276 Zip Codes in Washington, D.C

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TimezoneEastern Time
Area68.34 sq mi
Population610,472 (More Details)
Male Population288,852 (47.3%)
Female Population321,621 (52.7%)
Median Age33.9
Zip Codes20001, 20002, 20003 (273 more)
Area Codes202, 301, 703

Postal Code Ranges

Zip CodesCityNumber of postal codes
20001 - 20091, 20201 - 20599Washington, D.C.276
20429 - 20433, 20451 - 20456Foggy Bottom12
20540 - 20543, 20557 - 20559Capitol Hill8
56901 - 56944Franklin McPherson Square12

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276 Zip Codes in Washington, D.C

Zip CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationMedian AgeArea
20001Washington, D.C.36,49030.52.237 sq mi
20002Washington, D.C.55,62435.15.49 sq mi
20003Washington, D.C.28,12034.22.497 sq mi
20004Washington, D.C.1,52334.90.345 sq mi
20005Washington, D.C.12,18932.20.437 sq mi
20006Washington, D.C.3,81220.30.354 sq mi
20007Washington, D.C.27,35526.63.532 sq mi
20008Washington, D.C.28,047373.063 sq mi
20009Washington, D.C.47,95133.21.329 sq mi
20010Washington, D.C.31,51431.81.085 sq mi
20011Washington, D.C.59,38139.24.888 sq mi
20012Washington, D.C.13,54541.92.241 sq mi
20013Washington, D.C.
20015Washington, D.C.14,65544.43.446 sq mi
20016Washington, D.C.32,67537.34.605 sq mi
20017Washington, D.C.16,59036.42.203 sq mi
20018Washington, D.C.17,73942.23.025 sq mi
20019Washington, D.C.53,64934.46.5 sq mi
20020Washington, D.C.49,55233.14.756 sq mi
20022Washington, D.C.
20024Washington, D.C.10,71839.23.393 sq mi
20026Washington, D.C.
20027Washington, D.C.
20029Washington, D.C.
20030Washington, D.C.
20032Washington, D.C.35,20729.65.3 sq mi
20033Washington, D.C.
20035Washington, D.C.
20036Washington, D.C.6,47929.10.321 sq mi
20037Washington, D.C.13,51329.10.99 sq mi
20038Washington, D.C.
20039Washington, D.C.
20040Washington, D.C.
20042Washington, D.C.
20043Washington, D.C.
20044Washington, D.C.
20045Washington, D.C.333.4298,259 sq ft
20047Washington, D.C.
20049Washington, D.C.
20050Washington, D.C.
20051Washington, D.C.
20052Washington, D.C.3,77122.676,002 sq ft
20053Washington, D.C.1135.31,088,670 sq ft
20055Washington, D.C.
20056Washington, D.C.
20057Washington, D.C.4,56722.70.173 sq mi
20058Washington, D.C.
20059Washington, D.C.
20060Washington, D.C.
20061Washington, D.C.
20062Washington, D.C.
20063Washington, D.C.
20064Washington, D.C.1,58525.90.194 sq mi
20065Washington, D.C.
20066Washington, D.C.
20067Washington, D.C.
20068Washington, D.C.
20069Washington, D.C.
20070Washington, D.C.
20071Washington, D.C.
20073Washington, D.C.
20074Washington, D.C.
20075Washington, D.C.
20076Washington, D.C.
20077Washington, D.C.
20078Washington, D.C.
20080Washington, D.C.
20081Washington, D.C.
20082Washington, D.C.
20090Washington, D.C.
20091Washington, D.C.
20189Washington, D.C.
20201Washington, D.C.
20202Washington, D.C.2200,189 sq ft
20203Washington, D.C.
20204Washington, D.C.4157,231 sq ft
20206Washington, D.C.
20207Washington, D.C.
20208Washington, D.C.
20210Washington, D.C.
20211Washington, D.C.
20212Washington, D.C.
20213Washington, D.C.
20214Washington, D.C.
20215Washington, D.C.
20216Washington, D.C.
20217Washington, D.C.
20218Washington, D.C.
20219Washington, D.C.
20220Washington, D.C.
20221Washington, D.C.
20222Washington, D.C.
20223Washington, D.C.
20224Washington, D.C.
20226Washington, D.C.
20227Washington, D.C.
20228Washington, D.C.939,719 sq ft
20229Washington, D.C.
20230Washington, D.C.133.3595,054 sq ft
20232Washington, D.C.
20235Washington, D.C.
20237Washington, D.C.
20238Washington, D.C.
20239Washington, D.C.
20240Washington, D.C.20.2330,128 sq ft
20241Washington, D.C.
20242Washington, D.C.
20244Washington, D.C.
20245Washington, D.C.2820.2641,650 sq ft
20250Washington, D.C.
20251Washington, D.C.
20252Washington, D.C.
20254Washington, D.C.
20260Washington, D.C.741.9498,579 sq ft
20261Washington, D.C.
20262Washington, D.C.
20265Washington, D.C.
20266Washington, D.C.
20268Washington, D.C.
20270Washington, D.C.
20277Washington, D.C.
20289Washington, D.C.
20299Washington, D.C.
20303Washington, D.C.
20306Washington, D.C.
20307Washington, D.C.61640.40.131 sq mi
20310Washington, D.C.
20314Washington, D.C.
20317Washington, D.C.2,74073.70.459 sq mi
20318Washington, D.C.
20319Washington, D.C.58040.60.246 sq mi
