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Vermont has 304 zip codes, most of which range from 05001 to 05907. The average area zip codes in Vermont is 36.91 sq mi with the largest being 05905 at 191.1 sq mi and the smallest being 05664 at 442,883 sq ft. In Vermont the average population for a postal code is 2,403 with the most populated being zip code 05401 in Burlington at 28,585. The median age for postal codes in Vermont range from 19.1 years old for 05405 in Burlington to 58.8 years old for 05254 in Manchester. The fastest growing postal code is 05141 in Grafton with population growth of 24% from 2000 to 2015, an average of 1.4% per year.

TimezoneEastern Time
Area9,616.4 sq mi
Population627,073 (More Details)
Male Population308,853 (49.3%)
Female Population318,221 (50.7%)
Median Age41.7
Zip Codes05001, 05009, 05030 (301 more)
Area Codes603, 802

Postal Code Ranges

Zip CodesCityNumber of postal codes
05070 - 05072Strafford2
05302 - 05304Brattleboro3
05405 - 05408Burlington5
05601 - 05633Montpelier7

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304 Zip Codes in Vermont

Zip CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationMedian AgeArea
05001Hartford, VermontVermont8,9384343.92 sq mi
05030Ascutney, VermontVermont
05031Barnard, VermontVermont20552.510.14 sq mi
05032Vermont2,6104370.42 sq mi
05033Vermont2,75640.229.2 sq mi
05034Bridgewater, VermontVermont30247.25.71 sq mi
05035West BridgewaterVermont60949.232.08 sq mi
05036Vermont1,05246.233.68 sq mi
05037Brownsville, VermontVermont53448.510.47 sq mi
05038Chelsea, VermontVermont1,23847.339.71 sq mi
05039Vermont1,13345.244.13 sq mi
05040Corinth, VermontVermont45143.310.72 sq mi
05041Vermont34438.55.88 sq mi
05042Vermont58646.223.92 sq mi
05043East ThetfordVermont86743.88.25 sq mi
05045Vermont1,84247.153.57 sq mi
05046Vermont1,16842.961 sq mi
05048Vermont2,38644.827.61 sq mi
05051Vermont1,51847.848.59 sq mi
05052North Hartland, VermontVermont35242.82.755 sq mi
05053Pomfret, VermontVermont31451.18.75 sq mi
05055Vermont3,24344.541.23 sq mi
05056Plymouth, VermontVermont54150.843.31 sq mi
05058Post Mills, VermontVermont35042.54.109 sq mi
05059Quechee, VermontVermont83843.85.46 sq mi
05060RandolphVermont4,3734569.8 sq mi
05061Randolph, VermontVermont1,70430.525.87 sq mi
05062Vermont70447.642.87 sq mi
05065Sharon, VermontVermont9734432.69 sq mi
05067South PomfretVermont27350.516.45 sq mi
05068South Royalton, VermontVermont3,15837.552.08 sq mi
05069Ryegate, VermontVermont58242.312.18 sq mi
05070Strafford, VermontVermont50346.313.71 sq mi
05071South Woodstock, VermontVermont32753.719.35 sq mi
05072Strafford, VermontVermont5154626.37 sq mi
05075Thetford, VermontVermont1,10447.525.86 sq mi
05076Vermont39039.228.9 sq mi
05077Tunbridge, VermontVermont1,21645.342.39 sq mi
05079Vershire, VermontVermont73841.236.54 sq mi
05081Wells River (Vermont)Vermont58641.39.39 sq mi
05083Vermont115390.723 sq mi
05084West Hartford, VermontVermont14345.12.389 sq mi
05086Topsham, VermontVermont80642.224.5 sq mi
05088Wilder, VermontVermont
05089Brownsville, VermontVermont4,79045.741.35 sq mi
05091South PomfretVermont3,22651.567.46 sq mi
05101Bellows Falls, VermontVermont4,46041.835.23 sq mi
05141Grafton, VermontVermont1240.998 sq mi
05142Vermont69745.927.11 sq mi
05143Vermont4,23447.195.24 sq mi
05146Grafton, VermontVermont7195044.37 sq mi
05148Vermont1,1944727.37 sq mi
05149Vermont2,08249.744.55 sq mi
05150North Springfield, VermontVermont83448.72.48 sq mi
