23 sq mi
57107Sioux Falls, South DakotaSouth Dakota8,91030.748.73 sq mi
57108South Dakota23,47034.930.85 sq mi
57109Sioux Falls, South DakotaSouth Dakota
57110Sioux Falls, South DakotaSouth Dakota13,6743620.59 sq mi
57117Sioux Falls, South DakotaSouth Dakota15050.52,611,789 sq ft
57118Sioux Falls, South DakotaSouth Dakota
57186Sioux Falls, South DakotaSouth Dakota
57193Sioux Falls, South DakotaSouth Dakota
57197Sioux Falls, South DakotaSouth Dakota87522.32,366,186 sq ft
57198Sioux Falls, South DakotaSouth Dakota
57201Watertown, South DakotaSouth Dakota25,35039.8338.2 sq mi
57212Arlington, South DakotaSouth Dakota2,02145.3238.5 sq mi
57213Astoria, South DakotaSouth Dakota48048.572.4 sq mi
57214South Dakota44424.134 sq mi
57216Big Stone City, South DakotaSouth Dakota1,03152.368.76 sq mi
57217Bradley, South DakotaSouth Dakota22748103.5 sq mi
57218Brandt, South DakotaSouth Dakota31642.369.98 sq mi
57219Bristol, South DakotaSouth Dakota53052.1162.9 sq mi
57220BruceSouth Dakota78943.7114 sq mi
57221Bryant, South DakotaSouth Dakota82735103.7 sq mi
57223Castlewood, South DakotaSouth Dakota1,38738.8131.6 sq mi
57224Claire City, South DakotaSouth Dakota19241.851.96 sq mi
57225Clark, South DakotaSouth Dakota1,74946.8281.6 sq mi
57226South Dakota2,02442.2195.3 sq mi
57227Corona, South DakotaSouth Dakota41949.344.74 sq mi
57231South Dakota1,57748.4285.5 sq mi
57232South Dakota30446.398.3 sq mi
57233Erwin, South DakotaSouth Dakota1145434.26 sq mi
57234South Dakota1,31045.8105.5 sq mi
57235Florence, South DakotaSouth Dakota85538.8143.7 sq mi
57236Garden City, South DakotaSouth Dakota11047.649.27 sq mi
57237Gary, South DakotaSouth Dakota64248.997.32 sq mi
57238Bemis, South DakotaSouth Dakota48440.977.37 sq mi
57239Grenville, South DakotaSouth Dakota21058.248.07 sq mi
57241South Dakota1,07630.4108.1 sq mi
57242Hazel, South DakotaSouth Dakota43330.982 sq mi
57243Henry, South DakotaSouth Dakota61543.4125.3 sq mi
57245South Dakota116420.482 sq mi
57246La Bolt, South DakotaSouth Dakota1554830.69 sq mi
57247Lake City, South DakotaSouth Dakota31356.468.33 sq mi
57248Lake Norden, South DakotaSouth Dakota1,07345.582.81 sq mi
57249South Dakota92047.6158.6 sq mi
57251Marvin, South DakotaSouth Dakota12352.448.75 sq mi
57252Milbank, South DakotaSouth Dakota4,60444.7164.1 sq mi
57255New Effington, South DakotaSouth Dakota53442.6107.7 sq mi
57256Ortley, South DakotaSouth Dakota11540.228.9 sq mi
57257Peever, South DakotaSouth Dakota80529.574.62 sq mi
57258Raymond, South DakotaSouth Dakota36040.8121.9 sq mi
57259Revillo, South DakotaSouth Dakota48944.8136.7 sq mi
57260Rosholt, South DakotaSouth Dakota1,09246.6174.9 sq mi
57261Roslyn, South DakotaSouth Dakota29154.976.78 sq mi
57262South Dakota4,94834357.4 sq mi
57263South Shore, South DakotaSouth Dakota45339.994.84 sq mi
57264South Dakota20940.743.49 sq mi
57265Strandburg, South DakotaSouth Dakota21846.283.06 sq mi
