194 Zip Codes in Wyoming

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TimezoneMountain Time
Area97,813.1 sq mi
Population597,768 (More Details)
Male Population304,849 (51%)
Female Population292,920 (49%)
Median Age36.9
Zip Codes82001, 82002, 82003 (191 more)
Area Codes208, 307, 406 (4 more)

Postal Code Ranges

Zip CodesCityNumber of postal codes
82001 - 82010Cheyenne7
82070 - 82073Laramie4

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194 Zip Codes in Wyoming

Zip CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationMedian AgeArea
82001Cheyenne, WyomingWyoming36,59034.458.88 sq mi
82002Cheyenne, WyomingWyoming
82003Cheyenne, WyomingWyoming
82005Wyoming865222.946 sq mi
82006Cheyenne, WyomingWyoming
82007Cheyenne, WyomingWyoming20,27733.1196.9 sq mi
82008Cheyenne, WyomingWyoming
82009Wyoming33,17842.51,241.9 sq mi
82010Cheyenne, WyomingWyoming
82050Albin, WyomingWyoming42435.1163.7 sq mi
82051Bosler, WyomingWyoming65347.7 sq mi
82052PhinDeli Town Buford, WyomingWyoming2413.6 sq mi
82053Burns, WyomingWyoming1,59741.6226.5 sq mi
82054Carpenter, WyomingWyoming96139.3180.1 sq mi
82055Centennial, WyomingWyoming30156.3117.6 sq mi
82058Wyoming55320.2 sq mi
82059Granite, WyomingWyoming15053.384.37 sq mi
82060Hillsdale, WyomingWyoming4773829.28 sq mi
82061Horse Creek, WyomingWyoming42210.4 sq mi
82063JelmWyoming9754.4385.7 sq mi
82070Laramie, WyomingWyoming19,68430.21,104.1 sq mi
82071Laramie, WyomingWyoming
82072Laramie, WyomingWyoming17,59524.3216.3 sq mi
82073Laramie, WyomingWyoming1517.358,213 sq ft
82081Meriden, WyomingWyoming6389.69 sq mi
82082Pine Bluffs, WyomingWyoming1,66143.8221.5 sq mi
82083Rock River, WyomingWyoming38945.5495.4 sq mi
82084Tie Siding, WyomingWyoming2273.55 sq mi
82190Wyoming386463,133.8 sq mi
82201Wheatland, WyomingWyoming6,36447.31,724.8 sq mi
82210Chugwater, WyomingWyoming39547.4387.4 sq mi
82212Fort Laramie, WyomingWyoming48851.5337.9 sq mi
82213Glendo, WyomingWyoming50552.4500.2 sq mi
82214Guernsey, WyomingWyoming1,28445.8106.2 sq mi
82215Hartville, WyomingWyoming12552.883.63 sq mi
82217Hawk Springs, WyomingWyoming1114890.16 sq mi
82218Huntley, WyomingWyoming
82219Jay Em, WyomingWyoming48112.7 sq mi
82221La Grange, WyomingWyoming64526312.9 sq mi
82222Lance Creek, WyomingWyoming11052407.7 sq mi
82223Lingle, WyomingWyoming1,01446.2150.3 sq mi
82224Wyoming24134.5 sq mi
82225Wyoming2,07944.51,373.6 sq mi
82227Manville, WyomingWyoming24354.1377.2 sq mi
82229Shawnee, WyomingWyoming7951.5241.2 sq mi
82240Torrington, WyomingWyoming10,41043.1663.9 sq mi
82242Van Tassell, WyomingWyoming4069.83 sq mi
82243Veteran, WyomingWyoming19141.654.31 sq mi
82244Yoder, WyomingWyoming49449.6333.7 sq mi
82301Wyoming9,56234.51,231.2 sq mi
82310Jeffrey City, WyomingWyoming
82321Baggs, WyomingWyoming71639263.4 sq mi
82322Bairoil, WyomingWyoming11454.11.512 sq mi
82323Dixon, WyomingWyoming17845.528.26 sq mi
82324Elk Mountain, WyomingWyoming26745.7243.5 sq mi
82325Wyoming88752.6669 sq mi
82327Wyoming92840.1488.3 sq mi
82329Wyoming35948.3731 sq mi
82331Saratoga, WyomingWyoming2,28048.1577.1 sq mi
82332Savery, WyomingWyoming9844.4141.6 sq mi
82334Sinclair, WyomingWyoming50139.3255 sq mi
82335Walcott, WyomingWyoming25117 sq mi