20340Washington, D.C.
20350Washington, D.C.
20355Washington, D.C.
20370Washington, D.C.
20372Washington, D.C.
20373Washington, D.C.12624.20.359 sq mi
20374Washington, D.C.
20375Washington, D.C.
20376Washington, D.C.
20380Washington, D.C.
20388Washington, D.C.
20389Washington, D.C.
20390Washington, D.C.38132.7121,896 sq ft
20391Washington, D.C.
20392Washington, D.C.
20393Washington, D.C.
20394Washington, D.C.
20395Washington, D.C.
20398Washington, D.C.
20401Washington, D.C.
20402Washington, D.C.
20403Washington, D.C.
20404Washington, D.C.
20405Washington, D.C.33220.2355,106 sq ft
20406Washington, D.C.
20407Washington, D.C.
20408Washington, D.C.
20409Washington, D.C.
20410Washington, D.C.
20411Washington, D.C.
20412Washington, D.C.
20413Washington, D.C.
20414Washington, D.C.
20415Washington, D.C.
20416Washington, D.C.
20417Washington, D.C.
20418Washington, D.C.9620.2315,843 sq ft
20419Washington, D.C.
20420Washington, D.C.
20421Washington, D.C.
20422Washington, D.C.
20423Washington, D.C.
20424Washington, D.C.
20425Washington, D.C.
20426Washington, D.C.
20427Washington, D.C.65727.3174,921 sq ft
20428Washington, D.C.
20429Washington, D.C.
20431Washington, D.C.
20433Washington, D.C.
20434Washington, D.C.
20435Washington, D.C.
20436Washington, D.C.
20437Washington, D.C.
20439Washington, D.C.
20440Washington, D.C.
20441Washington, D.C.
20442Washington, D.C.
20444Washington, D.C.
20447Washington, D.C.
20451Washington, D.C.
20453Washington, D.C.
20456Washington, D.C.
20460Washington, D.C.
20463Washington, D.C.
20468Washington, D.C.
20469Washington, D.C.
20470Washington, D.C.
20472Washington, D.C.
20500Washington, D.C.
20501Washington, D.C.
20502Washington, D.C.
20503Washington, D.C.
20504Washington, D.C.
20505Washington, D.C.
20506Washington, D.C.133.1473,139 sq ft
20507Washington, D.C.
20508Washington, D.C.
20509Washington, D.C.
20510Washington, D.C.26231.6329,340 sq ft
20511Washington, D.C.
20515Washington, D.C.
20520Washington, D.C.6822.9684,409 sq ft
20521Washington, D.C.
20522Washington, D.C.
20523Washington, D.C.
20524Washington, D.C.
20525Washington, D.C.
20526Washington, D.C.
20527Washington, D.C.
20529Washington, D.C.
20530Washington, D.C.
20531Washington, D.C.
20533Washington, D.C.
20534Washington, D.C.
20535Washington, D.C.25734.9137,924 sq ft
20536Washington, D.C.
20537Washington, D.C.
20538Washington, D.C.
20539Washington, D.C.
20540Washington, D.C.30133.2931,902 sq ft
20541Washington, D.C.
20542Washington, D.C.
20543Washington, D.C.
20544Washington, D.C.
20546Washington, D.C.
20547Washington, D.C.
20548Washington, D.C.
20549Washington, D.C.
20551Washington, D.C.2820.2254,057 sq ft
20552Washington, D.C.
20553Washington, D.C.4269,758 sq ft
20554Washington, D.C.
20555Washington, D.C.
20557Washington, D.C.
20558Washington, D.C.
20559Washington, D.C.
20560Washington, D.C.4578,800 sq ft
20565Washington, D.C.7933.21,762,719 sq ft
20566Washington, D.C.10728.51,054,269 sq ft
20570Washington, D.C.
20571Washington, D.C.
20572Washington, D.C.
20573Washington, D.C.
20575Washington, D.C.
20576Washington, D.C.
20577Washington, D.C.
20578Washington, D.C.
20579Washington, D.C.
20580Washington, D.C.
20581Washington, D.C.
20585Washington, D.C.
20586Washington, D.C.
20590Washington, D.C.
20591Washington, D.C.
20593Washington, D.C.135.1790,492 sq ft
20594Washington, D.C.
20597Washington, D.C.
20599Washington, D.C.
56901Washington, D.C.
56915Washington, D.C.
56920Washington, D.C.
56933Washington, D.C.
56944Washington, D.C.
56972Washington, D.C.

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Washington, D.C. Demographic Information

Population Density8,932 / mi²
Male Population288,852 (47.3%)
Female Population321,621 (52.7%)
Median Age33.9
Male Median Age33.7
Female Median Age34
Businesses in Washington, D.C.47,368
Population (1975)468,505
Population (2000)574,415
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +30.3%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +6.3%

Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C., formally the District of Columbia and commonly referred to as "Washington", "the District", or simply "D.C.", is the capital of the United States. The signing of the Residence Act on July 16, 1790, approved the creation of a capital..  ︎  Washington, D.C. Wikipedia Page