57266Summit, South DakotaSouth Dakota60936.7133.8 sq mi
57268Toronto, South DakotaSouth Dakota4424363.59 sq mi
57269South Dakota39342.6101.3 sq mi
57270South Dakota90034.5172.8 sq mi
57271Vienna, South DakotaSouth Dakota24840.987.28 sq mi
57272Wallace, South DakotaSouth Dakota17635.334.58 sq mi
57273South Dakota1,24743.8196.9 sq mi
57274Webster, South DakotaSouth Dakota2,68547.1412.8 sq mi
57276White, South DakotaSouth Dakota1,24339.2124.9 sq mi
57278Willow Lake, South DakotaSouth Dakota69141.3178.8 sq mi
57279Wilmot, South DakotaSouth Dakota1,06048.7148.5 sq mi
57301Mitchell, South DakotaSouth Dakota18,50638.4243.3 sq mi
57311Alexandria, South DakotaSouth Dakota1,68632.9186 sq mi
57312Alpena, South DakotaSouth Dakota49241.1106.7 sq mi
57313Armour, South DakotaSouth Dakota1,04450.5174.9 sq mi
57314Artesian, South DakotaSouth Dakota65148.8281.1 sq mi
57315Avon, South DakotaSouth Dakota97043.5121.1 sq mi
57317Bonesteel, South DakotaSouth Dakota49947.9164.4 sq mi
57319Bridgewater, South DakotaSouth Dakota96746.2148.1 sq mi
57321South Dakota35943.6116.2 sq mi
57322Carpenter, South DakotaSouth Dakota30341.4160.8 sq mi
57323South Dakota19648.590.36 sq mi
57324Cavour, South DakotaSouth Dakota38546.374.14 sq mi
57325Chamberlain, South DakotaSouth Dakota2,99545.1245.2 sq mi
57326Chamberlain, South DakotaSouth Dakota
57328Corsica, South DakotaSouth Dakota1,06547.9162.4 sq mi
57329Dante, South DakotaSouth Dakota24341.464.04 sq mi
57330Delmont, South DakotaSouth Dakota58446128 sq mi
57331Dimock, South DakotaSouth Dakota43842.273.64 sq mi
57332Emery, South DakotaSouth Dakota74539.5103 sq mi
57334Ethan, South DakotaSouth Dakota87934.3106.9 sq mi
57335Fairfax, South DakotaSouth Dakota22851.2116.8 sq mi
57337Fedora, South DakotaSouth Dakota12747.280.36 sq mi
57339Fort Thompson, South DakotaSouth Dakota1,46223138.4 sq mi
57340Fulton, South DakotaSouth Dakota36136.880.62 sq mi
57341Gann Valley, South DakotaSouth Dakota14541253.2 sq mi
57342Geddes, South DakotaSouth Dakota53945168.5 sq mi
57344Harrison, South DakotaSouth Dakota12844.234.84 sq mi
57345Highmore, South DakotaSouth Dakota1,13648660.1 sq mi
57346Stephan, South DakotaSouth Dakota6329.253.87 sq mi
57348Hitchcock, South DakotaSouth Dakota51445252.9 sq mi
57349Howard, South DakotaSouth Dakota1,36347.7232.9 sq mi
57350Huron, South DakotaSouth Dakota14,54440.6312.8 sq mi
57353Iroquois, South DakotaSouth Dakota80442.1310.9 sq mi
57354Kaylor, South DakotaSouth Dakota
57355Kimball, South DakotaSouth Dakota1,32038.8393.2 sq mi
57356Lake Andes, South DakotaSouth Dakota1,95432.6166.4 sq mi
57358Lane, South DakotaSouth Dakota280.953 sq mi
57359South Dakota63840.4167.3 sq mi
57361Marty, South DakotaSouth Dakota20422.62.872 sq mi
57362Miller, South DakotaSouth Dakota2,05048.7502.4 sq mi
57363South Dakota1,00838.2178.4 sq mi
57364New Holland, South DakotaSouth Dakota480.123 sq mi