82336Wamsutter, WyomingWyoming53238.9658.3 sq mi
82401Worland, WyomingWyoming7,89941593.6 sq mi
82410Basin, WyomingWyoming1,75647.7175.6 sq mi
82411Burlington, WyomingWyoming6643091.95 sq mi
82412Byron, WyomingWyoming62336.721.2 sq mi
82414Wyoming15,54346.32,835.4 sq mi
82420Cowley, WyomingWyoming79137.855.46 sq mi
82421Deaver, WyomingWyoming45944.346.45 sq mi
82422Emblem, WyomingWyoming10330.711.98 sq mi
82423Frannie, WyomingWyoming22645.218.68 sq mi
82426Wyoming2,65443.8561.6 sq mi
82428Hyattville, WyomingWyoming13952212.7 sq mi
82430Kirby, WyomingWyoming7832.52.567 sq mi
82431Lovell, WyomingWyoming3,55338.4569.2 sq mi
82432Manderson, WyomingWyoming31244.8119 sq mi
82433Wyoming81648.3853.8 sq mi
82434Otto, WyomingWyoming15638.535.13 sq mi
82435Powell, WyomingWyoming12,14338.6848.2 sq mi
82440Ralston, WyomingWyoming15234.50.356 sq mi
82441Shell, WyomingWyoming24750.3117.9 sq mi
82442Ten Sleep, WyomingWyoming73450.6661.6 sq mi
82443Wyoming4,63648.71,206.1 sq mi
82450Wapiti, WyomingWyoming1745832.23 sq mi
82501Riverton, WyomingWyoming20,38836.1970.6 sq mi
82510Arapahoe, WyomingWyoming41229.122.06 sq mi
82512Crowheart, WyomingWyoming22145.1414.8 sq mi
82513Dubois, WyomingWyoming1,970521,548.2 sq mi
82514Fort Washakie, WyomingWyoming1,73328.7218.7 sq mi
82515Hudson, WyomingWyoming37341.38.3 sq mi
82516Kinnear, WyomingWyoming51837.5241.6 sq mi
82520Lander, WyomingWyoming14,26139.62,221.4 sq mi
82523Wyoming90345.3767.3 sq mi
82524St. Stephens, WyomingWyoming
82601Wyoming28,83635.1572.3 sq mi
82604Wyoming27,26338.31,853.3 sq mi
82605Casper, WyomingWyoming
82609Casper, WyomingWyoming16,92237.258.62 sq mi
82620Wyoming20953750 sq mi
82630Arminto, WyomingWyoming1163.01 sq mi
82633Wyoming10,17537.83,159.8 sq mi
82635Edgerton, WyomingWyoming22147.815.95 sq mi
82636Evansville, WyomingWyoming3,98535.592.87 sq mi
82637Glenrock, WyomingWyoming4,39141.2963.7 sq mi
82638Hiland, WyomingWyoming1811.91 sq mi
82639Kaycee, WyomingWyoming87443.91,687.9 sq mi
82640Linch, WyomingWyoming34163.2 sq mi
82642Lysite, WyomingWyoming9953.2507.1 sq mi
82643Midwest, WyomingWyoming49331.230 sq mi
82644Mills, WyomingWyoming1,49037.90.852 sq mi
82646Wyoming2140.92 sq mi
82648Wyoming53547.3 sq mi
82649Shoshoni, WyomingWyoming1,17142.3611.6 sq mi
82701Wyoming5,62142.51,976.4 sq mi
82710Aladdin, WyomingWyoming26555.5274.5 sq mi
82711Alva, WyomingWyoming12046.1116.8 sq mi
82712Beulah, WyomingWyoming28642.7125.2 sq mi
82714Devils TowerWyoming10453.753.64 sq mi
82715Wyoming10.278 sq mi
82716Wyoming21,687321,085.8 sq mi
82717Gillette, WyomingWyoming
82718Wyoming26,72831.61,883.6 sq mi
82720Hulett, WyomingWyoming1,03843.8655.3 sq mi
82721Wyoming3,34337.7794.9 sq mi
82723Osage, WyomingWyoming28548.697.51 sq mi
82725Recluse, WyomingWyoming23849.8284.5 sq mi
82727Rozet, WyomingWyoming2,14434.6477 sq mi
82729Sundance, WyomingWyoming2,44047.2620.7 sq mi
82730Upton, WyomingWyoming1,62241.3630.6 sq mi
82731Wyoming15748.9530.6 sq mi
82732Wright, WyomingWyoming2,41032.8107.5 sq mi
82801Sheridan, WyomingWyoming25,44341.1654.4 sq mi
82831Arvada, WyomingWyoming23444.8634.5 sq mi
82832Banner, WyomingWyoming66346.6165.5 sq mi
82833Big Horn, WyomingWyoming24153.298.73 sq mi