05151Perkinsville, VermontVermont1,56748.928.32 sq mi
05152Peru, VermontVermont45348.140.84 sq mi
05153Proctorsville, VermontVermont66448.712.63 sq mi
05154Saxtons River, VermontVermont70139.42.709 sq mi
05155South LondonderryVermont79446.341.75 sq mi
05156Vermont9,03543.560.79 sq mi
05158Vermont1,1524611.49 sq mi
05161Weston, VermontVermont54256.334.74 sq mi
05201Bennington, VermontVermont14,75442.293.42 sq mi
05250Vermont3,37847.791.91 sq mi
05251Vermont1,33952.235.04 sq mi
05252Vermont26741.839.21 sq mi
05253East DorsetVermont6704713.21 sq mi
05254Manchester (town), VermontVermont33458.82.021 sq mi
05255Manchester Center, VermontVermont4,03348.439.56 sq mi
05257North Bennington, VermontVermont2,62834.612.77 sq mi
05260North PownalVermont442409.69 sq mi
05261Pownal, VermontVermont2,69643.732.28 sq mi
05262South Shaftsbury, VermontVermont2,5914776.35 sq mi
05301Vermont16,53943.8151.2 sq mi
05302Brattleboro, VermontVermont
05303Brattleboro, VermontVermont
05304Brattleboro, VermontVermont
05340Vermont75349.444.02 sq mi
05341Dover, VermontVermont40147.913.11 sq mi
05342Jacksonville, VermontVermont58245.815.35 sq mi
05343Jamaica, VermontVermont91445.445.73 sq mi
05344Marlboro, VermontVermont
05345Williamsville, VermontVermont2,07446.550.53 sq mi
05346Putney, VermontVermont5,09843.169.01 sq mi
05350HeartwellvilleVermont75048.636.53 sq mi
05352Stamford, VermontVermont81747.239.61 sq mi
05353Townshend, VermontVermont1,07446.737.19 sq mi
05354Vernon, VermontVermont2,12645.720.08 sq mi
05355WardsboroVermont80344.927.32 sq mi
05356Vermont72050.222.18 sq mi
05357Dummerston, VermontVermont
05358Halifax, VermontVermont1955012.56 sq mi
05359Windham, VermontVermont57149.829.63 sq mi
05360Vermont24146.551.53 sq mi
05361Whitingham, VermontVermont93444.832.58 sq mi
05362Williamsville, VermontVermont169522.714 sq mi
05363Vermont1,99645.566.38 sq mi
05401Burlington, VermontVermont28,58526.96.06 sq mi
05402Burlington, VermontVermont
05403South Burlington, VermontVermont18,35439.716.57 sq mi
05404Winooski, VermontVermont7,15831.71.5 sq mi
05405Burlington, VermontVermont4,33719.10.232 sq mi
05406Burlington, VermontVermont
05407South Burlington, VermontVermont
05408Burlington, VermontVermont10,20942.24.503 sq mi
05439Essex Junction, VermontVermont1,54621.40.189 sq mi
05440Alburgh (town), VermontVermont1,82742.129.68 sq mi
05441Bakersfield, VermontVermont97438.331.93 sq mi
05442Belvidere, VermontVermont35742.832.02 sq mi
05443Lincoln, VermontVermont6,71042.4114.6 sq mi
05444Vermont1,67939.120.47 sq mi
05445Charlotte, VermontVermont3,8204541.36 sq mi
05446Vermont15,80439.537.53 sq mi
05447Vermont9538.80.308 sq mi
05448Vermont1,11941.140.7 sq mi
05450Enosburg Falls, VermontVermont5,02139.4120 sq mi
05451Essex Junction, VermontVermont
05454Fairfax, VermontVermont4,57238.848.71 sq mi
05455Vermont1,14139.433.56 sq mi
05456Ferrisburgh, VermontVermont1,30938.824.93 sq mi
05457Franklin, VermontVermont1,67138.840.79 sq mi
05458Grand Isle, VermontVermont1,91245.116.4 sq mi
05459Highgate, VermontVermont2,16537.226.12 sq mi
05460Highgate SpringsVermont
05461Vermont4,60141.341.51 sq mi
05462Vermont1,98840.638.01 sq mi
05463Isle La MotteVermont40945.67.89 sq mi
05464Jeffersonville, VermontVermont3,05237.465.21 sq mi
05465Vermont5,44542.343.67 sq mi
05466Jonesville, VermontVermont
05468West MiltonVermont13,16438.965.37 sq mi
05470Montgomery, VermontVermont
05471Vermont95143.451.7 sq mi
05472New HavenVermont1,64644.339.69 sq mi
05473North FerrisburghVermont1,39243.419.31 sq mi