57365South Dakota50844.671.36 sq mi
57366Parkston, South DakotaSouth Dakota2,15445.7223.5 sq mi
57367Pickstown, South DakotaSouth Dakota20452.23.97 sq mi
57368South Dakota1,14636.9235.8 sq mi
57369Platte, South DakotaSouth Dakota2,44845.2469 sq mi
57370South Dakota79940.1218.3 sq mi
57371Ree Heights, South DakotaSouth Dakota22345.6197.9 sq mi
57373St. Lawrence, South DakotaSouth Dakota40446.9204.1 sq mi
57374Spencer, South DakotaSouth Dakota34044.875.83 sq mi
57375Stickney, South DakotaSouth Dakota60547.8146.2 sq mi
57376Tripp, South DakotaSouth Dakota97151.8156.7 sq mi
57379Virgil, South DakotaSouth Dakota8644.153.94 sq mi
57380Wagner, South DakotaSouth Dakota3,39134.9283.5 sq mi
57381South Dakota47750.9306.5 sq mi
57382Wessington Springs, South DakotaSouth Dakota1,50250.4445.6 sq mi
57383South Dakota68946.4263.2 sq mi
57384South Dakota84144.4212.1 sq mi
57385South Dakota1,13647.6231.7 sq mi
57386Yale, South DakotaSouth Dakota2014154.32 sq mi
57399Huron, South DakotaSouth Dakota
57401South Dakota30,22437.6292 sq mi
57402Aberdeen, South DakotaSouth Dakota
57420Akaska, South DakotaSouth Dakota6845.746.2 sq mi
57421Amherst, South DakotaSouth Dakota8841.539.58 sq mi
57422South Dakota22750.2111 sq mi
57424Ashton, South DakotaSouth Dakota26946.7152 sq mi
57426Barnard, South DakotaSouth Dakota6245.97 sq mi
57427South Dakota62538.860.29 sq mi
57428South Dakota67846.4192.4 sq mi
57429Brentford, South DakotaSouth Dakota8835.527.11 sq mi
57430Britton, South DakotaSouth Dakota2,24344.7370.2 sq mi
57432Claremont, South DakotaSouth Dakota46840103.2 sq mi
57433South Dakota39349.8130.8 sq mi
57434South Dakota54144.6288.9 sq mi
57435Cresbard, South DakotaSouth Dakota23349.4141.6 sq mi
57436Doland, South DakotaSouth Dakota35049.6213.1 sq mi
57437Eureka, South DakotaSouth Dakota1,17158.6578.8 sq mi
57438Faulkton, South DakotaSouth Dakota1,47643.6479.9 sq mi
57439Ferney, South DakotaSouth Dakota515 sq mi
57440South Dakota56431.4143.3 sq mi
57441South Dakota61244.5285.8 sq mi
57442Gettysburg, South DakotaSouth Dakota1,48849.8657.2 sq mi
57445South Dakota2,08041.1256 sq mi
57446South Dakota47054.1156.9 sq mi
57448Hosmer, South DakotaSouth Dakota33054.2180 sq mi
57449Houghton, South DakotaSouth Dakota14251.283.5 sq mi
57450Hoven, South DakotaSouth Dakota62150.3203.5 sq mi
57451Ipswich, South DakotaSouth Dakota2,19746.2442 sq mi
57452Java, South DakotaSouth Dakota26149.5199.7 sq mi
57454Langford, South DakotaSouth Dakota55448.8154.1 sq mi
57455Lebanon, South DakotaSouth Dakota8753.6127.8 sq mi
57456Leola, South DakotaSouth Dakota79142.4408.6 sq mi
57457Long Lake, South DakotaSouth Dakota8254.7127.2 sq mi
57460Mansfield, South DakotaSouth Dakota35642123.5 sq mi
57461South Dakota36446.3123.5 sq mi
57465South Dakota34042.9155.3 sq mi
57466Onaka, South DakotaSouth Dakota11850.1145.8 sq mi
57467Orient, South DakotaSouth Dakota27944.8188.3 sq mi