82834Buffalo, WyomingWyoming8,26244.72,178.9 sq mi
82835Clearmont, WyomingWyoming32644.7507 sq mi
82836Wyoming1,11344.8510 sq mi
82837Leiter, WyomingWyoming3046.81 sq mi
82838Parkman, WyomingWyoming27349.2180.4 sq mi
82839Ranchester, WyomingWyoming1,19836.5117.1 sq mi
82840Saddlestring, WyomingWyoming
82842Story, WyomingWyoming8605414.69 sq mi
82844Wolf, WyomingWyoming3718.22 sq mi
82845Wyarno, WyomingWyoming3959.58 sq mi
82901Wyoming29,878321,388.6 sq mi
82902Rock Springs, WyomingWyoming
82922Bondurant, WyomingWyoming33551.9327.3 sq mi
82923Wyoming75240.41,110.4 sq mi
82925Wyoming39351.5712.5 sq mi
82929Little America, WyomingWyoming7526.511.44 sq mi
82930Wyoming14,96433.61,151.1 sq mi
82931Evanston, WyomingWyoming
82932Farson, WyomingWyoming89337.1518.2 sq mi
82933Fort Bridger, WyomingWyoming75940.570.66 sq mi
82934Granger, WyomingWyoming19340.122.56 sq mi
82935Wyoming13,99934.2165.8 sq mi
82936Lonetree, WyomingWyoming51129.7 sq mi
82937Lyman, WyomingWyoming3,72833.3121.3 sq mi
82938McKinnon, WyomingWyoming24643.8205.7 sq mi
82939Mountain View, WyomingWyoming1,92533.879.08 sq mi
82941Pinedale, WyomingWyoming6,53336448.9 sq mi
82942Point of Rocks, WyomingWyoming12941.741.73 sq mi
82943Reliance, WyomingWyoming32342.172.92 sq mi
82944RobertsonWyoming23241.8197.5 sq mi
82945Superior, WyomingWyoming37441.6128.4 sq mi
83001Wyoming16,92435.4812.1 sq mi
83002Jackson, WyomingWyoming
83011Kelly, WyomingWyoming26738.3288.6 sq mi
83012Moose, WyomingWyoming19344168 sq mi
83013Moran, WyomingWyoming42346.1949 sq mi
83014Wilson, WyomingWyoming3,89741.6215.7 sq mi
83025Teton Village, WyomingWyoming39045.113.6 sq mi
83101Kemmerer, WyomingWyoming3,39437.9755.7 sq mi
83110Afton, WyomingWyoming4,79433.6147.5 sq mi
83111Auburn, WyomingWyoming54833.7114.9 sq mi
83112Bedford, WyomingWyoming73741138.1 sq mi
83113Big Piney, WyomingWyoming4,26437.31,041.3 sq mi
83114Cokeville, WyomingWyoming91430.1383.4 sq mi
83115Daniel, WyomingWyoming1,08542.8590 sq mi
83116Diamondville, WyomingWyoming83343.21.544 sq mi
83118Etna, WyomingWyoming1,23736.619.75 sq mi
83119Fairview, WyomingWyoming21238.113.31 sq mi
83121Frontier, WyomingWyoming150.428 sq mi
83122Grover, WyomingWyoming5043012.95 sq mi
83123La Barge, WyomingWyoming78539.189.38 sq mi
83124Opal, WyomingWyoming15245.797.16 sq mi
83126Smoot, WyomingWyoming36440.961.8 sq mi
83127Thayne, WyomingWyoming3,32741.475.39 sq mi
83128Alpine, WyomingWyoming1,79438.9453.6 sq mi
83414Alta, WyomingWyoming59442.1344.4 sq mi

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Wyoming Demographic Information

Population Density6.11 / mi²
Male Population304,849 (51%)
Female Population292,920 (49%)
Median Age36.9
Male Median Age36.1
Female Median Age37.7
Businesses in Wyoming48,714
Population (1975)339,696
Population (2000)496,271
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +76%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +20.5%


Wyoming /waɪˈoʊmɪŋ/ is a state in the mountain region of the Western United States. The state is the ninth largest by area, but the least populous and the second least densely populated of the 50 United States. The western two-thirds of the state is ..  ︎  Wyoming Wikipedia Page