05474North Hero, VermontVermont71849.613.45 sq mi
05476Vermont3,16040.764.23 sq mi
05477Jonesville, VermontVermont4,56641.146.96 sq mi
05478St. Albans (town), VermontVermont14,55739.161.04 sq mi
05479St. Albans (town), VermontVermont
05481Vermont0.354 sq mi
05482Vermont7,18846.625.27 sq mi
05483Vermont1,32740.121.32 sq mi
05485Sheldon Springs, VermontVermont8138.80.174 sq mi
05486South Hero, VermontVermont1,53248.214.96 sq mi
05487Starksboro, VermontVermont1,50639.945.11 sq mi
05488Swanton (town), VermontVermont7,62540.666.4 sq mi
05489Underhill, VermontVermont3,27643.553.13 sq mi
05490Underhill, VermontVermont
05491Vergennes, VermontVermont5,81742.789.66 sq mi
05492Waterville, VermontVermont68942.316.51 sq mi
05494WestfordVermont1,75341.534.44 sq mi
05495Williston, VermontVermont9,61043.734.06 sq mi
05601Montpelier, VermontVermont
05602Montpelier, VermontVermont11,95844.682.39 sq mi
05603Montpelier, VermontVermont
05604Montpelier, VermontVermont
05609Montpelier, VermontVermont
05620Montpelier, VermontVermont
05633Montpelier, VermontVermont
05640Adamant, VermontVermont16155.63.782 sq mi
05641Graniteville-East Barre, VermontVermont17,14342.254.45 sq mi
05647Vermont1,17042.930.11 sq mi
05648Vermont42747.89.14 sq mi
05649East Barre, VermontVermont56942.815.66 sq mi
05650Vermont1,08642.924.25 sq mi
05651Vermont1,54144.317.36 sq mi
05652Eden, VermontVermont84337.431.68 sq mi
05653Eden, VermontVermont50337.432.67 sq mi
05654Graniteville, VermontVermont95841.32.952 sq mi
05655Vermont2,92141.435.17 sq mi
05656Vermont3,57128.447.07 sq mi
05657Lake ElmoreVermont6958.30.491 sq mi
05658Vermont1,36443.338.37 sq mi
05660Vermont1,62545.239.98 sq mi
05661Morrisville, VermontVermont5,68042.366.64 sq mi
05662Moscow, VermontVermont
05663Vermont6,82829.954.97 sq mi
05664Vermont4439.9442,883 sq ft
05667Plainfield, VermontVermont2,16442.445.57 sq mi
05669Roxbury, VermontVermont66045.242.47 sq mi
05670South Barre, VermontVermont
05672Moscow, VermontVermont4,38244.772.82 sq mi
05673WaitsfieldVermont2,59345.454.99 sq mi
05674Vermont1,72245.239.98 sq mi
05675Washington, VermontVermont1,06545.339.78 sq mi
05676WaterburyVermont5,13941.2102.9 sq mi
05677Waterbury, VermontVermont2,09442.515.99 sq mi
05678Websterville, VermontVermont25340.50.745 sq mi
05679Vermont3,29042.439.95 sq mi
05680Vermont2,21039.967.04 sq mi
05681Woodbury, VermontVermont5304726.67 sq mi
05682Vermont1,25744.146.33 sq mi
05701Rutland (city), VermontVermont20,27944.658.71 sq mi
05702Rutland (city), VermontVermont
05730Belmont, VermontVermont32247.513.98 sq mi
05731Benson, VermontVermont
05732BomoseenVermont66845.811.43 sq mi
05733Brandon (CDP), VermontVermont5,79146.2115.9 sq mi
05734Bridport, VermontVermont1,27344.844.37 sq mi
05735Vermont4,24833.845.15 sq mi
05736Vermont73646.56.07 sq mi
05737Vermont79544.565.43 sq mi
05738Shrewsbury, VermontVermont1,03549.550.11 sq mi
05739Danby, VermontVermont1,3574354.84 sq mi
05740East Middlebury, VermontVermont3438.2843,014 sq ft
05742East WallingfordVermont54946.826.05 sq mi
05743Fair Haven, VermontVermont4,25743.6101.2 sq mi
05744Florence, VermontVermont48944.122.33 sq mi
05745Goshen, VermontVermont
05746Stockbridge, VermontVermont
05747Granville, VermontVermont2734350.7 sq mi
05748Vermont32048.838.12 sq mi
05751Killington, VermontVermont8024846.81 sq mi
05753Middlebury (village)Vermont10,4783385.85 sq mi
05757Middletown Springs, VermontVermont87348.424.51 sq mi
05758Vermont74847.230.47 sq mi
05759Clarendon, VermontVermont1,87947.618.17 sq mi