57468Pierpont, South DakotaSouth Dakota23047.179.55 sq mi
57469South Dakota3,03745.3294.5 sq mi
57470Rockham, South DakotaSouth Dakota13751.5151.6 sq mi
57471Roscoe, South DakotaSouth Dakota64543353.6 sq mi
57472Selby, South DakotaSouth Dakota90551.3274.2 sq mi
57473Seneca, South DakotaSouth Dakota14547.2168.6 sq mi
57474Stratford, South DakotaSouth Dakota20039.960.79 sq mi
57475Tolstoy, South DakotaSouth Dakota15052118.9 sq mi
57476Tulare, South DakotaSouth Dakota42844.2166.3 sq mi
57477Turton, South DakotaSouth Dakota10652.391.48 sq mi
57479Warner, South DakotaSouth Dakota64237.653.18 sq mi
57481Westport, South DakotaSouth Dakota58137.3183.1 sq mi
57501Pierre, South DakotaSouth Dakota16,39239.8682.1 sq mi
57520Agar, South DakotaSouth Dakota14554.3147.5 sq mi
57521Belvidere, South DakotaSouth Dakota17446.7388.6 sq mi
57522Blunt, South DakotaSouth Dakota46646118.1 sq mi
57523Burke, South DakotaSouth Dakota1,04747.1274.3 sq mi
57528Colome, South DakotaSouth Dakota68843.5200.1 sq mi
57529Dallas, South DakotaSouth Dakota36844.8249.7 sq mi
57531South Dakota20549.7336.5 sq mi
57532Fort Pierre, South DakotaSouth Dakota2,90042.81,236.8 sq mi
57533Gregory, South DakotaSouth Dakota1,78848.8415.8 sq mi
57534Hamill, South DakotaSouth Dakota16045.8185.7 sq mi
57536Harrold, South DakotaSouth Dakota47142.5391.5 sq mi
57537South Dakota8540.4213.2 sq mi
57538Herrick, South DakotaSouth Dakota28845.4132.8 sq mi
57540Holabird, South DakotaSouth Dakota9841.8142.6 sq mi
57541Ideal, South DakotaSouth Dakota15537.9119.5 sq mi
57543Kadoka, South DakotaSouth Dakota88845.5464.7 sq mi
57544Kennebec, South DakotaSouth Dakota40843.4325.4 sq mi
57547Long Valley, South DakotaSouth Dakota14244.4253.2 sq mi
57548South Dakota1,34123.3152.4 sq mi
57551Martin, South DakotaSouth Dakota2,20932.3730.8 sq mi
57552South Dakota52248.11,028.5 sq mi
57553Milesville, South DakotaSouth Dakota14038266.2 sq mi
57555Mission, South DakotaSouth Dakota3,91224.3420.5 sq mi
57559Murdo, South DakotaSouth Dakota58546.5380.2 sq mi
57560South Dakota42624.3164.1 sq mi
57562Okaton, South DakotaSouth Dakota8929.4110.5 sq mi
57563Okreek, South DakotaSouth Dakota24530.228.98 sq mi
57564Onida, South DakotaSouth Dakota92943.2526.4 sq mi
57566Parmelee, South DakotaSouth Dakota1,07921.5175 sq mi
57567Philip, South DakotaSouth Dakota1,31549.3982.8 sq mi
57568Presho, South DakotaSouth Dakota66846.8369.2 sq mi
57569Reliance, South DakotaSouth Dakota43543.4369.2 sq mi
57570Rosebud, South DakotaSouth Dakota2,09123.295.25 sq mi
57571St. Charles, South DakotaSouth Dakota80.389 sq mi
57572St. Francis, South DakotaSouth Dakota1,89223.3167.8 sq mi
57574Tuthill, South DakotaSouth Dakota10450.8196.7 sq mi
57576Vivian, South DakotaSouth Dakota20047.1217.4 sq mi
57577Wanblee, South DakotaSouth Dakota1,20922.4236.8 sq mi
57579White River, South DakotaSouth Dakota1,30335.3653.8 sq mi
57580Keyapaha, South DakotaSouth Dakota4,15045.11,083.9 sq mi
57584Witten, South DakotaSouth Dakota11548.195.87 sq mi
57585Wood, South DakotaSouth Dakota22346.9332.2 sq mi
57601Mobridge, South DakotaSouth Dakota3,79743.6222.2 sq mi
57620Bison, South DakotaSouth Dakota48046.8370.3 sq mi
57621Bullhead, South DakotaSouth Dakota36822.296.21 sq mi
57622Cherry Creek, South DakotaSouth Dakota33221.5108.9 sq mi
57623South Dakota1,08832.8790.2 sq mi
57625North Eagle Butte, South DakotaSouth Dakota4,08125.81,319.4 sq mi
57626Faith, South DakotaSouth Dakota97339.21,210.9 sq mi
57630Glencross, South DakotaSouth Dakota3010.97 sq mi
57631Glenham, South DakotaSouth Dakota33450.9189.6 sq mi
57632Herreid, South DakotaSouth Dakota57149.5203.7 sq mi
57633Isabel, South DakotaSouth Dakota40143.1755.8 sq mi
57634South Dakota11848.7221 sq mi
57636Lantry, South DakotaSouth Dakota15725.920.53 sq mi
57638Lemmon, South DakotaSouth Dakota1,79450.7987.3 sq mi
57639Little Eagle, South DakotaSouth Dakota3542121.32 sq mi
57640Lodgepole, South DakotaSouth Dakota16454.2399.4 sq mi
57641McIntosh, South DakotaSouth Dakota28949.6329.1 sq mi
57642McLaughlin, South DakotaSouth Dakota1,87828603 sq mi
57644Meadow, South DakotaSouth Dakota32044.2805.4 sq mi
57645Morristown, South DakotaSouth Dakota20745.2250.3 sq mi
57646Mound City, South DakotaSouth Dakota17952.2138.6 sq mi
57648Pollock, South DakotaSouth Dakota30354.4170.1 sq mi
57649Prairie City, South DakotaSouth Dakota20344.4482.9 sq mi
57650Ralph, South DakotaSouth Dakota2765.02 sq mi
57651Reva, South DakotaSouth Dakota11044.4310.1 sq mi
57652South Dakota38228.3481.4 sq mi
57656Timber Lake, South DakotaSouth Dakota68538.9443.7 sq mi
57657Trail City, South DakotaSouth Dakota19347.2276.2 sq mi
57658Wakpala, South DakotaSouth Dakota43526.1160.8 sq mi
57659Walker, South DakotaSouth Dakota
57660Watauga, South DakotaSouth Dakota9443.2282.9 sq mi
57661Whitehorse, South DakotaSouth Dakota5920.320.68 sq mi
57701Rapid City, South DakotaSouth Dakota45,77433.371.04 sq mi
57702Rapid City, South DakotaSouth Dakota34,98243.6294 sq mi
57703Rapid City, South DakotaSouth Dakota15,01634128.6 sq mi
57706South Dakota3,00421.96.44 sq mi
57709Rapid City, South DakotaSouth Dakota
57714Allen, South DakotaSouth Dakota85120.8186.7 sq mi
57716Batesland, South DakotaSouth Dakota49330.2181.6 sq mi
57717South Dakota8,38239.11,253.8 sq mi
57718Blackhawk, South DakotaSouth Dakota6,28437.322.64 sq mi
57719South Dakota6,49429.8166.7 sq mi
57720Buffalo, South DakotaSouth Dakota63743.21,299.5 sq mi
57722South Dakota29550478.9 sq mi
57724Camp Crook, South DakotaSouth Dakota18541.6328.1 sq mi
57725Caputa, South DakotaSouth Dakota19646.6115.6 sq mi
57730Custer, South DakotaSouth Dakota5,61551.6534.5 sq mi
57732Deadwood, South DakotaSouth Dakota2,04748.5115.5 sq mi
57735Edgemont, South DakotaSouth Dakota1,30250918.3 sq mi
57737Enning, South DakotaSouth Dakota
57738Fairburn, South DakotaSouth Dakota18145.4149.9 sq mi