05760Orwell, VermontVermont1,10844.839.92 sq mi
05761Vermont97746.238.21 sq mi
05762Pittsfield, VermontVermont54245.620.03 sq mi
05763Chittenden, VermontVermont2,69045.728.86 sq mi
05764Vermont3,41034.744.24 sq mi
05765Proctor, VermontVermont1,74143.28.07 sq mi
05766Ripton, VermontVermont57246.545.75 sq mi
05767Vermont1,14949.857.41 sq mi
05769Vermont1,23346.832.33 sq mi
05770Vermont1,13444.641.56 sq mi
05772Stockbridge, VermontVermont68845.945.66 sq mi
05773Vermont2,10747.371.08 sq mi
05774Vermont1,09251.123.17 sq mi
05775West PawletVermont60441.712.8 sq mi
05776West RupertVermont69448.444.38 sq mi
05777West Rutland, VermontVermont3,26443.248.27 sq mi
05778Vermont76743.925.07 sq mi
05819Saint JohnsburyVermont9,52542.593.2 sq mi
05820Vermont66341.624.19 sq mi
05821Vermont1,28447.135.63 sq mi
05822Vermont1,87146.441.46 sq mi
05823Beebe Plain, VermontVermont
05824Vermont1,19543.753.97 sq mi
05825Vermont17243.42.57 sq mi
05826Craftsbury, VermontVermont99243.231.41 sq mi
05827Vermont31844.915.33 sq mi
05828Vermont1,95945.753.94 sq mi
05829Vermont1,98946.227.09 sq mi
05830Derby Line, VermontVermont1,4604332.04 sq mi
05832East Burke, VermontVermont9384329.53 sq mi
05833Vermont27050.314.49 sq mi
05836South WaldenVermont1,10344.628.88 sq mi
05837East Haven, VermontVermont33343.346 sq mi
05839Vermont79246.424.52 sq mi
05840Granby, VermontVermont
05841Vermont44257.930.42 sq mi
05842Vermont51240.818.3 sq mi
05843Vermont2,59038.936.45 sq mi
05845Irasburg, VermontVermont1,09542.942.18 sq mi
05846Island Pond, VermontVermont1,22449.257.12 sq mi
05847Lowell, VermontVermont88940.155.98 sq mi
05849Lyndon, VermontVermont
05850Lyndon, VermontVermont29719.90.418 sq mi
05851Lyndonville, VermontVermont6,57537.780.5 sq mi
05853Morgan, VermontVermont71951.632.88 sq mi
05855Newport (city), VermontVermont7,23242.365.18 sq mi
05857Newport (town), VermontVermont1,55246.143.11 sq mi
05858Vermont34946.378.44 sq mi
05859North Troy, VermontVermont1,74440.155.92 sq mi
05860Orleans, VermontVermont2,63143.477.98 sq mi
05862Peacham, VermontVermont37248.728.36 sq mi
05863Saint Johnsbury CenterVermont
05866Sheffield, VermontVermont76343.232.92 sq mi
05867Sutton, VermontVermont94242.536.23 sq mi
05868Westfield, VermontVermont47545.414.06 sq mi
05871West Burke, VermontVermont1,68743.147.65 sq mi
05872Vermont79749.425.5 sq mi
05873Walden, VermontVermont6814529.97 sq mi
05874Westfield, VermontVermont50947.436.83 sq mi
05875Barton, VermontVermont44345.317.39 sq mi
05901Averill, VermontVermont2272.537.57 sq mi
05902Beecher Falls, VermontVermont11745.31.124 sq mi
05903Canaan, VermontVermont94050.566.99 sq mi
05905Guildhall, VermontVermont75251191.1 sq mi
05906Lunenburg, VermontVermont1,18845.148.49 sq mi
05907Norton, VermontVermont15855.9111.8 sq mi

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Vermont Demographic Information

Population Density65.2 / mi²
Male Population308,853 (49.3%)
Female Population318,221 (50.7%)
Median Age41.7
Male Median Age40.6
Female Median Age42.8
Businesses in Vermont55,809
Population (1975)529,736
Population (2000)610,331
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +18.4%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +2.7%


Vermont (/vərˈmɒntˌ vɜːr-/) is a state in the New England part of the northeastern region of the United States. It borders the other US states of Massachusetts to the south, New Hampshire to the east, New York to the west, and the Canadian province o..  ︎  Vermont Wikipedia Page