57741South Dakota7153.61.775 sq mi
57744Hermosa, South DakotaSouth Dakota2,34044.5504 sq mi
57745Hill City, South DakotaSouth Dakota2,23047367.9 sq mi
57747Hot Springs, South DakotaSouth Dakota5,69550.7450 sq mi
57748Howes, South DakotaSouth Dakota33626.1393.7 sq mi
57750Interior, South DakotaSouth Dakota29836.8275.8 sq mi
57751Keystone, South DakotaSouth Dakota88149.768.17 sq mi
57752Kyle, South DakotaSouth Dakota2,30223.9420.5 sq mi
57754Lead, South DakotaSouth Dakota3,96044.6235.6 sq mi
57755Ludlow, South DakotaSouth Dakota11237.7225.1 sq mi
57756MandersonSouth Dakota1,17222.3132.2 sq mi
57758Mud Butte, South DakotaSouth Dakota20441.2522 sq mi
57759Nemo, South DakotaSouth Dakota56333.658.29 sq mi
57760South Dakota1,40846.51,193.6 sq mi
57761New Underwood, South DakotaSouth Dakota1,27040.9536.8 sq mi
57762Nisland, South DakotaSouth Dakota55049.6106 sq mi
57763Oelrichs, South DakotaSouth Dakota27150.9413.5 sq mi
57764Oglala, South DakotaSouth Dakota1,99121.8352.8 sq mi
57766Oral, South DakotaSouth Dakota23650.2128.1 sq mi
57767Owanka, South DakotaSouth Dakota15741156.6 sq mi
57769Piedmont, South DakotaSouth Dakota3,61441.4126.9 sq mi
57770Pine Ridge, South DakotaSouth Dakota5,41923.5200 sq mi
57772South Dakota2,12323.5491.6 sq mi
57773Pringle, South DakotaSouth Dakota12747.211.2 sq mi
57775Quinn, South DakotaSouth Dakota23244.6320.3 sq mi
57776Redig, South DakotaSouth Dakota15124.7 sq mi
57779Saint Onge, South DakotaSouth Dakota34744.939.65 sq mi
57780Scenic, South DakotaSouth Dakota10546.9327.7 sq mi
57782Smithwick, South DakotaSouth Dakota60126.4 sq mi
57783Spearfish, South DakotaSouth Dakota14,84338.3235.1 sq mi
57785South Dakota9,53044.4598.4 sq mi
57787Union Center, South DakotaSouth Dakota35141.6588.3 sq mi
57788Vale, South DakotaSouth Dakota49847.6214.7 sq mi
57790WallSouth Dakota1,18843.6745.6 sq mi
57791Wasta, South DakotaSouth Dakota19239.2206.4 sq mi
57792White Owl, South DakotaSouth Dakota14440.8245 sq mi
57793Whitewood, South DakotaSouth Dakota1,99045.1147.9 sq mi
57794Wounded Knee, South DakotaSouth Dakota66623.150.46 sq mi
57799Spearfish, South DakotaSouth Dakota69721.50.141 sq mi

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South Dakota Demographic Information

Population Density10.9 / mi²
Male Population421,778 (50%)
Female Population421,140 (50%)
Median Age37.1
Male Median Age35.9
Female Median Age38.4
Businesses in South Dakota65,561
Population (1975)623,336
Population (2000)757,817
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +35.2%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +11.2%

South Dakota

South Dakota (/ˌsaʊθ dəˈkoʊtə/; locally /[ˌsɑʊθ dəˈko̞ɾə]/) is a state located in the Midwestern region of the United States. It is named after the Lakota and Dakota Sioux Native American tribes. South Dakota is the 17th most extensive, but the 5th l..  ︎  South Dakota Wikipedia Page